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John W. Mattucks was born Sept. 4, 1820, in Union township, Scioto county, Ohio. He went to Missouri in 1848 and from there to Robinson, Brown county, Kansas, in 1894. He was married Jan. 22, 1842 to Miss Julia A. Matthews, of Springville, Ky. This wife and and an only son died in Atchison county, Mo., in May 1848. Afterwards Mr. Mattucks settled in Buchanan county, Mo. He was married June 25, 1854 to Miss Elizabeth Hall, who is still living. Of this marriage 13 children were born, of whom four sons and four daughters still live. The grandchildren, numbering 32, are all in Missouri.

Mr. Mattucks was educated first in the public schools of his neighborhood and then in the high school at Portsmouth, Ohio. At 16 he began to teach school, first as an assistant, then as principal in a private school. For 12 years thereafter Mr. Mattucks worked on the farm in the summer and taught school in winter, or went to New Orleans as steamboat clerk. From 1848 to 1861 and from 1866 to 1876 Mr. Mattucks taught almost continuously in the public or private schools of Platte and Buchanan counties. From 1861 to 1866 Mr. Mattucks served in the volunteer army of the United States and since 1894 has drawn a pension of $12 a month. From 1876 to 1881 Mr. Mattucks was bookkeeper for the R. H. Faucett & Co. Milling Co., at Hallock, Buchanan county, Mo. From 1881 to 1893, Mr. Mattucks was engaged mostly in farming. During 1894 he sold goods. Since then he has lived quietly in Robinson, Kans., the infirmities of old age precluding active business. Mr. Mattucks was born of the spirit and baptised into the fellowship of the United Baptist church of Jesus Christ, Nov. 22, 1842. He was liberated to preach Jan. 12, 1856 and was ordained to the gospel ministry Jan. 5, 1873, and for more than 20 years served churches as pastor, preaching Sundays and at night. During this time he baptized many converts into the fellowship of Bethel, Mount Pleasant, Contrary Lake and Bethlehem churches, all in Buchanan county, Mo. In 1893 an awful attack of rheumatism and compelled him to resign his pastorate. During the last four years, Mr. Mattucks being unable to travel and preach, has taught a large Bible class in the United Brethren church in Robinson, Kans. Mr. Mattucks now spends most of his time trying to look beyond the dark River of Death to catch glimpes of the brighter shore of the better land--always ready to pass through the vale when the Master calls, "Come home."

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