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Chase County Kansas
1865 State Agricultural Census

Below is a surname index for the above named census. Click on each link to go to an image of that township census where that name may be found. If a name has a number next to it, the name was found in more than one township.

Allen (1) Hartley Pracht
Allen (2) Hauston/Hanston Prather
Balch Hesket Pratt
Barnes Hignon Price
Barrington Hinkley Pruitt
Beals Hohn Rakestraw
Beals Holsinger Randell
Beberlin Hoskins Richard
Bennett Howard Rider
Bishop Hunt Roggers
Bomars Jones Romigh
Brash/Bracht Justin Rowe
Brenot Lacy Schnavely
Brickell Lawless Scribner
Buchanan (1) Lee Shaft
Buchanan (2) Leppo Shellenbarger
Carey Loy Shipman
Chiles/Child Maxwell Shirley
Collett McCorkle Smith
Copeland McKim Snyder
Crawford Miller Stevens
Dean Moffitt (1) Stotts
Dixon Moffitt (2) Studebaker
Donnell Moore Talkington
Doolittle Morden Watkins
Drinkwater Murdoch Watson
Faris Murray Wentworth
Findly Newkirk Weston
Fink Nogle White
Fisher Oldsburg Williams (1)
Frank Olephant Williams (2)
Fritzer Osmer Winner
Gandy Payton Wood
Hackney Pinkston Woodbury

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