Cheyenne County, Kansas Cemeteries

Cheyenne County Cemeteries

Following is a listing of the Cemeteries in Cheyenne County. Eventually, there will be an index of burials for the cemeteries. If you have any burial records that you'd like to submit, be sure to let me know. Email me at [email protected] with your submissions. Copy my email address into your email template.

Cemetery Listing

Cemetery Name Cemetery Location
Bird City Cemetery Bird City
Community Cemetery Bird City
Sunnyside Cemetery Bird City (south)
Wheeler Cemetery Bird City
St. Paul's Cemetery Bird City
Battle Creek Cemetery Crosby Creek
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Crosby Creek
Lawn Ridge Cemetery Drury Creek
Jaqua Cemetery Hale Ponds
Zion Cemetery Hale Ponds
Evergreen Cemetery McDonald
Zion Cemetery Saint Francis
Clough Valley Cemetery Saint Francis
Gar Cemetery Saint Francis
German Plains Cemetery Saint Francis
Saint Francis Cemetery Saint Francis
Emanuel Cemetery Saint Francis
Hope Valley Cemetery Saint Francis
Salem Evangelical Cemetery Saint Francis
Salem Cemetery Saint Francis
Barley Cemetery Wheeler
Cheyenne Valley Cemetery Wheeler
Hackberry Cemetery White Canyon

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