News Review, 1938, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Barber County Index, January 5, 1939.

Happenings of 1938 Presented In Review For Index Readers

Week By Week Happenings Of 1938 As Recorded In The Index During Past Year


January 6.

George Vincent announces opening of new residential sub-division to city.

Ralph Manly becomes the official weather observer.

Number 1 Williams makes a good well.

Mr. and Mrs. Leaford Cavin move here from Hutchinson.

Isaac Bayliffe is accidentally shot in the thigh.

Betty Jane Nurse, injured in a recent car crash, is getting along nicely.

County lets contracts for lumber for bridges.

January 13.

Barber County Council holds annual meeting here on January 21st.

M. L. Post Office receipts show nice increase.

M. L. remains undefeated in league competition after defeating Anthony 30-37.

Annual reports released by city and county officials show more births than death, 101 marriage licenses, 15 divorces, 60 out in jail, 59% taxes paid.

Betty Jane Nurse was able to be removed from the hospital to the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Fred Nurse.

Newsom's hold big January clearance sale.

Thirteen babies born at the hospital in past year.

January 20.

Medicine Men again victorious after winning from Harper 36-21.

Chamber of Commerce inaugurates move for more houses; housing problem becomes a serious matter.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon M. Newland move into interior of West China Tibet.

Frank M. Shell, pioneer resident dies at his home early Wednesday morning, January 19th, following a long illness.

J. K. Wilson is elected democratic county chairman.

Work will start soon on the new diagonal road on the north side of the Santa Fe, from Medicine Lodge to Mingona school house.

Miss Dorothy Stone and Mr. Gilbert Koelliker announce marriage which was solemnized on New Year's Day.

January 27.

First National Bank observes its 57th anniversary; Medicine Lodge financial institution completes 57 years service to Medicine Lodge and community.

Mrs. D. W. Skinner heads council of women for 1938.

Kingman defeats Medicine Men 27-17, thereby taking League leadership.

Mrs. J. B. Stockstill died early Tuesday morning, January 25th in the local hospital.

O. O. Lewis, jeweler and optometrist is locating in Medicine Lodge.

Isaac Bayliffe was dismissed from the hospital on Wednesday of last week.


February 3.

I. N. Hewitt seeks nomination for State Treasurer on Democratic ticket.

U. S. Treasury head informs pageant officials that tax imposed and collected will be refunded.

Junior class to present "Spring Fever."

Floyd Keith of Wichita has bought a half interest in the Posts Barber shop.

Indians win from Anthony 36-21.

Medicine wins Junior High Tournament.

February 10.

High point of year for boy scouts comes this week as they go to Hutchinson for annual roundup.

Medicine Lodge wins from Kiowa Chiefs by a score of 31-24.

Water meters to be installed says city council; Medicine Lodge will abandon old system of open water pipes and measure water through meters.

District Court convenes Monday for February term.

G. B. Fishburn is now Allis-Chalmers dealer.

Members of B. P. W. club attend meeting in Alva.

February 17.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Shaw announce the birth of their daughter, Jeanette Kay, on Saturday Feb. 12th.

Martin Scmidt killed in tractor accident.

Medicine Men win S. K. tourney.

Glenn Bloom wins with beef cattle.

District Court disposes of fifteen cases in 1 day term.

Mrs. Tom Gerhart of Sharon entered the hospital for treatment on Saturday.

Chet Powell was elected president of the seventh district Lincoln Day Club at its annual rally last Saturday at Dodge City.

February 24.

An eight inch mantel of snow lies over Barber county.

Truck load of dairy cows stalled in big snow drift; were being brought here by Gress and Brass from east of Fort Smith, Arkansas and were caught four miles east of Harper.

M. L. H. S. wins debate meet at Anthony which entitles M. L. to send a debate team to Lawrence to enter state contest.

Luke Chapin elected new president of law school.

Goff Davenport lost several hours in snow storm Friday night.

H. Coborn dies of self inflicted gunshot wound.

Junior Chance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Chance, accidentally shoots himself in the hand.

Lions club will again sponsor the Boy Scouts.


March 3.

Sharon wins grade school basketball tournament; Sun City, second; Medicine Lodge third.

Junior Chamber of Commerce announces it will sponsor supervised play ground for local children; will be financed by receipts from basketball tournament.

Best to National Gypsum company of Buffalo, New York; John C. Best to new company in capacity of vice president.

Rev. C. K. Byerley resigns as pastor of the local Baptist church; will go to Florida.

Mrs. Woodward died in Seattle.

Sheriff Clarence Frieden captures car containing over 500 pints of liquor near county line at Isabel.

R. E. S. T. club entertains for Mrs. T. A. Stockstill who is moving to Hutchinson.

Several rural schools closed because of the snow storm.

March 10.

Miss Freda Nurse, local girl, receives Master Builder award at Southwestern College in Winfield, one of six chosen from the senior class.

Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster Hayward enjoy overnight camp at the Blue Moon cabin at Lake Medicine.

Martin Hall, grandson of Mrs. Comora Martin of this city, is married to Miss Julia Haverstock of Wellington.

Miss Mildred Benefiel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Benefiel of this city is married to R. Douglas Gill in early morning service at the Presbyterian church.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvah Lonker announce the birth of their son, James Melvah at Wesley hospital in Wichita, on March 7.

Si Lamb, district governor of Lions clubs, visits local organization.

George Ives, local manager of the J. W. Metz Lumber Co., recalls his arrival in Medicine Lodge 23 years ago.

Excellent wheat prospect reported.

H. W. Skinner, local grain dealer and lumber man, accompanied by Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. M. B. Skinner and little Candace Skinner, attended stockman's convention in Wichita.

March 17.

Barber county teachers association holds last meeting of school year; Dr. Frank E. Mossman, president of Southwestern College, Winfield, is principal speaker.

Medicine Lodge band presents midwinter concert in high school auditorium.

Work is started on new store building by Benefiels; will be occupied by Wing and Beal Drug Store.

E. N. Carper of Offerle, Kansas, puts in new drug store on North Main street.

Fred Benefiel is named finance chairman of District three of the Southwest Kansas Council of Boy Scouts.

Roland H. Dawson owner and manager of the Medicine Lodge Ice Co., begins construction of rental ice lockers building near plant on West Washington; unit to contain 300 lockers.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Smith announce the birth of their daughter at local hospital on March 11th.

Barber county's share of state sales tax revenue and cereal malt beverages licenses is announced as $25,121.00

Mr. and Mrs. John Magnison announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Joan at Alva hospital on March 9th.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harbaugh celebrate Golden Wedding anniversary.

Hibbards Rexall Store completes renovation and rearrangement of the interior of their store.

Errol Neal, J. K. Wilson and S. A. Harrison are building residence properties in SE part of city.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Nixon of Danville, Illinois, formerly of Medicine Lodge announce the birth of a daughter on March 13th.

March 24.

County political ice is broken by announcement of four candidates: Mrs. Edith Myers for clerk of district court; Mrs. Arvilla Garten, for county treasurer; Clarence Thompson for register of deeds and Clarence Frieden for sheriff.

Junior Chamber of Commerce stages snappy basketball tournament to raise funds to finance summer playground for Medicine Lodge children.

Mrs. Mayme Cole Holmes will exhibit Chihuahua dogs in Denver.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tedrow announce the birth of their son, Larry Dean, on March 19th.

The Kiowa News-Review is sold to L. E. Marts.

Medicine Lodge team wins grain judging contest at Pratt.


April 7.

Rural schools hold annual music festival under the direction of Mrs. Lloyd Clarke, rural school music supervisor.

Local Masonic hall is renovated and improved and a fine new carpet is laid.

Boy Scouts plan rummage sale to secure funds for cabin.

City puts in additional sewers in Orchard Park addition and in south part of the city.

O. M. Wheat and J. Raymond Eggleston form law partnership.

I. N. "jibo" Hewitt is honored by election to office of third vice president in state Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Hibbards Rexall Store installs air conditioning plant.

Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Prewett announce the birth of their son, Hal Verlyn at local hospital on April 3rd.

Franklin Warren enters drug business at Sharon.

George Kelley dies at age of 75 years.

Freezing weather damages fruit and early gardens; low point 23 degrees.

April 14.

Chamber of Commerce elects new officers; J. C. Hinshaw, president; Antone Bertoglio, vice president; C. C. Benefiel treasurer; Leslie Forsyth, George Vincent and Chester Fullerton, directors for 2 year term; Camel Sedwick, Ray Ives and Vera Hammond, directors for 1 year term.

Jap Foster opens garage in south part of town on U. S. 160.

Farmers Grocery installs new vegetable rack and spray.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Singer of Mumford community spend night in their car when it stalls in a snow drift, and they are unable to reach shelter because of darkness an big drifts.

Body of Mexican sheep herder is found after 5 day search; he wandered away from sheep camp became lost in the storm and died from exposure.

Boy Scouts receive check for $100 to be used towards building cabin; donor prefers to remain unknown.

Allan Hibbard is re-elected treasurer of school District No 1; budget of $48,600 is voted for next school year; only 9 people attend annual school meeting.

April 21.

The docket for the April term of district court is published showing 7 criminal cases and 56 civil cases.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ruch announce the birth of a son, Jon Edward, on Friday, April 7th.

Miss Geraldine Moomau of this city married to Chas. Swan of Wellington.

Loyal Miles son of Rev. and Mrs. O. A. Miles of this city, is married to Miss Reba Mae Whitt of Nickerson in a pretty ceremony in the Nickerson M. E. church. Rev. Miles reading the services.

More than 300 children attend Easter egg hunt on courthouse lawn, staged by local man who requests his name be withheld.

Clifford Angle of this city is married to Miss Doris Manninger of Anthony at Harper Christian church.

Barber County Council of Women holds spring meeting in Hardtner, Mrs. D. W. Skinner of Lake City, president, presiding.

Jim Giles and Lonnie Warrington announce opening of drive-in market on U. S. 160.

Local high school announces diplomas will be granted to 42 seniors - 18 boys and 24 girls.

April 28.

Burns Simpson leases Lake Medicine resort for summer.

June 1st is chosen as date for Old Settlers annual reunion; Jeff Long heads general arrangements committee.

Programs are announced for annual observance of National Music week by committee from Monday Afternoon club.

Mrs. Willard Watkins dies at hospital in Wichita.

Miss Hattie Thomas, a former Barber county teacher dies at Richmond, Kansas.

The Hibbards buy Eby building on North Main street.

Chamber of Commerce announces annual banquet for rural school graduates.

City announces installation of water meters will begin at once.

Bill MacGregor of Medicine Lodge and Ruth Johnson of Hardtner win county Bible story tellament.


May 5.

Free barbecue is announced for Old Settlers picnic on June 1st.

Boy Scouts realize $75.00 for cabin fund from Rummage sale.

Coach Bob Casner resigns from Medicine Lodge high school faculty; will enter farming.

Organization of Women's Civic Planning Board is completed; officers chosen are Mrs. Winnie Knox, president; Mrs. George Horney, vice president; Mrs. Marian Pearce, secretary; Mrs. Errol Neal, Treasurer; meeting night last Friday of each month.

Wind storm does considerable damage in rural areas near Medicine Lodge; elevator at Forest City is demolished, and several farm buildings in that community are damaged.

Monday Afternoon club sponsors two outstanding musical programs; community sing on Sunday evening; Piano ensemble on Monday evening.

Rev. F. H. Hayward, pastor of the local Presbyterian church is honored by election to the office of treasurer of the Kansas Clergy Club.

May 12.

Chamber of Commerce distributes air mail envelopes for use during Air Mail week; plane will visit Medicine Lodge to pick up mail.

The Warnock News Agency is moved to a new location in McCulley Bakery building.

Hibbards begin razing of old Eby building to begin erection of a modern business building.

High school distributes first annual "Purple and Gold."

Forty graduates of rural schools attend banquet sponsored by Chamber of Commerce and Lions club and commencement program following; local merchants contribute favors.

John Riiso of Kinsley, former Medicine Lodge resident dies from heart attack.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Foutch announce the birth of their son, Wallace Gail, on May 6th.

Ralph Phillips announces public sale, preparatory to going to Washington with his family to reside.

Local PEO chapter assists with state P. E. O. convention at Pratt.

Sun City high school graduates eight - seven boys and one girl.

Clarke McIlre is asked to teach at Hays Teachers College during summer Term.

May 19.

Medicine Lodge is again named to list slated for new post office buildings.

Beverly Harnden, Josephine Shaw, Dewitt Stevens and Larry Lalicker are announced as winners in annual Poppy Poster contest sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary.

Miss Vera Hammond announces "Quit Business" sale; she expects to take several months vacation on the West Coast.

Mr. and Mrs. Herb H. Kauffman of the Nashville community announce the birth of their son, Aaron Figge, on May 14th.

Miss Black resigns from local faculty as girls physical education instructor.

W. P. Bryant, and H. E. Bryant of Bucklin buy skating rink which will remain here indefinitely.

Plan caravan of cars to escort mail to plane for first air mail flight from Medicine Lodge.

Present prospects indicate bumper wheat crop; condition as of May 1st placed at 94% of normal by the State Board of Agriculture.

Date of Hazelton homecoming is announced as May 20th.

May 26.

Junior Chamber of Commerce announces opening of 1938 playground activities for June 6th; Mr. and Mrs. John Michael again in charge.

W. E. Stout, Medicine Lodge postmaster, reports 1216 pieces of airmail dispatched during Air Mail Week; 1078 letters went out on the first mail plane ever to visit this city.

Roy Bauman is chosen as the senior to receive the "Builder" award, presented annually by the Barber County Index.

George Griffin receives degree of bachelor of music from Washburn College, Topeka.

Patrick Henry Bunker, son of one of the original Siamese twins, dies at county farm at age of 88 years.

Miss Helen Mary Gatschet of Sharon and Mr. Harold C. Gilmore of this city are married at the Catholic church in Sharon.

R. A. Bauman buys farm now occupied by Elmer Thomas, Roy Bauman to manage it.

Miss Rose Murphy to open women's ready-to-wear shop in location formerly occupied by Hammond's shop, to be known as the Betty Rose shop.

May rainfall to date totals 7.55 inches.


June 2.

L. W. Fullerton nominated for president of Lions Club.

City schools enriched when a number of replicas of early day articles and prints of Kansas landmarks, native flowers, trees and birds, were loaned by WPA for visual education.

First band concert of summer announced by R. McAllister, director.

Dr. F. C. Newing, optometrist, formerly of this city, moves here from Wichita, and announces his permanent location.

City announces plan to tap reservoir of water in the Elm Creek valley north of town.

Hibbard begin erection of a modern store building on lot just north of their Rexall Drug Store, the location of the Eby store building for many years.

WPA sewing room exhibit attracts much interest. - An exhibit of the work done here was placed in Washington, D. C., some time ago, in a national display of WPA work.

Estate of Uncle Jake Achenbach amounts to something over $777,000, an inventory discloses.

Swimming pool to be opened soon.

Mrs. Mary Strauderman dies.

Baby daughter, Shirley Lou born to Mr. and Mrs. V. E. McAdams, May 28.

Miss Justine Schmidt and Joe Feuerborn married at Sharon, June 1st.

Millard C. Kennedy, 24 dies at Sun City.

The Old Settlers Reunion, June 1st, was a big success, when a crowd of 1500 to 2000 gathered at the courthouse park for the barbecue and reunion.

June 8.

Sleeping sickness reported among horses in county. Owners advised to vaccinate animals.

Prospect for good wheat crop goes glimmering as poor yields are reported. Fields that looked like 20 to 30 bushels are making 6 to 12, quality very poor. Roe King of Kiowa was first to market a car load of Kansas wheat at Wichita.

Five boys from M. L. are attending Sunflower Boys State in Wichita.

Wing and Beal announce opening of new drug store. Clyde Wing is the new manager coming here from Great Bend.

New front for I. G. A. Grocery to be installed.

Playground schedule announced.

Sam'l Griffin files for district judge.

Fred Ficken dies from poison at home near Scott City.

List of out-of-town people at reunion published.

Baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hall, June 6.

Helen Lucille Covey and Chester Clair Edwards married June 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Oren Ash are home from Phoenix, Ariz.

June 10.

Wichita Boy Scouts will have summer camp at Lake Medicine. This troop is best equipped unit of scouts in middle west.

Memorial Park Golf Club elects officers, Frank Marsh, president.

Rural school teachers for '38-'39 announced by W. Clifton Freeman county superintendent.

Gar Parsons buys news stand from Jack Warnock.

Hope expressed wheat crop not as bad as reported last week. (Vain hope!)

Rev. Thomas Rehorn, 26, of St. Joseph, Mo., becomes new pastor for local Baptist church.

Gant oil well creates lot of interest. Bottomed at 4440 feet.

The old Jerry Simpson farm, 400 acres sold to J. O. Batterton, of Preston.

R. A. Gaddie dies.

Baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mills of Lake City, June 13.

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wortman, June 11.

Miss Vera Hammond leaves for visit at old home.

June 23.

McLain's Round-Up announced for July 8-9-10, for 17th years production.

Final action taken in sale of Best Bros. Cement Co., as local corporation ceases to exist and becomes unit of large concern, the National Gypsum Co., of Buffalo, N. Y.

Interesting story tells of many species of bird life which abounds in Medicine Lodge.

Lions Club elects officers and begins new year.

List of candidates for primary election given.

Boy Scouts attend Turkey Creek Camporee.

M. C. Serrot, local veterinarian, appointed to state advisory group.

Harve Warren dies.

Miss Lela Martin and Mr. Orris C. Edwards married June 13.

Miss Gertie Mae Raleigh and Wallace H. Williams married.

Oil activity in county at standstill.

June 30.

National Gypsum Co. plans to make local unit of big cement company's M. L. Plant one of the major units of the big corporation Busy future assured.

Band concerts each Friday evening provide real enjoyment for music lovers.

List of cases for July term of district court given.

Chamber of Commerce members hear report on work done this spring and discuss future plans.

Mrs. T. L. Brooks and Miss Gladys Spencer, sisters, open new dry goods store in building just erected by Hibbards.

Indian Peace Treaty Association receives refund of taxes collected by the federal government on admissions at last pageant. The check amounted to $839.94.

Everything all set for big 17th annual McLain Round-Up at Sun City next week. The biggest Rodeo of this section of the country is ready to open.

Crop insurance for wheat farmers available this fall.

Sleeping sickness among horses continues to find victims in county.

Mrs. John Blair, 90, dies at Nashville.

Jared Hoag of Belvidere dies.

Mrs. M. E. Updegraff announces plan to build modern duplex on North main.

R. A. Palmer, 80 dies.

Baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Rozzelle.

Dance of Fireflies attract much interest south of town.

Local swimming pool will be ready for use. Putting in cement floor.


July 7.

Population of Barber county shows slight gain; assessors figures give county population of 9,052.

Roland Dawson, opens new cold storage plant; public invited to visit building; plant will accommodate 280 individual lockers.

Local post office receipts show increase over first half of 1937.

Medicine Lodge City Council passes resolution favoring improvements and development of city park.

Senator Payne Ratner makes campaign visit to Medicine Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Overstreet take over management of Help Yourself Laundry; will maintain laundry service as well as operate on "Help Yourself" plan.

Dr. C. E. Mitchell of Kiowa announces candidacy for state representative from Barber County.

First 100 degree temperature for summer occurs on July 1st.

R. A. Blowery of Rice County accepts position as coach of Isabel high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Brown announce the birth of their son, Thomas Harrison, at Anthony on June 30th.

Miss Irene Vanderplass, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Vanderplass of Lake City, is married to Mr. Edwin Walker of Junction City.

McLain's Round Up begins 17th annual rodeo.

Brooks-Spencer Drygoods company holds big opening day; their slogan "Where your dollars have more cents."

Dr. C. V. Moore announces opening of new office in basement of Grand Hotel.

July 14.

Newsom's Store stages big annual mid-summer clearance sale.

L. W. Stevens buys controlling interest in the First State Bank of Kiowa; Clark McIlree will be associated with him, having resigned as principal of the M. L. high school.

Mrs. Leona Watts opens beauty shop in post office basement.

Youngers motor company stages big used car sale.

The city swimming pool opens; is free to all children; Leonard Wells is temporary life guard.

Powder Puff Beauty shop opens in new location.

Wichita Boy Scout Troop accompanied by Capt. Elam Moom___ of the Wichita Police police department spend several days in Barber county visiting points of interest.

Hot dry weather prevails.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Martin announce the birth of their daughter, Mary Elizabeth on July 7th.

Miss Nerva Overstreet and Mr. Carlton Trimble are married.

July 21.

Bids are asked for work on U. S. 160; ten miles of construction to begin east from Comanche-Barber line.

G. R. Kiser of Lake City is in Pratt hospital, critically injured in tractor accident.

Anthony band presents fine concert here.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Alexander of this city leave Wichita by plane for Lions club convention in Los Angeles.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Conaway announce the birth of a son, Walter Glenn, on July 17th.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F. Herr announce the birth of their daughter on July 16th.

Local organizations issue call for someone to get married at public wedding at Barber County Fair in Hardtner; $100 cash wedding gift and other gifts of merchandise offered.

G. E. Bodenhamer announces public sale of live stock and farm machinery at Bibbs farm near Sun City.

Isabel baseball club wins over Medicine Lodge.

July 28.

W. C. T. U. holds county convention at Hazelton.

Pratt gives fine band concert here; pretty "twirlers" with lighted batons do clever stunt.

Four-H clubs of Barber county hold annual summer camp at Lake Medicine.

Louis Nilson, former Medicine Lodge resident dies at Denver, Colorado.

700 catfish are released in Lake Medicine; range from finger length size to those weighing more than a pound.

Car belonging to Sherman Burr, Jr., and Walt Moore is damaged in accident on Gyp Hill road.

Jimmie Bertoglio enters Soap Box Derby in Wichita.

Eleven Barber county students are enrolled for the summer session at the State Teachers College, Emporia.

Miss Anne McGee and Minnis A. Martin are married at Eldorado.

Miss Louise McCoy, former Barber county girl, is married at Wichita to Ralph McClellen, also of Wichita.


August 4.

Infant daughter, Betty Irene, of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Groves dies at Sharon.

Harve Dobbs, former resident of Medicine Lodge, dies from injuries received when struck by truck in Bakersfield, California, his home for past 20 years.

Civic planning board sends in plan of improvement and development of City Park to WPA office for approval.

Contested offices of Governor, Senator, Judge, County Attorney and County Clerk are won in primary by Ratner, Reed, Wallace, Orr and Evans.

Total of 3.49 inches of rain are recorded for month of July; old timers say this is pleasantest summer Barber county has ever had.

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Owen announce the birth of their daughter, Beverly Lou, on July 29th.

August 11.

Dr. Walter Pettijohn opens office for practice of Medicine in Kiowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ryser leave for 10 day motor trip in Colorado and New Mexico.

Mercury hits 100 degrees every day for past week except one.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Martin are the parents of a baby boy, born on August 1st.

Miss Thelma Virginia Sooter of Sun City, and Garnett G. Goff of Lake City are married at Kingman.

Forest City Community goes on three day Camping trip to Elm Mills.

65 persons attend annual outing.

M. F. Casto, former Barber county resident, dies suddenly at his home near Guymon.

Sid Moore, for the past four years director of athletics at the Isabel high school, resigns to accept similar position at Spring Township; Bessie Blowey succeeds him.

Chas. Walgamott sells 24 head of calves, averaging 384 pounds, on Kansas City market at $8.50 per cwt.

August 18.

Norman Institute opens with 65 Barber county teachers enrolled.

Stamey-Tidd construction company of Hutchinson secures contract for earthwork on U. S. 160; Banta of Harper, gets bridge contracts.

City repairs broken sidewalks.

Wave of thefts sweeps Barber county; cars are robbed of gasoline; three are stolen from used carlots; several cases of stolen poultry reported to officers and several homes have entered. No clues.

Descendants of "Uncle Billy" and "Uncle Bob" Smith hold family reunion at T. V. Stanathan home - the former Uncle Billy Smith farm. One hundred relatives are present.

August 25.

McKee family gives barbeque in celebration for fine gas wells that have been brought in on their land west of town.

Medicine Lodge high school band is invited to play at state fair in Hutchinson; new uniforms will be ready for that appearance.

Large area of marijuana is discovered growing near Medicine Lodge; federal narcotics inspector assists in its destruction; said to be worth $100,000.00.

R. J. Hamilton, Wichita architect, dies in Pratt hospital from injuries received in car accident; was architect in charge of plans for city park development.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Spurgeon announce birth of their daughter, Roberta Faye, on August 18th.

Miss Margaret Simmons of Lake City, is united in marriage to Mr. Ted H. Huitt of Hutchinson in a pretty home service. The couple will live in Hutchinson.


September 1.

Floyd Karl Cramer is smothered in his crib on August 28th; wind blows covers over baby's head while parents are attending to outside chores.

George Kiser, 11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Kiser of Lake City, drowns while swimming in deep hole in Medicine river.

E. C. Pratt is found dead in bed in his room at John Tincher home.

Jibo Hewitt resigns as state parole officer to devote full time to his campaign for state treasurer.

Barber county presents fine picture as beef cattle tour visits many fine pastures and sees many fine herds of cattle.

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Johnson announce the birth of a daughter, Tempest Janet, on August 27th.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Shaw observe 48th anniversary of their marriage with family dinner.

September 8.

Miss Lucille Miller becomes bride of Dale Hogan at pretty public wedding at county fair at Hardtner; Miss Christine Mitchell of Sharon is crowned Barber county Queen.

Enrollment in Medicine Lodge schools shows increase over 1937; three new instructors are Miss Esther Gilkeson, physical education and school nurse; Miss Lois Hershey, English and math. Fred Long, coach and junior high instructor.

Lorraine chapter bestows life memberships on Mrs. Geraldine Lane and Mrs. Wm., Palmer, charter members of the chapter, and Mrs. Emma Rankin.

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Newton buy Noells' Cafe.

Mr. and Mrs. George Horning announce the birth of a son on September 2nd.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Strait are the parents of a baby daughter born to them on September 1st.

September 15.

State Highway No. 8 will receive coat of gravel.

Local Christian church plans celebration of 60th anniversary of its founding.

Local park development project receives federal approval. $31,519.00 allocated.

Mrs. E. G. Shell is elected president of the local American Legion Auxiliary.

Dates for community fair are announced for October 14-15.

C. E. Thompson, register of deers (?) records instrument kept 52 years before presented for record.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ives save for trip to Los Angeles.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frieden announce the birth of their daughter, Shyrell Lynn, at Wichita, on September 13th.

September 22.

Clark Wallace, candidate for district judge, speaks at meeting of Republican Women's Club.

McCulley Bakery has fire in "proof box"; small damage results.

Gress and Brass announce big stocker and feeder sale.

Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Robertson observe 42nd anniversary of their marriage with open house at their home on East Washington Avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Lon Hoagland of Sun City announce the birth of their son at Pratt on September 24th.

Miss Eloise Neal of this city and Mr. Howard Scripsick of Hardtner were married at Anthony on September 21st.

Ernest Woodward is awarded diploma for completion of a stenographic and commercial training course at a business college in Chilocothe, Missouri.

Scoutmaster Hayward and local Scout troop receive invitation to visit in Wichita.

Continued dry weather damages wheat and young alfalfa; much wheat acreage will have to be resowed.

Only 12 jurors are called for October term of district court.

Local schools announce appearance of Glenn Cunningham, world famous athlete, here on October 27th.


October 6.

F. Floyd Herr, superintendent of local schools, is named director of district debates.

Masonic lodges of county hold fine district meet at Kiowa.

Indians win first league encounter, taking Harper 6-2.

W. Clifton Freeman is named county chairman of Annual Red Cross Roll Call.

Charlie Williams is killed while riding on running board of car, when two cars sideswipe on bridge near county farm.

Scouts entertain Lions at "bean-hole-bean" supper.

Mrs. C. J. Binning is honored by election to office of secretary of the state Professional Photographers Association.

Mr. and Mrs. Gail Harsha announce the birth of their son, Richard Dan, on September 30th.

Keith Case, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Case of this city, is married in San Diego, California, to Miss Lucille Hughes of Seattle, Washington.

Mrs. Evelyn Porter, former Medicine Lodge resident dies at her home in Lynn Haven, Florida.

W. Luke Chapin locates in Wichita as law partner of Earl C. Moore.

October 13.

Work is begun on city park, men begin clearing underbrush and cutting dead trees.

K-8 highway will be designated as U. S. 281, January 1st, according to information reaching here.

The building occupied by the Sanitary Meat Market is being remodeled and a new modern front, with side entrance, put in.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Erwin announce the birth of a son, Duane Robert on October 8th.

Richard Dwight is the name given the son born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davis, on September 29th.

Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall, announce the marriage of their daughter, Louise, to Clyde Cockeran of New Orleans, La., on September 27th.

Much wheat will have to be redrilled because of damage from dry weather.

Corn husking contest to be held at Acie Coffman farm near Sharon. Winner to state contest at Belle Plain.

October 20.

Jibo Hewitt is appointed to office of state treasurer, following resignation of J. J. Rhodes.

Community Fair is big success.

Chester A. Miles, returned by conferences as pastor of local M. E. church.

Mrs. Russell Hyatt, of the Hazelton Hearld, crushes hand in job press.

T. J. Willard owner of the City Shoe Shop, installs new electrically controlled shoe finishing machine.

Mrs. J. L. Lichlyter dies at her home near Sharon.

Miss Dorothy Ruth Vanderwork and Mr. John J. Blunk are married at midnight service, Rev. Scott officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harper announces the birth of a baby girl on October 16th.

Miss Winona Hendricks of Kiowa and Mr. Harold Nixon of this city are married at Marquette, Kansas.

New, modern display window is installed by McCauley Clothing Company.

Miss Gladys Gibson is honored by election as alternate delegate from the Southwest Kansas Conference to the Unification Conference which will be held in Kansas City next April.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmit Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Aubley returns from deer hunting trip to Colorado.

Roy Ragan dies at local hospital.

October 27.

Fire completely destroys country home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt south of town.

Glenn Cunningham, world famous athlete is honored guest in Medicine Lodge today; Speaks at Football banquet tonight.

Indians take Kingman Eagles to camp, 12 to 0. Wins first game in 8 years from rival school.

S. J. Ricke wins county corn husking championship; Bill LaFeyer second.

Two young men, Paul Redwine and Iverson Keller, escape death by miracle, when their car goes off Medicine River bridge, two miles south of town. Car completely wrecked.

Business men stage pep rally and mock funeral for "Old Man Kingman." Charles DeWeese receives eye injury at stripping plant when glass water gauge explodes.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Reneau announce the birth of a 7 pound girl at their home on October 23rd.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Schiff announce the birth of their daughter, Shirley Ann, on October 20th.

Miss Margaret Helen Fuller of Wichita becomes bride of Mr. Robert G. Lake of this city in quiet ceremony in Presbyterian church in Halstead. Rev. T. R. Mordy officiating.


November 8.

Lloyd Clarke buys Central Hardware and takes charge; store was owned by F. A. Schurl of Atchinson and has been managed by Bert Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jewell return from three week's trip to Pacific coast.

Bettie Marie Strait; small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Strait, dies following brief illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weidner of San Francisco, Calif., announce the birth of their daughter, Katherine June, on Oct. 22.

Miss Mary Elizabeth Wilson of this city and Mr. Robert W. Bedwell of Seminole, Okla., are married at the Presbyterian Manse, Rev. Hayward officiating.

Miss Mina Binning becomes the bride of Mr. John Edward Daxon of Smackover, Arkansas, at church wedding on Oct. 29.

Indians trounce Conway 25 to 12.

Only fifty-seven one hundredths of an inch of rainfall is recorded during October; wheat needs moisture badly.

Republicans carry state; Ratner state; Ratner elected governor; Reed, U. S. Senator; Wallace, district judge; Hinshaw, representative; Evans, county clerk.

Fire does small damage at Security Investment offices.

Indians drop league encounter to Kiowa, 19-7.

Fire damages small warehouse at Gyp Mill; Santa Fe car also damaged by blaze.

Mr. and Mrs. U. L. Thompson announce the engagement of their daughter, Mildred to Mr. Joe Patterson of Ownesburg, Ky.

Mrs. Adrian Houck and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Best return from 1200 mile trip through Ozarks.

November 17.

M. F. Lukens dies at his home following brief illness; age 79 years.

First shipment of soil conservation checks in the amount of $45,870.60 is received here; amount divided among 237 farmers.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lamkins announce the birth of their son, Robert Gerald on Nov. 13.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Summers announce the birth of their son, Kenneth Frederick, Nov. 12.

Rev. F. H. Hayward, pastor of Presbyterian Church is elected president of the Barber county Council of Religious Education.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schiff announce the birth of a son, Daryl Martin on Nov. 7.

Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Rickard of Dodge City announce the birth of a son, Jon Rodger, on Nov. 9.

November 24.

Mrs. L. M. Miller dies suddenly Nov. 19.

Lions enjoy first zone meeting; Judge Wendell Randy, district governor, speaks.

Churches announce early morning union service for Thanksgiving Day; Rev. Rehorn will speak.

McKee No. 4 makes 2 million gasser.

Isabel 4-H girl wins award of 17-jewel watch in nation home beautification contest; Betty M. Bergner, 17 years old beautifies back yard of her home by tree planting project and other improvements.

W. E. Stout, Medicine Lodge postmaster is reported as improving after recent serious illness.

Small fire at Marshall recreation parlors brings out fire department; no damage.

Miss Helen Hibbard is elected secretary treasurer of marching band at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, where she is a Sophomore.

Mrs. Esther Weaver and Mr. Blaine Jones are married at quiet ceremony at Christian church.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Mease announce the birth of their daughter, Donna Mae, on NOvember 17th.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicke Ricke announce the birth of a son on November 17th.

Miss Rozella Bowmaker of Isabell, Oklahoma, becomes the bride of Norbert Ricke of Attica in beautiful wedding at St. Boniface church in Sharon, Rev. Father Heimann officiating.


December 1.

Landon C. Mills, pioneer of Barber county, dies at his home following long illness.

Indians lose Turkey Day games to Attica, 20-19.

Evergreen trees are placed in front of business houses on Main street.

M. L. Cub Pack puts on stunt at Pratt Scout meeting.

Twin sons are born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Luallen at Dodge City; are grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Luallen of this city.

Ronnie Dee, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Angell dies at the age of 8 months.

Forest City community holds annual Thanksgiving dinner at church; families of community feast together following custom of several years.

New Jefferson nickels make appearance here.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tedrow leave for Tucson, Arizona to spend the winter months.

Santa Claus announces he will arrive in Medicine Lodge on December 4th., to distribute treats to the children.

Thermometer registers five degrees above zero on Thanksgiving morning.

December 8.

Lester Orr resigns as county attorney to accept a position as Internal Revenue Agent for federal government with headquarters in Wichita.

Men of American legion place big Christmas tree on Main street.

Miss Marjorie Forbes has been employed as Home Demonstration agent for Barber County.

Dr. K. R. Grigsby installs new treatment and diagnostic apparatus at local hospital.

Everett G. Shell is elected Worshipful Master of Delta Lodge, A. F. & A. M.

Fred Hoyt retires as Standard Oil Agent after 28 years of service.

Lawrence Maddox is reelected president of farm Bureau.

Mary Ford and Francis Frederick are married at Christian Parsonage by Rev. R. C. Scott.

Robt. L. Thompson weds Miss Ruth Kelman of Pretty Prairie in ceremony at M. E. church in that city.

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Shoop announce the birth of their daughter on December 6th.

December 15.

F. J. Wadsworth is elected president of Senior Chamber of Commerce; other officers are Tony Bertogilo, vice president; C. C. Benefiel, treasurer, directors for 2 years, Ray Ives, Dudley Chads and Jack Trice; directors with one year yet to serve are Leslie Forayth, George Vincent and Chet Fullerton.

Fred Hoyt veteran employee of Standard Oil Co. is honored by banquet following his retirement from active service after 25 years.

Red Cross Annual Roll call realizes $392.00 from memberships, W. Clifton Freeman, county chairman announces.

O. M. Wheat receives appointment as county attorney, following resignation of J. Lester Orr.

Medicine Lodge high school band is invited to march in inaugural parade of Governor Ratner at Topeka on January 9th.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Garten announce the birth of a daughter on December 14th.

O. M. Wheat is elected president and Raymond Eggleston secretary of the Barber County Bar Association.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Warren announce the birth of a daughter on December 10th.

Wheat goes into winter in bad shape as far as moisture is concerned; NOvember rainfall totaled a little less than 2 inches.

Seventy-five friends call to greet Mrs. Comora Martin during open house at her home on December 11th., honoring her 71st. birthday.

December 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Royce Geratner, owners and managers of the Medicine Lodge Hatchery, give banquet for their flock owners; forty people attend and hear discussions on their problems.

Little Don Creger makes airplane trip alone from Phoenix, Arizona to Oklahoma City, where he is met by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newkirk.

Medicine Lodge receives first snowfall - six inches blanket county, giving .34 inch of moisture.

B. and P. W. Club sponsors carol sing around lighted Christmas Tree.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hardy leave to spend winter months in California.

Elmer Oak is named court reporter by Judge-elect Clark Wallace.

Local Junior Chamber of Commerce receives national charter.

December 29.

Newsom's store wins first place in window dressing contest; the Party Shop is second and Lodge Chevrolet is third; prizes were $7.50, $5.00 and $2.50.

Wendell Warren of the Lodge Chevrolet wins $15.00 check as prize for second place in window dressing contest in Wichita division.

Highway 13 in Oklahoma marked as U. S. 281.

L. A. Baker is elected president of the Barber County Fair association; dates for 1939 fair are fixed for August 29-30-31 and September 1.

R. A. Axline opens welding shop.

Mrs. Arvilla Garten, county treasurer, distributes $_4,748 taxes collected during November 1938. ( appears to be a 5 or 6)

Barber county gets 140,000 young trees for shelter belt plantings.

Farmers reduce wheat acreage in Barber county; wheat acreage is 54,000 acres less than in 1937.

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