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Cheyenne County is located in the northwest corner of the state, bounded on the west and soutwest by Yuma and Kit Carson Counties, Colorado; north by Dundy County, Nebraska; Rawlins County to the east; and Sherman County to the south. It was part of the unorganized territory as late as 1873, when it was organized from the Kirwin Land District. It was named for the Cheyenne Indians, who roamed the area freely before the coming of the white man. St. Francis, the county seat of Cheyenne County, was founded in 1887 after the Lincoln Land Company convinced the residents of Cheyenne's first town, Wano, to relocate a short distance away, where the railroad was going through. Wano's citizens decided to accept the Lincoln Land Company's offer of free transportation of the buildings to the new town. The move began in December, 1887, and was completed by May, 1888. In 1889, St. Francis was selected to be the new county seat.

The first settlement in the county was the tiny town of Wano, located about 1 1/2 miles northeast of the current location of St. Francis. It was originally a trading post, and was expected to be home to the new railroad. However, the railroad and the Lincoln Land Company had other ideas, and in 1887 the town's residents relocated to St. Francis. Bird City is another major town in Cheyenne County. None of Cheyenne County's towns are very big today, but one can only imagine life in prairie towns in the late 1880's in Kansas. We hope to give you a better idea with this web site.

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