1943 News Articles, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Barber County Index, January 13, 1944.


Review of 1943 News Articles

Webmaster's note: This is NOT a complete list of all articles published during the year!


Marion W. Pearce, assumes duties as county agent.

Reverend John D. Garrison, new Christian minister, arrives here.

Three new county officers take over duties. They are A. W. Axline, commissioner, Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson, county clerk, and Carl Stranathan, sheriff.

Mike Ahearn speaks at athletic banquet.

Mercury dropped to 11 below for season's low point.

Thirty five Barber county men inducted into United States Army.

Medicine Lodge National Gypsum Company plant receives safety award from C. M. Pollard, Buffalo, N. Y. safety director.


Vic Younger breaks leg in accident at his garage.

Riley W. MacGregor elected member of Kansas Day executive committee.

Fourteen from barber county inducted into army.

Indians win invitation basketball tournament.

Home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sternberger completely destroyed by fire.

Geo. Keithely, Isabel, killed in fall from 46 foot windmill tower.

Walter Lillieqvist given Master Farmer award.

E. F. Lake chairman, announces plans for raising Red Cross quota of $2850.


Twenty eight hundred and forty one register here for Ration book No. 2.

Medicine Lodge exceeds Red Cross quota.

E. F. McCulley, Barber county pioneer dies.

Anthony wins district basketball tournament.

Pretty Prairie taking Class B honors.

Mrs. Julia Trice dies.

Draft board received a call for 12 men.

Capt. Burns Simpson is first Medicine Lodge soldier killed overseas.


Meat rationing begins.

Barber county war bond quota is $296,200.

Medicine Lodge Lions celebrate 600th meeting.

All members of city council re-elected.

Cal Gordon narrowly escapes death in accident at Medicine Lodge, gas field when boom pole falls on him, breaking thigh and shoulder.

Five more inducted into army.

Parker re-elected Junior Chamber of Commerce, president.

H. A. Palmer re-elected director of the school board.

Medicine Lodge exceeds war bond quota.

Supt. Floyd Herr accepts position as secretary of state board of education.


Barber County exceeds war bond quota by $3_8, 422.75 in bonds.

Champlin Oil Co. brings in Allen Well for big producer.

M. C. Crook takes over position as superintendent of the National Gypsum plant at Fort Dodge, Ia. Medicine Lodge schools receive safety award for having achieved the lowest accident rate among schools of Kansas during 1941-42.

H. C. Van Voorhis hired as local school superintendent.

John Harrison, civilian instructor, killed in plane crash at El Reno, Okla.

Crudol Corp. announces plans for constructing pipe line in Barber county.

Thirty eight graduates of the Medicine Lodge high school get diplomas.


F. Floyd Herr closes eight year term here.

Induct five more into armed forces.

Pfc. Jesse Martin dies while Jap prisoner on Philippine Island.

Technical Sgt. William E. Clark, son of Mrs. Ralph DeWitt, Sharon, killed in plane crash at Peyote, Texas.

The first new wheat to elevator.

Elect Lloyd Davis president of Lions club.

Sgt. Albright killed in action at Atta Island.

Four more inducted into army.


Barber county population is 7,574 a loss of 395 compared with last year.

Receive two draft calls, one for seven men, the other for two.

Barber county valuations jump to $22,571,647 for big increase.

County wheat crop to average about 12 bushels.

Pass resolution to raise funds for building a new courthouse here by making levy of one mill for a period not to exceed ten years.

Mrs. J. B. Harbaugh, long time resident dies.

H. Lynn Randels appointed county superintendent to fill vacancy caused by resignation of W. Clifton Freeman.

Army calls for eight more from here.

Jackie Dean Blunk, small son of Mr. and Mrs. John Blunk, drowns in mud puddle.

Barber county tax levy is 6.522 mills to compare with 7.40 mills last year.


Draft call for seven.

Medicine Lodge tax levy 16.78 mills.

Pvt. Homer Coffman dies in North Africa as result of acute appendicitis.

Draft board begin reclassifying Barber county fathers.

Roy Travis sells grocery store to Ivol Howard.

Gas stations busy before gas coupon value cut to three gallons.

Dr. E. W. Clark dies in Wichita.

Army calls for 15.

Runaway gas transport damages Gilbert and Serrot of lawns and sidewalks.

Announce Barber county quota of $450,000 for third war bond drive.


Sgt. Adam Goerlitz killed in action in Sicily.

Staff Agt. Elvin N. Cocherell, listed as missing over Lebourget, France.

High school enrollment totals 225.

Oil activity at highest peak in county's history.

Sgt. Mont Bower, of Hazelton is missing in action in Southwest Pacific.

Barber county fair draws huge crowds.

W. E. Chappel hired a vocational instructor for Medicine Lodge.

Receive draft quota of 11 men.

Kiowa first town in county to announce meeting bond quota.

Jimmy Angell killed in motorcycle crash in Kansas City.

Barber is second county in state to make bond quota.

Percy Knight, vice-president of First National Bank dies after several months illness.

Herb Gress and Howard Bass sell sale pavilion to Glenn Fishburn.


Barber's bounty's war bond sale totals $655,500.

Hold kick off meeting for National War fund drive to raise $4711.

Get two draft collections for 11 men, another for four.

Cut value of B and C gas coupons to two gallons.

Oil activity continues with announcement of five new tests.

Medicine Lodge goes over top in war fund drive

H. A. Palmer chosen district chairman of Boy Scouts.

Dr. C. V. Moore appointed Navy Day chairman.

Barber county is second county in state to meet National War Fund Quota.


Issue 6,904 No. 4 ration books to county.

Thirty five leave from here for Army.

Mrs. Orville Mills assumes duties as acting postmaster here, taking place of husband, who is called to Army.

Paul Nye resigns as Medicine Lodge coach.

Jack Coleman resigns as grade school principal.

Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to 1st Lt. Gerald Forsyth for action over Newark, New Guinea.

Receive call for 27 men for armed forces.

Hire V. O. Ward as coach.

Freman given a potential of 15,400 barrels for county's biggest oil well.


Miss Majorie V. Forbes resigns as home demonstration agent.

Barber leads state in oil production during past week with two maximum producers.

Ralph and Robert, small sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Main, found suffocated in icebox at parents home.

Barber county receives its first snow of season.

Bill Palmer, Neal Kindig, Wayne Davis and Bill Harden, awarded Eagle Scout badges.

Sgt. Ralph Harding, Isabel, dies in plane crash in England.

C. Q. Chandler, former Medicine Lodge banker, dies in Wichita.

Several months illness takes Mrs. S. Edna Grandstaff, dies in Wichita hospital.

Mercury dips to five below for this season's record.

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