Newspapers, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Newspapers, Barber County, Kansas

Current Barber County Newspapers, 2006:
  • Barber County Index, 106 W. First, Medicine Lodge, KS 67104.
    Phone: (620) 886-5617.

  • Gyp Hill Premiere, 110 N. Main, Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104-0127
    Phone: 620-886-5654.   Fax: 620-886-5655.

  • Kiowa News, 614 Main Street, Kiowa, KS 67070.
    Phone: (620) 825-4229

Other Newspapers Which Publish Barber County News
  • The Pratt Tribune, 320 S. Main, P.O. Box 909, Pratt, KS 67124.
    Conrad Easterday, Managing Editor.
    Phone: 620-672-5511       FAX: 620-672-5514

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Newspapers Available on Microfilm
for Barber County, Kansas
in the collections of
The Kansas State Historical Society

All newspapers on microfilm are available for interlibrary loan, using the Reel Number in the right-hand column, and some may be purchased from the society.

The following list of newspapers in alphabetical order by title was compiled from search results at the KSHS website.

TitleDatesPublished in CountyStateReel Number
Aetna Clarion9/3/1885--9/22/1887 AetnaBarberKSA 184
Alliance Review4/1/1891--4/6/1892 KiowaBarberKSK 687
Barber County Democrat3/23/1888--7/6/1888 Medicine LodgeBarberKSA 184
Barber County Herald8/23/1890--1/31/1891 Medicine LodgeBarberKSA 184
Barber County Index12/16/1880--4/20/1883 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 802
Barber County Index4/27/1883--7/31/1885 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 803
Barber County Index8/7/1885--12/30/1888 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 804
Barber County Index1/2/1889--12/30/1891 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 805
Barber County Index1/6/1892--4/24/1895 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 806
Barber County Index5/1/1895--6/29/1898 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 807
Barber County Index7/6/1898--9/25/1901 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 808
Barber County Index10/2/1901--5/27/1903 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 809
Barber County Index6/3/1903--12/28/1904 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 810
Barber County Index1/4/1905--5/30/1906 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 811
Barber County Index6/6/1906--11/27/1907 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 812
Barber County Index12/4/1907--6/30/1909 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 813
Barber County Index7/7/1909--12/28/1910 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 814
Barber County Index1/4/1911--5/29/1912 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 815
Barber County Index6/5/1912--10/29/1913 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 816
Barber County Index11/5/1913--3/31/1915 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 817
Barber County Index4/7/1915--7/26/1916 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 818
Barber County Index8/2/1916--12/26/1917 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 819
Barber County Index1/2/1918--5/28/1919 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 820
Barber County Index6/4/1919--9/29/1920 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 821
Barber County Index10/6/1920--12/29/1921 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 822
Barber County Index1/5/1922--8/30/1923 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 823
Barber County Index9/7/1923--2/26/1925 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 824
Barber County Index3/5/1925--8/26/1926 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 825
Barber County Index9/2/1926--12/29/1927 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 826
Barber County Index1/5/1928--4/25/1929 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 827
Barber County Index5/2/1929--8/28/1930 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 828
Barber County Index9/4/1930--12/31/1931 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 829
Barber County Index1/7/1932--8/30/1934 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 830
Barber County Index9/6/1934--12/31/1936 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 831
Barber County Index1/7/1937--12/29/1938 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 832
Barber County Index1/5/1939--6/26/1941 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 833
Barber County Index7/3/1941--12/30/1943 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 834
Barber County Index1/6/1944--6/27/1946 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 835
Barber County Index7/4/1946--6/24/1948 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 836
Barber County Index7/1/1948--12/29/1949 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 837
Barber County Index1/5/1950--6/28/1951 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 838
Barber County Index7/5/1951--12/25/1952 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 839
Barber County Index1/1/1953--6/24/1954 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 840
Barber County Index7/1/1954--11/24/1955 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 841
Barber County Index12/1/1955--6/27/1957 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 842
Barber County Index1/1/1959--12/29/1960 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 844
Barber County Index1/5/1961--12/27/1962 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 845
Barber County Index1/3/1963--12/31/1964 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 846
Barber County Index1/7/1965--12/29/1965 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 847
Barber County Index1/6/1966--12/29/1966 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 848
Barber County Index1/0/1967--12/0/1967 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 849
Barber County Index1/4/1968--12/26/1968 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 850
Barber County Index1/2/1969--12/25/1969 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 851
Barber County Index1/1/1970--12/31/1970 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 852
Barber County Index1/7/1971--12/30/1971 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 853
Barber County Index1/6/1972--12/28/1972 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 854
Barber County Index1/4/1973--12/27/1973 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 855
Barber County Index1/3/1974--12/26/1974 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 856
Barber County Index1/2/1975--12/31/1975 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 857
Barber County Index1/8/1976--12/30/1976 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 858
Barber County Index1/6/1977--12/29/1977 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 859
Barber County Index1/5/1978--12/28/1978 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 860
Barber County Index1/4/1979--12/27/1979 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 861
Barber County Index1/3/1980--12/25/1980 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1109
Barber County Index1/1/1981--12/31/1981 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1110
Barber County Index1/0/1982--12/0/1982 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1111
Barber County Index1/0/1983--12/0/1983 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1112
Barber County Index1/0/1984--12/0/1984 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1475
Barber County Index1/0/1985--12/0/1985 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1589
Barber County Index1/3/1985--12/26/1985 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5339
Barber County Index1/0/1986--12/0/1986 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1717
Barber County Index1/2/1986--1/29/1987 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5340
Barber County Index1/0/1987--12/0/1987 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1747
Barber County Index2/5/1987--5/26/1988 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5341
Barber County Index6/1/1988--9/27/1989 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5342
Barber County Index1/0/1989--12/0/1989 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1793
Barber County Index10/4/1989--11/28/1990 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5343
Barber County Index1/0/1990--12/0/1990 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1819
Barber County Index12/5/1990--9/25/1991 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5344
Barber County Index10/2/1991--4/29/1992 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5345
Barber County Index5/1/1992--12/30/1992 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5346
Barber County Index1/1/1993--11/24/1993 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5347
Barber County Index12/1/1993--10/26/1994 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5348
Barber County Index11/2/1994--5/29/1996 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 5349
Barber County Index6/5/1996--9/24/1997 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 7505
Barber County Index10/1/1997--8/25/1999 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 7850
Barber County Index9/1/1999--2/28/2001 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 8826
Barber County Truth4/15/1886--4/15/1886 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 804
Barbour County Mail5/21/1878--1/9/1879 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 862
Barks and Cackles7/4/1957--12/25/1958 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 843
Bugle Blast2/27/1895--3/20/1895 KiowaBarberKSM 1254
Chief5/22/1886--7/10/1886 KiowaBarberKSP 832
Great Bend Tribune1/1/2001--2/28/2001 Great BendBarberKSNP 8962
Great Bend Tribune3/1/2001--4/30/2001 Great BendBarberKSNP 8963
Gyp Hill Premiere8/19/1991--4/26/1993 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 6447
Gyp Hill Premiere5/3/1993--8/29/1994 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 6448
Gyp Hill Premiere9/6/1994--3/25/1996 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 6449
Gyp Hill Premiere4/15/1996--9/29/1997 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 7455
Gyp Hill Premiere10/6/1997--5/24/1999 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 7937
Gyp Hill Premiere6/1/1999--7/31/2000 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 9082
Gyp Hill Premiere8/7/2000--7/30/2001 Medicine LodgeBarberKSNP 9083
Hardtner Press10/16/1914--10/31/1918 HardtnerBarberKSH 1357
Hardtner Press11/7/1918--11/24/1921 HardtnerBarberKSH 1358
Hardtner Press12/1/1921--7/26/1923 HardtnerBarberKSH 1359
Hardtner Press8/2/1923--5/27/1926 HardtnerBarberKSH 1360
Hardtner Press6/3/1926--3/28/1929 HardtnerBarberKSH 1361
Hardtner Press4/4/1929--6/25/1931 HardtnerBarberKSH 1362
Hardtner Press7/3/1931--8/29/1935 HardtnerBarberKSH 1363
Hardtner Press9/5/1935--9/29/1938 HardtnerBarberKSH 1364
Hardtner Press10/6/1938--8/28/1941 HardtnerBarberKSH 1365
Hardtner Press9/4/1941--2/1/1945 HardtnerBarberKSH 1366
Hardtner Press2/8/1945--12/25/1947 HardtnerBarberKSH 1367
Hardtner Press1/1/1948--9/15/1950 HardtnerBarberKSH 1368
Hardtner Press9/22/1950--7/29/1954 HardtnerBarberKSH 1369
Hardtner Press8/5/1954--8/27/1959 HardtnerBarberKSH 1370
Hardtner Press9/3/1959--1/30/1964 HardtnerBarberKSH 1371
Hardtner Press2/6/1964--5/30/1968 HardtnerBarberKSH 1372
Hazelton Argosy5/6/1898--7/29/1898 HazeltonBarberKSH 1324
Hazelton Bee3/24/1894--9/8/1894 HazeltonBarberKSH 1324
Hazelton Express1/2/1884--11/24/1887 HazeltonBarberKSH 1324
Hazelton Express12/1/1887--10/27/1893 HazeltonBarberKSH 1325
Hazelton Express8/15/1896--2/26/1898 HazeltonBarberKSH 1326
Hazelton Herald1/27/1906--1/27/1906 HazeltonBarberKSH 1326
Hazelton Herald11/24/1906--2/13/1909 HazeltonBarberKSH 1326
Hazelton Herald2/29/1909--4/26/1912 HazeltonBarberKSH 1327
Hazelton Herald5/3/1912--2/26/1915 HazeltonBarberKSH 1328
Hazelton Herald3/5/1915--3/29/1918 HazeltonBarberKSH 1329
Hazelton Herald4/5/1918--4/29/1921 HazeltonBarberKSH 1330
Hazelton Herald5/6/1921--6/27/1924 HazeltonBarberKSH 1331
Hazelton Herald7/4/1924--7/29/1927 HazeltonBarberKSH 1332
Hazelton Herald8/5/1927--12/25/1930 HazeltonBarberKSH 1333
Hazelton Herald1/2/1930--12/28/1934 HazeltonBarberKSH 1334
Hazelton Herald1/4/1935--12/10/1937 HazeltonBarberKSH 1335
Hazelton Herald12/17/1937--12/29/1939 HazeltonBarberKSH 1336
Hazelton Herald1/5/1940--1/10/1941 HazeltonBarberKSH 2390
Independent-Star2/21/1888--3/13/1888 Medicine LodgeBarberKSA 184
Isabel County-Liner4/4/1935--4/16/1937 IsabelBarberKSI 820
Isabel County-Liner4/23/1937--12/29/1939 IsabelBarberKSI 821
Isabel County-Liner1/5/1940--7/31/1942 IsabelBarberKSI 822
Isabel County-Liner8/7/1942--12/29/1944 IsabelBarberKSI 823
Isabel County-Liner1/5/1945--8/30/1946 IsabelBarberKSI 824
Isabel Herald2/10/1905--10/26/1906 IsabelBarberKSI 664
Isabel Herald11/2/1906--12/31/1909 IsabelBarberKSI 665
Isabel News1/3/1930--8/8/1930 IsabelBarberKSI 666
Isabel News12/8/1932--9/27/1934 IsabelBarberKSI 820
Isabel Star10/7/1910--10/7/1910 IsabelBarberKSM 1254
Kansas Prairie Dog2/19/1885--2/9/1888 Lake CityBarberKSL 48
Kiowa Daily Journal7/21/1916--11/15/1916 KiowaBarberKSK 1047
Kiowa Herald6/19/1884--8/26/1886 KiowaBarberKSK 670
Kiowa Herald9/2/1886--1/31/1889 KiowaBarberKSK 671
Kiowa Herald2/7/1889--8/14/1890 KiowaBarberKSK 672
Kiowa Journal11/18/1886--10/8/1891 KiowaBarberKSK 675
Kiowa Journal10/15/1891--10/25/1894 KiowaBarberKSK 676
Kiowa Journal11/1/1894--9/30/1897 KiowaBarberKSK 677
Kiowa Journal10/7/1897--8/28/1902 KiowaBarberKSK 678
Kiowa Journal9/4/1902--3/29/1906 KiowaBarberKSK 679
Kiowa Journal4/5/1906--4/2/1908 KiowaBarberKSK 680
Kiowa Journal4/9/1908--9/29/1910 KiowaBarberKSK 681
Kiowa Journal10/6/1910--5/29/1913 KiowaBarberKSK 682
Kiowa Journal6/5/1913--4/29/1915 KiowaBarberKSK 683
Kiowa Journal5/6/1915--1/26/1919 KiowaBarberKSK 684
Kiowa Journal2/4/1919--7/12/1921 KiowaBarberKSK 685
Kiowa Kansan2/15/1911--9/27/1911 KiowaBarberKSK 686
Kiowa News6/23/1899--4/11/1902 KiowaBarberKSK 690
Kiowa News1/27/1983--12/27/1984 KiowaBarberKSK 893
Kiowa News1/3/1985--5/23/1985 KiowaBarberKSK 1048
Kiowa News Review4/18/1902--5/23/1902 KiowaBarberKSK 690
Kiowa News Review8/22/1902--6/23/1905 KiowaBarberKSK 691
Kiowa News Review6/30/1905--11/8/1907 KiowaBarberKSK 692
Kiowa News Review11/15/1907--5/6/1910 KiowaBarberKSK 693
Kiowa News Review5/13/1910--10/18/1912 KiowaBarberKSK 694
Kiowa News Review10/25/1912--4/30/1915 KiowaBarberKSK 695
Kiowa News Review5/7/1915--10/26/1917 KiowaBarberKSK 696
Kiowa News Review11/2/1917--5/21/1920 KiowaBarberKSK 697
Kiowa News Review5/28/1920--12/29/1922 KiowaBarberKSK 698
Kiowa News Review1/5/1923--7/31/1925 KiowaBarberKSK 699
Kiowa News Review8/7/1925--3/9/1928 KiowaBarberKSK 700
Kiowa News Review3/16/1928--8/7/1930 KiowaBarberKSK 701
Kiowa News Review8/14/1930--9/8/1932 KiowaBarberKSK 702
Kiowa News Review and Record7/20/1936--12/2/1937 KiowaBarberKSK 704
Kiowa News Review and Record12/6/1937--12/7/1939 KiowaBarberKSK 705
Kiowa News Review and Record12/11/1939--1/22/1942 KiowaBarberKSK 706
Kiowa News Review and Record1/26/1942--8/2/1944 KiowaBarberKSK 707
Kiowa News Review and Record8/9/1944--1/22/1947 KiowaBarberKSK 708
Kiowa News Review and Record1/29/1947--3/31/1949 KiowaBarberKSK 709
Kiowa News Review and Record4/7/1949--1/11/1951 KiowaBarberKSK 710
Kiowa News Review and Record1/18/1951--12/25/1952 KiowaBarberKSK 711
Kiowa News Review and Record1/1/1953--12/2/1954 KiowaBarberKSK 712
Kiowa News Review and Record12/9/1954--12/27/1956 KiowaBarberKSK 713
Kiowa News Review and Record1/3/1957--2/12/1959 KiowaBarberKSK 714
Kiowa News Review and Record2/19/1959--2/2/1961 KiowaBarberKSK 715
Kiowa News Review and Record2/9/1961--2/7/1963 KiowaBarberKSK 716
Kiowa News Review and Record2/14/1963--2/18/1965 KiowaBarberKSK 717
Kiowa News Review and Record2/25/1965--2/9/1967 KiowaBarberKSK 718
Kiowa News Review and Record2/16/1967--5/8/1969 KiowaBarberKSK 719
Kiowa News Review and Record5/15/1969--10/14/1971 KiowaBarberKSK 720
Kiowa News Review and Record10/21/1971--1/3/1974 KiowaBarberKSK 721
Kiowa News Review and Record1/10/1974--3/11/1976 KiowaBarberKSK 722
Kiowa News Review and Record3/18/1976--3/9/1978 KiowaBarberKSK 723
Kiowa News Review and Record3/16/1978--1/24/1980 KiowaBarberKSK 724
Kiowa News Review and Record1/31/1980--12/25/1980 KiowaBarberKSK 725
Kiowa News Review and Record1/1/1981--12/31/1982 KiowaBarberKSK 773
Kiowa News Review and Record1/6/1983--1/20/1983 KiowaBarberKSK 893
Kiowa News Review and Record5/30/1985--10/1/1987 KiowaBarberKSK 1048
Kiowa News Review and Record10/8/1987--12/28/1989 KiowaBarberKSK 1049
Kiowa News Review and Record1/4/1990--12/31/1992 KiowaBarberKSK 1064
Kiowa News Review and Record1/7/1993--12/28/1995 KiowaBarberKSNP 4822
Kiowa News Review and Record1/4/1996--12/25/1998 KiowaBarberKSNP 7258
Kiowa News Review And Record1/1/1998--11/30/2000 KiowaBarberKSNP 8655
Kiowa News Review And Record12/7/2000--10/30/2003 KiowaBarberKSNP10618
Kiowa News Review And Record12/7/2000--10/30/2003 KiowaBarberKSNP10618
Kiowa News-Review and Kiowa Record1/2/1933--12/7/1933 KiowaBarberKSK 702
Kiowa News-Review and Kiowa Record12/11/1933--11/21/1935 KiowaBarberKSK 703
Kiowa News-Review and Kiowa Record11/25/1935--7/16/1936 KiowaBarberKSK 704
Kiowa News-Review and the Kiowa Record9/15/1932--12/29/1932 KiowaBarberKSK 702
Kiowa Record1/4/1932--9/12/1932 KiowaBarberKSK 686
Kiowa Review4/13/1892--11/21/1894 KiowaBarberKSK 687
Kiowa Review11/28/1894--1/31/1900 KiowaBarberKSK 688
Kiowa Review2/7/1900--4/16/1902 KiowaBarberKSK 689
Lake City Bee2/24/1888--2/1/1889 Lake CityBarberKSL 48
Lake City Tribune6/19/1919--2/24/1921 Lake CityBarberKSI 666
Mail2/6/1879--3/6/1879 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 862
Medicine Lodge Chief6/26/1886--2/3/1888 Medicine LodgeBarberKSA 184
Medicine Lodge Cresset3/20/1879--9/10/1880 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 862
Medicine Lodge Cresset9/17/1880--4/13/1882 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 863
Medicine Lodge Cresset4/20/1882--12/6/1883 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 864
Medicine Lodge Cresset12/13/1883--9/24/1885 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 865
Medicine Lodge Cresset10/1/1885--10/25/1888 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 866
Medicine Lodge Cresset11/1/1888--2/26/1892 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 867
Medicine Lodge Cresset3/4/1892--12/28/1894 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 868
Medicine Lodge Cresset1/4/1895--12/31/1897 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 869
Medicine Lodge Cresset1/7/1898--2/22/1901 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 870
Medicine Lodge Cresset3/1/1901--6/24/1904 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 871
Medicine Lodge Cresset7/1/1904--6/28/1907 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 872
Medicine Lodge Cresset7/5/1907--12/31/1909 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 873
Medicine Lodge Cresset1/7/1910--12/26/1912 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 874
Medicine Lodge Cresset1/2/1913--12/30/1915 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 875
Medicine Lodge Cresset1/6/1916--8/30/1917 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 876
Medicine Lodge Republican5/18/1918--7/26/1919 Medicine LodgeBarberKSM 1254
New Kiowa Journal11/4/1886--11/11/1886 KiowaBarberKSK 675
Sharon Advocate4/24/1903--5/4/1904 SharonBarberKSS 936
Sharon News6/10/1884--4/14/1886 SharonBarberKSS 935
Sharon News4/21/1886--9/15/1886 SharonBarberKSS 936
Sharon Shield2/25/1910--8/12/1910 SharonBarberKSS 936
Sharon Valley Times4/2/1914--5/6/1915 SharonBarberKSS 936
Sharon Valley Times5/13/1915--12/2/1915 SharonBarberKSS 937
Sharon Valley Times6/5/1930--8/8/1935 SharonBarberKSS 937
Sharon Valley Times8/15/1935--3/16/1939 SharonBarberKSS 938
Sharon Valley Times3/23/1939--6/11/1942 SharonBarberKSS 939
Sharon Valley Times6/18/1942--8/16/1945 SharonBarberKSS 940
Sharon Valley Times8/23/1945--1/22/1948 SharonBarberKSS 941
Union11/21/1884--3/1/1889 Sun CityBarberKSS 745

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