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Clay County Military
1885 Civil War Veterans

Below are Civil War veterans listed, by township, in the 1885 census. As a transcribe more townships I will add to this list.

Gill Twp.

David Ross--Co. H, Ill 5th Reg. Cav.
William Downs--Co. K, MO 21st Inf.
A. W. Hall--Co. A, OH 1st. Cav.
Gust Steinbruck--Co. C, IA 31st Inf.
S. R. Ellis--Co. I, OH 56th Inf.
Othello Church--Co. F, IA 39th Inf.
W. J. Gatchell--Co. F, OH 9th Cav.
G. W. Howell--Co. C, NY 10th Art.
S. D. Kerby--Co. D, KS 17th Inf.
A. L. Perry--Co. A, NY 154 Inf. (POW Libby)
Phillip Ray--Co. E, IL 62nd Inf. (POW Holly Springs)
Howard Kennedy--Co. K, OH 51st Inf.
William H. H. Mitchell--Co. A, PA 141st Inf.
Thomas Newell--Co. 5, NY 4th Cav.
David Lake--Co. F, Ill 39th Inf.
S. M. Renton--Co. H, OH 98th Inf.
B. F. Jevons--Co. I, NY 65th Inf.
Robert Shivers--Co. I, OH 51st Inf.
W. R. Rider--Co. I, Ill 11th Cav. (POW Andersonville)

Republican Twp.

Joel Alexander--Co. G, WV 7th Vet. Cav.
F. M. Carpenter--Co. E, NY 90th Inf.
O. A. Fairman--Co. B, CT 12th Inf.
William Fasse--Co. H, 3rd S.M. (C.)
Joseph Lawton--Co. C, Ill 11th Inf. (POW-Libby)
J. H. Burnett--Co. B, NY 44th Inf. (POW-Richmond)
B. B. Johnson--Co. H, OH 98th Inf.
A. Burt--Medical Staff NY 139th Inf.
Aaron DeYoung-Co. F. Ill 39th Inf.
John W. Reddig--MI 16th Inf. (taken sick and never got to regiment)
John Myers--Co. H, PA 54th Inf.
Horace Ramsey--Co. C, MO 10th (?) Inf.
D. F. Mason--United States Marine Corps
David Gaston--Co. C, KS 7th Reg. Cav.
D. H. Dudey--Co. H, NY 92nd Inf.
G. W. Muma--Co. K, KS 15th
Archibald Fitzgerald--Co. B, OH 18th Inf.

Union Twp.

Hugh McNeil--Co. C, OH 31st Inf.
George Randle--Co. G, NY 90th Vol. Inf.
H. A. Beck--Co. G, OH 1st Cav.
Samuel Sloan--Co. H, NY 79th Inf.
Louis Handy--Co. E, NY 114th Inf.
Albert Pettit--Co. H, OH 151st
P. B. Hewett--Co. E, MI 1st Lt. Art.
S. Crum--MO
E. F. Hinds--Co. B, Ill 46th Inf.
W. Grider--Co. E, KY 19th Inf.
A. W. Chapman--Co. D, Ill 6th Vol. Inf.
Edwin Campbell--Co. A, Ill 141st Inf.
A. P. Laurence--Co. D, VT 5th Inf.
C. A. Allen--Co. G, MI 19th Inf.
Jacob Bass--Co. C, IN 58th Inf.
G. W. Muma--Co. K, KS 15th
Archibald Fitzgerald--Co. B, OH 18th Inf.

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