Clay Co., KS AHGP-1881 Plat Book Illustrations

1881 Plat Book Illustrations

Page 1� Sketches of residences of P. McMann, R. A. Elkins, John P. Brockway, and Sharpe Drug Store

Page 2 Sketches of Schiltz Bros. blacksmith shop and residences of William Heuson and John Schwab

Page 3 Sketches of Clifton 1st M.E. Church, Snyder Bros. Bank and Elevator, J. N. Christmas grocery, J. W. Miller block and residences of John H. Morris, Mrs. A. Appleton, and A. B. Shaeber

Page 4 Sketches of residences of D. C. Pierce, H. Sanders and S.C. Chester

Page 5 Sketches of residences of W. Lack, J. D. Wells and J. S. Badger

Page 6 Sketches of residences of M. M. Miller and J. C. McCurdy

Page 7 Sketches of residences of E. B. Marvin, Jacob Brust, S. R. Randall

Page 8 Sketches of Dexter Bros. water mills, residences of Louis Bixler, G. Kuhnle, J. B. Hall and William Sharpe

Page 9 Sketches of Quaker City Mills, C. R. Barnes propr., J. Higinbotham banker, Ruthrauff and Pinkerton, real estate and insurance

Page 10 Sketches of view of Wakefield in 1880, residences of Dr. C. Hewitt, W. H. Broughton, David H. Kulp, J. Remington, Dr. J. W. Sheppeard and the O. F. Lutt elevator and mill

Page 11 Sketches of W. D. Vincent hardware and harness shop, Swedish M. E. church, residences of B. E. Merten, George Wigg, Ph. Rothmann, R. R. Elder, Daniel Hoover and Allen Wilson

Page 12 Sketches of Presbyterian Church, Clay Center, Swedish Lutheran Church, Johnston Boys' livery stable, Beatty and Hanna real estate and loans, G. Kuhnle general store and E. R. Ward residence

Page 13 Sketches of Clay Center M. E. Church, Public School #2, residences of G. Erickson, J. Wasmer, John Rook, Jeremiah Miles, O. Frank, John Webber, E. E. Ever, Levi Mullin and Peter Hedberg

Page 14 Sketches of Tabor Reform Presbyterian Church, residences of J. B. Quinby, S. M. Stevenson, C. White, A. Ross, Val. Webber, and Chas. A. Thomas

Page 15 Sketches of Residences of Cap. H. R. Sturdevant, Merten Bros., T. A. Coatsworth, C. Dalrymple, J. Hammond, J. H. Pinkerton, residence and store of J. G. Dieter, J. S. Badger's store, and G. Kuhnle warehouse