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Barton County, Kansas Genealogy

    A stranger [to Kansas], if he listened to the voice of experience, would not start upon his pilgrimage at any season of the year without an overcoat, a fan, a lightning rod, and an umbrella. John James Ingalls "In Praise of Blue Grass" (1875)

Vital Statistics
Created 1867 from Ellsworth County  

Barton County Courthouse

PO Box 1089

Great Bend, Kansas 67530-1089

Important Phone Numbers

Records Department 316-793-1870

Register of Deeds 316-793-1849

Visit the Courthouses of Kansas


  • County Clerk has birth and death records from 1892-1911
  • Marriage, divorce, probate, civil court and land records from 1872
  • The Records Department has the probate information and the older birth and death records
  • Some cemetery records



Genealogical Resources
More Resources 
Barton County Genealogical Society

Box 425

Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Barton County Historical Society
Phone: 316-793-5125
     Offering to share information about Bryant, Pohlman and Schrepel as well as all Barton County families. Have compiled a Family Tree Maker data base of over 87,000 entries for Barton County families with connected family trees base on family histories, birth & death records, and census data. Marlin V. Bryant
    Looking for "lost" items or have you "found" something you think may be of interest to someone researching the area?? Post your notice here!!!

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Where were your Barton County families from, where did they go???

 Links with common migratory routes! 

Interactive Santa Fe Trail 
Santa Fe Trail Archives 
The Old West 
Kansas Pioneers 
Santa Fe Trail Association 
Missouri Pioneers 
KS Orphan Trains 
Civil War 
Links to Frank and Jesse James
Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers
    WHAT TO TAKE:   Let your trunk, if you have to buy one, be of moderate size and of the strongest make. Test it by throwing it from the top of a three-storied house; if you pick it up uninjured, it will do to go to Kansas. Not otherwise. 
James Redpath & Richard Hinton Hand-Book to Kansas Territory (1859)

Barton County Historical Society
has produced in cooperation with Barton County Community College,"Long Days Journey to Sundown: The Santa Fe Trail from Plum Buttes to Pawnee Rock".22 minutes in length, has very good content, but is weak on "production values".The price is $15.00, the BCHS will mail a copy for $2.50 extra (postage & handling) or a total of $17.50. Of that, $5 is considered a donation to the BCHS for tax purposes. Just send the $17.50, your name and mailing address and tell 'em you want the videotape.  No special price, but they might appreciate the Internet more if they learned that you heard about it from me on the net, so you have my permission to mention you heard about it from me. It won't get you any discounts or anything, and won't get anything for me, but they might better appreciate our technology.
Don Shorock

Santa Fe Trail Family History Project In celebration of the 175th Anniversary, information is being collected on families related to the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1880. Your knowledge of people, places, and events is needed. Who were the freighters, stage coach drivers, and soldiers? What do you know about the Jicarilla Apaches, Mouache Utes, Kiowas, and Comanches? Do you have any family stories about ciboleros, comancheros, traders, or trappers? Who operated the mills, forage stations, and blacksmith shops? What do you know about the Texas Rangers, penitentes, or Gorras Blancas? Were your ancestors cattle drovers, sheep herders, or stone masons? Did they run a store, boarding house, or stage station? When did your family come to the area? Where did they come from and where did they settle? What adventures did they have? Do you have old maps, photographs, drawings, diaries, or other records? Descendants will be recognized during the two year Celebration, 1996-1997. Copies of your family history will be filed in the Santa Fe Trail Archives at the Las Vegas Carnegie Public Library, and the Special Collections Branch, Albuquerque Public Library, Edith and Central, courtesy of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Please send copies of your family materials to the Santa Fe Trail Family History Project, in care of Nancy Robertson, PO Box 1516, Raton, NM 87740. No special forms are necessary. Nancy Robertson (505) 445-8226 


    Gee, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Wrong, Dorothy, this is Barton County! If you have a Barton County Family page on the web, be sure to send the URL here to Daisy, we will be sure to post it!

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