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Brown County Biographies
1901 Biographies from the Brown County World

The biographies were from a commemorative issue of the Hiawatha newspaper, the Brown County World, dated January 15, 1901. Most are quite short, with a couple of exceptions. I included the photos if they were not too dark.

Amann, Conrad
Cashman, George W.
Cornelison, R. W.
Curl, A. P.
Cushnie, John W.
Dannenberg, Charles
Dillingham, H. J.
Gardner, Casper
Hart, Thomas
Hauber, William
Hines, J. H.
Hixon, W. E.
Isely, Fred
Kinzie, S.
Knudson, Charles Edwin
Liebengood, J. W.
McCauley, Henry A.
McQuilkin, W. L.
Mattucks, John W.
Murgatroyd, John
Parks, J. L.
Taylor, W. C,
Winterscheidt, J. E.

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