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Chase County Schools
1923 "Chase"
Chase County High School Yearbook

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Cover, 1923 "The Chase"
Faculty, Page 1 Thompson; Kanode
Faculty, Page 2 Lobaugh, Schmitz; Chapin
Faculty, Page 3 Mendel; Cawthon; Maurer
Seniors, Page 1 Stout, Rider, McCabe, Long, Reidel
Seniors, Page 2 Lancaster, Willis, Miller, Sheridan, Maybell
Seniors, Page 3 Stauffer, Trayer, Berkshire, North, Glanville
Seniors, Page 4 Galentine, Coe, Frew, Sidener, Murdock
Seniors, Page 5 Geer, Miller, Berkshire, Rider, Holmes
Seniors, Page 6 Stout, Woodring, Peterson, McCall, Frew
Seniors, Page 7 Wyatt, Childs, Blatchford, Fritze, Mayo
Seniors, Page 8 Fritze, Layport, Galentine, McElfresh, McCall
Seniors, Page 9 Glanville, Littler, Faris, Gibb, Umberger
Post graduates Davies, Layport
Junior Class Officers Chandler, McKenzie, Schrumpf
Junior Class Photos Costello, Bryan, Mann, Bailey, Foister, McCall, Adams, Hager, Laughridge, Clark, Mailen, Wood, Gurney, Simmons, Duncan, Watchous, Johnson, Chandler, Bell, Coe, Mayo, Cope, Boles, McKenzie, Humphrey, Hinden, Burroughs, Porter, Taylor, Jawith, Thompson, Schrumpf, Zimmerman, Smith, Bastin, Veit, Howard, Crocker
Sophomore Class Officers Blackburn, Crocker, Lancaster
Sophomore Class Photos
Freshmen Class Officers Miller, Ryan, McCabe, Woodhull
Freshmen Class Photos
"Harmonious 16" Berkshire, Davies, Miller, Stauffer, Stout, Frew, Bibbert, Mailen, Childs, Harbison, McCabe, Byram, Mayo
Girls' Glee Club Dunkin, Ryan, Frew, Miller, Stout, Murdock, Burroughs, Bibbert, Whitcomb, Vinson, Gillaspie, McCabe, Berkshire, Trussel, Gurney, Maybell, Mayo, Mailen, Guthrie, Arnold
Boys' Glee Club Berkshire, Bailey, Mayo, Smith, Campbell, Umberger, Bowman, Coe, Gordon, Chandler, Klotz, Woodring, Crocker, Rider, Sheridan, McKenzie, Jones, McElfresh, Long
Radio Club Littler, Coe, North, Umberger, Crawford, Bailey, Lancaster, Smith, Trayer, Faris, Howard, Jones, Woodring, Bastin, Crocker, Berkshire, McCall, Rider, Gibb, Campbell, Humphrey, Sheridan, Holmes, Mayo, Long
Normal Training Galentine, Reidel, McCabe, Stout, Maybell, Glanville, McCall, Rider, Fritze, Geer, Chapin
"Farm Bloc" Blatchford, Selves, Boles, Bastin, Stout, Crocker (not all in photo identified)
YWCA Stout, Berkshire, Blackburn, Bell, Stauffer, Schrumpf, Whitecomb, Guthrie, Lobaugh (not all in photo identified)
Hi-Y Holmes, McKenzie, Crocker, Mayo, Bundy, Thompson, Sheridan, Gibbs
"Chase" Staff Umberger, Sheridan, Coe, Stauffer, McCabe, Berkshire, Frew, Long, Childs, Lancaster, Mayo, Woodring, Miller
"Chase" Staff Photos
"Optimist" Staff Stauffer, Berkshire, Rider, Coe, Lancaster, Miller, Sheridan, Trayer, Whitacre, Miller, Lobaugh, Holmes, Peterson, Mayo
"Optimist" Staff Photos
Operetta, "Bulbul" Frew, McKenzie, Bailey, Maybell, Ryan, Jones, Umberger, Trayer
Football Team Umberger, Mayo, North, Gibb, Berkshire, Holmes, Trayer, Howard, Mann, Jones, Bailey, Crawford, Selves, Crocker, Brown
Lettermen, Page 1
Lettermen, Page 2
Lettermen, Page 3
Cheerleaders Sheridan, Miller

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