1937 News Review, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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The Barber County Index, December 30, 1937.

Happenings of 1937 Presented In Review For Index Readers

Week By Week Happenings of 1937 As Recorded In The Index Files Presented For Review

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January 7.

Merlin Lahey had both legs broken Monday while pulling stumps on the Hollis Wilson farm west of town.

Mrs. Ina Farleigh, former resident died in Wichita.

Laura Benefiel elected Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star.

Sheriff Frieden obtains confessions from Virgil Tholl and Columbus Hunt admitting theft of cattle and sale at Pratt.

S. S. Alexander and Mrs. Josephine Groberty married in Leavenworth.

Walter Willms marries Miss Frances Massey in Nampa, Idaho.

A. H. Elgin retires as county commissioner after completing sixteen years of service.

January 14.

Probate Judge Garrison completed a term of 30 years on January 11. During that time he had issued 2266 marriage licenses.

A three inch coating of sleet and ice is not damaging the wheat, says V. E. McAdams, county agent.

All unemployed must renew his card every 60 days, says re-employment manager.

Barber County Council meeting slated for Friday.

Begin plans for Historical Peace Treaty Pageant in October.

Jury list announced for February term of district court.

Plenty of rabbits reported over county.

Community club asks help in providing for those in need.

Little Theater Guild presents 3 act play.

Medicine Lodge Civic Planning Board has passed away - died a bornin.'

Scrap Iron brings $4.50 a ton. (Now being used to murder people in China by the Japs.)

Crows are doing damage over county.

Lincoln Davis died Jan. 11, at age of 70 years.

Mrs. Harry Hittle died at Sun City, Jan. 6, at age of 64 years.

Noble Soper home, 5 miles northwest, totally destroyed by fire.

January 21.

Pageant date announced for October 6-7-8.

Mrs. Jack Bertoglio, Kiowa, succeeds Mrs. Tom Stranathan as president of the Barber County Council of women.

President's birthday to be celebrated here.

Roy Culley takes pride in having shown the ten best pictures of the year at his Pastime Theater.

Mrs. Crook installs new equipment in her beauty shop, the Powder Puff.

Basketball tourney to be held here Feb. 4-6.

Barber county received $44,019.30 in soil conservation grant checks, payable to 225 land owners and operators

January 28.

Red Cross appeals for funds for flood victims along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

Court cases are listed for February term of the district court.

Better farm home train will visit Medicine Lodge May 17.

Farmers are attending ACP meetings over county.

Mrs. J. C. Hinshaw appointed to board of readers of the Delineator for February.

Barber County teachers meet here tomorrow.

Township treasurers publishing their annual reports.


February 4.

Boy Scout week observance planned in Medicine Lodge.

Barber County citizens respond liberally to funds for relief of flood victims.

Big SKL basketball tournament in this week here.

Completion of U. S. 160 on program of Highway Commission says Leigh Abbey, commissioner for this district. (Vain hope!)

P. H. Parr died Jan. 31.

John Garten died at Sun City, Jan. 30, at age of 91 years.

Dan Kidd dies suddenly, Feb. 1, 65 years old.

Charley Good, Elm Mills farmer, dies February 3.

Mrs. Bertha Wycliffe dies Jan. 31.

Miss Marion Smith and Henry Abt Jr. married Jan. 30.

Oil news beginning to pick up.

February 11.

Phillips Petroleum Co. announces plans to build booster station south of town.

Kingman wins SKL tourney, M. L. second.

Report shows direct relief in county has become big business and no indication of reduction.

Contributions for flood victims continue to come in.

Sale of assets of the defunct Home State Bank announced.

February 18.

Federal engineers approve plans for Elm Creek bridge, total improvements to cost around $6,000.

(Bridge was completed in time for pageant.) Plans also announced to build U. S. 160 thru Barber county this year.

Churches unite for "Go-To-Church" Sunday, February 21.

Reed Price, of Harper, named manager of local light and power company.

Lions Club to hold zone meting here this evening.

W. R. Lillieqvist, Elm Mills, farmer, awarded poultry champion at Farm and Home Week at Manhattan.

E. E. Lake home burglarized.

Barber county contributes $1553.00 to flood victims.

February 25.

Executives and sales directors for local Best Bros. Keene's Cement Co, meet here for sales meeting.

E. E. Darnell, former Lake City hotel operator, died in Coldwater Feb. 16.

T. F. Goff, died at Sharon Feb. 19.

Mrs. Waldron Chase died at Colorado Springs Feb. 22, at the age of 81 years.

Bids asked for bridge over Elm Creek.

Mrs. Iness Elliott installed as Noble Grand of Rebekah lodge.


March 4.

Oil is found at the Holmes well southwest of town, by the Barbara Oil Co.

Western Auto opens associate store in Medicine Lodge.

Bird" Lunsford died February 24, aged 54 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Boland Dawson move into their fine new home on West Washington.

Township assessors announced.

Tax moratorium is extended for another two years.

Work done at sewing room by WTA is on display and attracts hundreds of visitors who express surprise at the quality and quantity of work done.

Democrats announce victory banquet for tonight.

March 11.

Plans announced to drill well in Whelan pool northeast of town. Say four wells will be drilled in field this year. (And they were - 3 by Olsen and 1 by Lario - with the Davis well thrown in extra)

Bite offered for refinery to any reputable firm who will build one.

Luther Hart appointed city marshal.

Fairmont Creamery Co., will open new ice cream parlor in new building on North Main.

O. M. Wheat opens new law office.

Light Company announce reduced electric rate.

Many real estate changes announced.

No zero weather experienced here this winter. Coldest was one above zero on Jan. 8.

30 new cattle brands were recorded in Barber county during 1936.

New bridge over Elm Creek will be 552 feet long. The Carry A. Nation bridge over the Medicine River is 779 feet in length.

March 18.

Plans announced for Junior Chamber of Commerce.

1.27 inches of moisture last week.

Contract for Elm Creek bridge goes to Geiger and Rutherford of Leavenworth.

Committee named for fall pageant.

Dr. Moore installs new equipment.

Isabel water system completed.

Work gets started on new Phillips booster station.

Oil development of county seems assured.

Rooms and houses in demand.

March 25.

Engineer draws plans for park at city's east edge. (It went "with the wind")

Jay Cees elect officers - Herbert Hobble, president.

Citizens ticket nominates officers - present city administration.

Jury list for April court term announced.

Worst dust storm of the season struck here Tuesday.

Fire does damage at Lusk cleaning shop.

New London, Texas, school tragedy last Thursday, kills 425 children.

Memorial Park Golf club reorganizes.

Mrs. Harold Case, Topeka, guest speaker at B. P. W. meeting.

Every carpenter, painter and paperhanger is busy. (And have been all year.)


April 1.

High school graduates of 1937 announced.

March precipitation was 1.62 inches.

Interest in city park grows.

Clean up week set for April 12-17.

Program for spring meeting of Barber County Council of Women at Sharon announced.

Junior Chamber of Commerce to sponsor supervised play grounds this summer.

68.1 per cent of the 1936 tax has been paid.

City streets being re-oiled.

Only one city ticket nominated.

Peter Harbaugh died March 29, aged 76 years.

Several new buildings being built.

Miss Ellinor Hoss and Cecil Bible married at Sun City.

April 8.

Former city administration returned to office for third consecutive time. Only 100 votes cast.

E. J. Grigsby elected mayor at Sharon, E. Bullock at Sun City, L. A. Baker at Hardtner, E. H. Miller at Hazelton, Roy Parkey at Isabel, Harry Hill at Kiowa, Mrs. Harvey Haynes at Nashville, but later resigns.

Legion will celebrate paying off of mortgage on building on April 21.

Location made on Gant ranch for new oil well. 37 oil leases filed for record last week.

Depositors of the defunct Home State Bank to get final dividend, totaling 87%.

Boy Scouts of County to meet here next Monday.

23 Lions Club members receive Old Monarch Chevrons for 10 years service.

Mrs. John Behr died March 31, aged 78 years.

Paris Hittle died, April 2, aged 72 years.

Mrs. K. B. Ford, former resident, died at Sawyer.

Miss Barbara Reid, Clinton, Mo., and Elmer Holmes married March 7.

Miss Aurelia Eckell and Glen Lehener married April 4.

Baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Thompson in Chicago, great-granddaughter of the Barber County register of deeds.

Miss Callie Mills honored at shower in Kiowa. To be married in June.

April 15.

More than 100 Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were here Monday for Court of Honor.

List of cases given for hearing at April term of court.

Claude Potts buys Brittain barber shop.

Elza Holmes buys equipment of Lusk cleaning shop.

Edwin Wright purchases fine purebred percheron stallion.

Wichita Presbytery to meet here April 20-21.

Annual Music Festival presented last Saturday by more than 300 rural school pupils.

The 182,000 acres of wheat in Barber county placed at 90% of normal condition.

No April showers yet.

Olsen getting ready to drill on Whelan land.

Big 40 acre pond built on George Graves, Jr., land near Hardtner.

April 22.

Membership drive planned for Pageant.

Zeek Powell buys Lakeway hotel in Meade.

County Ag. Conservation Committee is working to establish crop basis for farms.

Rural school grads to be entertained.

Marion Pearce is new vocational ag. teacher.

Rural schools close this week.

Miss Bertie Nurse and Neil Owen married April 17.

Former pupils had homecoming at Mingona schoolhouse.

Dr. Gilbert buys Ray Benefiel farm south of town.

W. H. Hall buys Moore property.

Big list of gas and oil leases recorded.

April 29.

City fixes beer license fee at $35. County fee is $60. Can't sell beer after 11 P. M. or before 6 A. M. nor on Sunday or election day in city.

Barbers raise prices.

District court still in session.

Seniors make hit with class play.

Olsen down to 1950 feet in their Whelan No. 1.

Rig up for Gant well. Barbara busy at Holmes and Root wells.

Wheat looks good but soil very dry.

Baseball leagues organized.

Monday Afternoon Club presents piano festival. Eight pianos used at same time.

W. S. Watkins celebrates 85th birthday.

George M. Roth died April 22, aged 65 years.

Another big list of oil and gas leases printed.


May 6.

Dr. T. A. Coleman, for many years a practicing physician in Medicine Lodge, passed away at the local hospital, Monday afternoon, May 3rd, after a brief illness.

Mrs. Jesse Hopkins was believed critically injured in a motor car accident which occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, late Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Leonard Baier was also injured. Later it was learned Mrs. Hopkins passed away about three o'clock Wednesday morning, May 5th.

Rutherford and Geiger, Leavenworth contractors, began moving in equipment last week for the building of the new bridge over Elm Creek at the east city limits of Medicine Lodge.

Mrs. George L. Graves, Sr. died at her home near Hardtner Monday at the age of 77 years.

Pryor and Lockhart moved in tools for a new oil test on Gant land, 2 1/2 miles due east of Lake City.

Only nine one hundredths of an inch of moisture was recorded in this vicinity for the entire month of April.

More than 200 persons were enrolled as members of the Indian Peace Treaty Association in membership drive under direction of Mrs. Mayme Cole Holmes.

Miss Louise Bloom and Mr. Glenn Vanderwork were married on Sunday, May 2nd.

Sinclair Oil Company began work on new station at the corner of Main street and Washington avenue.

Barber County Index entered its 59th year of continuous publication.

May 18.

Lloyd Davis was elected president of Senior Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Foster announced the birth of a son on May 10th.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lalicker announced the birth of a son on May 11th.

Elra Noell purchased "Zeek's" cafe.

Horace K. Hooker, pioneer resident of Medicine Lodge, died May 9th., at his home in this city.

Charles McAlister, former Barber County treasurer, was injured in a car crash and his son, Bob, and son-in-law, Carl Winey, were killed.

Grandpa Barnard, Civil War veteran, was reported very ill at his home east of Medicine Lodge.

Rural school graduates were honored at banquet by Lions club and M. L. Chamber of Commerce.

May 20.

Baccalaureate services for seniors of 1937 were held Sunday night Rev. Leroy Hughbanks delivering the sermon.

Forty-five young people were graduated from the Medicine Lodge high school.

Mrs. William Axtell died May 12th, at the age of 80 years.

William C. Barnard, Civil War veteran, died at hs home, May 13th, aged 91 years.

Index announced plans for 3 day motion picture cooking school in special 8 page section.

May 27.

Bill Barnard won "Builder Award," given annually by Barber County Index to senior student selected by classmates.

New Whelan well northeast of city tested 864 barrels under supervision of state prorating committee.

Raymond McAllister, director of city band, announced first band concert of season.

Mrs. F. E. Read died Monday May 24 at Pratt.

Earl Downing joined Potts barber shop force.

City contracted with Roy Broce for repair and re-oiling of streets.


June 3.

Index cooking school was a decided success with hundreds of women enjoying the story and learning many new recipes.

Phillips booster plant going up, 20 men working.

Memorial day was observed with proper ceremonies.

Leslie Forsyth re-elected director of local school. Budget set at $42,600.00. Fourteen people present at meeting.

Wheat harvest about due.

First band concert of season this week.

Jay Cees announced supervised play for the city under direction of Mr. and Mrs. John Michael. Miss Erna Eckell, Isabel, left for vacation in Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Field here from Belgrade, Yugo Slavia, for a visit.

Gant well down to 8960 feet.

No. 1 Whelan by Olsen making 864 barrel from the chat at 4316 feet.

Practically every section of county visited by good rains last week. Rainfall for May totaled 3.97 inches. County roads damaged by rains. Turkey Creek washes out bridge approach south of Sun City.

June 10.

Robert Douthett dies of accidental gunshot wound at Isabel. He and others of the 4-H club were practicing a play to be given at the school house.

Orville Lychlyter farmer, living near Sharon, dies from gunshot wound, received while fishing at a pond south of Nashville.

Four new houses are bring built in town.

Charles George hangs self at home near Hazelton.

Roe King, Kiowa, markets first 1937 wheat at Wichita. L. T. Groendycke, south of town, sells first load here.

Alumni holds banquet tonight.

Three local boys attend Sunflower Boys State at Wichita, Gwinn Shell, Roy Bauman and Laciede Parsons.

2 1/2 inches rain during past week.

Eleven Barber county boys and girls go to Manhattan to attend annual round up of 4-H clubs. Earthwork on Elm Creek bridge practically completed.

Clarence Martin, former resident, died in Woodman Sanitorium at Colorado Springs.

Harry Ash writes from Alaska.

Strickland family holds annual reunion near Forest City.

Nine rural schools will not have school next winter.

June 17.

Local Boy Scouts prepare for trip to Washington, D. C. to attend National Jamboree. Craig Culley, Billy Forsyth and Billy Benefiel will be accompanied by their Scoutmaster Rev. F. H. Hayward.

Total rain up to yesterday for June was 2.44 inches.

County expects to harvest 1,475,000 bushels of wheat.

Harper band gives concert here.

County will need $35,744 for security lists during next 12 months.

WPA lists projects completed in County during past two years.

Children enjoy supervised play.

Gant well down to 4438 feet, being standardized.

Lario staked location for well on Swartz land.

150 persons attend alumni banquet.

B. S. Kauffman dies, aged 81 years.

Mrs. W. A. McGuire dies suddenly, aged 48 years.

Mrs. Jacob Brugger died after long illness, aged 58 years.

June 24.

Faculty for local schools announced.

Aubra Donovan died June 20, aged 65 years.

Ed Talinferro dies suddenly at Anthony.

Douglas Balding finds skull in Medicine River west of town.

County shows slight decrease in population. Medicine Lodge has 1701.

Gant well comes in for around 1500 barrels of oil from the Viola lime at 4438 feet. Assembling block of leases northeast of town. Mease well drilled later.

Temperature goes to 102 degrees June 21.

Work on bridge over Elm Creek going along nicely.

Boy Scouts are in Camp Pawnee on way to National Jamboree.

Hail damages crops near Hazelton.

Joe Louis knocks out Jim Braddock in 8th round at Chicago, believes second negro to hold world's heavyweight championship.

(1937 Continued. The Barber County Index, January 6, 1938.)


July 1.

Carl V. Hirsch is being sought by Barber County officers on bad check charges.

It is rumored that the Bridgeport Machinery Co., will establish a supply house in Medicine Lodge soon.

T. M. Deal Lumber Company of Wichita makes definite arrangement to establish yard in Medicine Lodge by purchase of Johnson Livery Stable and 75 feet of ground, extending back 150 feet.

New Booster Station for Phillips Petroleum company is completed.

Hardtner press is sold to Alva man, Fred Drolte.

Miss Callie Mills, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mills, becomes bride of Julian A. Johnson, of Ruhler, June 27th.

Funeral services are held for Mrs. Otis Neal who died June 25th.

July 8.

Jeff Wilson will be manager of Deal Lumber yard.

Mayor Griffin announces that city is using 1000 gallons of water per minute.

Gant well is given official potential of 1351 barrels.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heaney announce the birth of a baby girl, June 26.

Mrs. Guy Knight is critically injured in automobile accident on July 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Farmer are the parents of a daughter born at the hospital June 28th.

Mrs. Susan Painter died at age of 78 years.

W. Clifton Freeman takes office as County Superintendent of Public Instruction.

July 15.

Barber county farmers are expecting to harvest 1,386,000 bushels of wheat.

Barbara's Holmes No. 1 hits gas sand and gauges 29 million cubic feet at 4830 feet.

Mrs. Guy Knight dies from injuries received in car wreck.

District Court in session only one day; Judge Hay announces no Motion Day will be held during August.

Miss Billie Eckell and Wayne McConnell are married.

Virgil Burns and Miss Mary Crow of Hazelton are married at Baptist parsonage.

July 22.

Big brick farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Evans is entirely destroyed by fire.

Medicine Lodge receives brief mention in article on Kansas in National Geographic.

H. W. Skinner announces plans for rebuilding lumber yard.

A total of 2.4 inches of moisture was recorded during week.

Work begins on the new Deal Lumber yard.

Miss Ruth Vaughn former Medicine Lodge girl has position in Bellvue Hospital, New York City.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stevens left on motor trip through west coast states.

"Uncle Bob" Taliaferro died at age 84 years.

July 29.

Collectors over country write for covers of booklet matches, advertising Peace Treaty Pageant.

Barber County 4-H clubs hold summer camp and Conferences at Lake Medicine.

Lario hits pay in No. 2 Swartz at 4380 feet.

Medicine Lodge folks visit gypsum mines at Sun City, and have dinner in the mine as guests of the Best Bros. Keene's Cement Co. 200 take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a banquet underground.

Barber County farmers have received $184,396.71 during past 8 1/2 months for soil improvement, the B. C. Farm Bureau announced.

Jacob Achenbach gives his home town of Hardtner, a fine modern swimming pool.


August 5.

Tentative plans have been made to pipe water to Memorial Peace Park to water the arena where the big pageant will be presented in October.

Ralph Manly is presented $10.00 check in Standard Oil contest.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Tincher, announce the birth of their daughter, Je__ Marilyn.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Fittre at the hospital on July 28th.

Thomas Warwick, long time resident of Medicine Lodge, died in the Alva General Hospital at the age of 74 years.

Mrs. Jemima Draper died at Lake City, aged 76 years.

Miss Lorena Angell is injured in a car accident.

Mr. and Mrs. Royal Schnelle announce the birth of a son on July 27th.

Miss Vayla Tincher and Mr. Guy D. Palmer, are married.

August 12.

Tom Wall of Cheney and Levi Pipkins of Kingman are now owners of I. G. A. Grocery here.

Pageant officials make arrangements for loud speaker system during presentation of pageant in October.

A bad dust storm occurs reducing visibility to only a few feet.

Harrison Nixon small son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nixon suffers broken arm while at play.

Mr. and Mrs. Marian McDowell announce the birth of a son, Michael (Mickey) Ross.

John Clawson died suddenly at his home in Sun City, at the age of 75 years.

Frank V. Illingworth died at the age of 69 years.

August 19.

The Sweet Shop celebrates its 8th birthday.

Samuel Griffin and son, George Griffin leave for San Francisco, Calif., to visit relatives.

Allan Hibbard is elected Commander of local American Legion Post.

Mr. and Mrs. Trice H. Newsom announce the birth of their daughter, Sue Ann.

Miss Joan Hoskins weds Raymond Ford at Lake City.

Three Medicine Lodge men - Luther Stafford, Gregg Hill and Jay Saunders are arrested and held for Barton County officers on a hijacking charge.

(1937 Continued. The Barber County Index, January 13, 1938.)

August 26.

Mrs. Lillian Kimball and Wallace Willms open K-W Cafe on South Main street.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hays and Miss Wilma Warren open "Kitchen Kooked" potato chip factory here.

J. M. Wright, Santa Fe Agent, is transferred to Alva.

Location is made for oil test on Mease land northeast of Medicine Lodge.

A daughter is born to Mr. and Mrs. Huston Case of Blandsville, Missouri.

Gerald Woodward and Miss Rosetta Strapp are married at Coldwater.


September 2.

Leroy Hughbanks resigns pastorate of St. Marks Episcopal church to accept position in social security work among the blind in Topeka.

Harvey Haynes of Nashville, is new Santa Fe agent, succeeding J. M. Wright.

City officials prohibit center of the street parking.

D. W. Major, former superintendent of Medicine Lodge public schools, died August 21, in Detroit, Michigan.

Miss Doris Frame and Merle Lambert are married at Pratt.

Funeral services were held for Mrs. Olive Nichols, former Medicine Lodge resident, who died at her home in Tulsa on August 19th.

Miss Mary Poe of Hardtner joins Powder Puff Beauty parlor staff.

September 9.

Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Denney announce the birth of a son, Arthur Leroy, on September 5th.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke McIlree announce the birth of a daughter, Barbara Jean, at Ellsworth on September 2nd.

Almost an inch of rain fell during week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Crosby and daughters are preparing to leave for a new home near Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Cherokee, Oklahoma is reported flooded with water standing 4 feet deep in the post office, and water still rising.

Medicine Lodge baseball team defeats Wichita Rushtons by a 4-3 score.

Local schools show increased enrollment over previous year; total enrollment 558.

Twins are born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Conner, a son and a daughter.

September 16.

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Marion announce the birth of a daughter, Della Marie, on September 12th.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Colborn announce the birth of a son, James Gilbert, on September 12th.

Word received of a death of J. W. Metz of Wichita on September 14th.

Clean-up drive starts in city.

Miss Orva Rose, member of a pioneer family of Barber county, is chosen to interpret the "Spirit of the Prairie," dance in the Peace Treaty Pageant. Elbert S. Rule will again take the part of Coronado.

Mr. and Mrs. Arle McCain announce the birth of a son, Donald Edward, on September 12th.

September 23.

Indian Peace Treaty edition of Barber County Index is issued - 48 pages in six sections. Largest paper ever put out in Medicine Lodge, and probably largest put out by weekly newspaper in this section of the state.

Big fish are being caught at Lake Medicine; W. H. Hall lands one weighing 4 pounds and another weighing 10 pounds.

Campaign is started to raise funds to purchase "Iron Lung."

Word is received by Dean Thompson, manager of Phillips 66 station, that Colonel Art Goebel will be in Medicine Lodge on October 6th to do sky writing.

A commemorative envelope, sponsored by Mrs. D. C. Chads, is issued to commemorate Indian Peace Treaty Celebration.

Death calls "Uncle Nat" Lane, at the age of 88 years.

September 30.

Electric rates for city are reduced by Western Light and Telephone company.

Tincher-MacGregor horses win at state fair races in Hutchinson.

The new bridge over Elm Creek at the southwest corner of city on U. S. 160 is opened to traffic. Eagle Station KFH at Wichita broadcasts news of pageant.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brown announce the birth of a daughter, Glenna Lee, on September 20th.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wells announce the birth of a daughter, Joanne Aline, on September 22nd.

Medicine Lodge Indians beat Trousdale 25-0 in opening game of season.


October 7.

Mrs. Tom Jewell is visiting relatives in Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Best return from California where they spent the summer.

Medicine Lodge Indians win their first Southern Kansas League game by defeating Caldwell 20-7.

Glenn Gaddie, 26 year old resident of Sharon was given a prison sentence last week at Kingman of from 1 to 2 years in the state penitentiary for the fatal shooting of Orville Lichlyter on June 9th.

Billy Benefiel, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Benefiel, wins prize for best patrol flag exhibited at state fair at Hutchinson.

October 14.

Rain causes cancellation of last pageant performance, Wednesday's and Thursday's attendance exceed that of any previous year, and both days saw perfect weather.

Mrs. Arvilla Garten assumed her duties as county treasurer.

Roy Culley, manager and owner of the Pastime Theater, installs cushioned seats all over the house including the balcony.

Sheriff Clarence Frieden compliments police officers who assisted in handling the traffic during the pageant.

Rev. Chester A. Miles is returned as M. E. pastor by Southwest Conference.

October 21.

Dye's Cafe has new glass front installed.

Mrs. Sarah J. Weidner died at the age of 91 years.

Elbert S. Rule sells Golden Rule interests to Champlin Refining Co. of Enid, with exception of the stations in Wichita and Colorado Springs.

Guy Hittle adds extra booths at Sweet Shop and installs Kitchenette.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoyt are touring the Pacific Northwest.

Mrs. Gertrude Perry leaves for her former home in Rhodesia, South Africa.

Fire damages one of the Ideal Cottages on East Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Claire Freeman announce the birth of a baby boy, Dillman Ralph, on October 12th.

October 28.

Deal Lumber company holds "open house" and 600 visitors registered during the day.

Wm. E. Clark, editor of the Sharon Times, died October 21st., following operation.

Horace E. Stout died October 27th., after long illness.

Miss Phyllis Burgess, head of public speaking department, M. L. H. S., opens adult speech class for community.

Sheriff Clarence Frieden is honored by election to the district board of governors of the Kansas Peace Officers Association.

Homes for Mr. and Mrs. Max Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gant, and Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wilson are under construction.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Randels of Wellington announce the birth of a son on October 27th.

Mrs. Iva Dice of Clovis, New Mexico, buys home here.


November 4.

Orville Mills, representative from Barber County, becomes editor of the "Kansas Peace Officer," official organ of the Kansas Peace Officers Association.

Barber County Council of Religious Education announces plans for convention.

Building and Loan officials and guests of Kingman, Anthony, Pratt and Medicine Lodge hold banquet and program here.

Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co., establishes branch in Medicine Lodge, with Verne Thompson in charge and John R. McNeill as assistant.

Miss Carrie P. Smith died at her home in this city at the age of 63 years.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ives are injured in car accident.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Warren announce the birth of a daughter, Shirley Ann, on October 24.

November 11.

Annual membership Roll Call of American Red Cross is announced by officers of the Barber County Chapter.

Dr. Harding Gilbert withdraws from Medicine Lodge Hospital Association selling interest to Dr. Kenneth R. Grigsby.

Osborn Duplex is opened to public.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton announce the birth of a baby girl, Donna Mae, on November 6th.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McCulley are the parents of a baby boy, Robert Clarke, born November 6th.

Miss Geneva Overstreet and Loy Issacs of Anthony are married.

Lake Medicine is being drained.

Potentials of Barber County wells are reported - Olson Whelan No. 1 - 912 bbls. per day; Olson, Swartz No. 1 - 1069; Lario Swartz No. 1 - 726; Lario Whelan No. 1 - 401; Barbara Holmes - 512.

November 18.

"Double O" Sims buys Trice Grocery Store.

District Bar Association holds annual banquet and program here.

Armistice Day Program was presented by local Legion and Auxillary.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tedrow, Mrs. Emma Magnison and Mrs. Grace Ireland leave to spend winter in Hot Springs, Ark.

First snow occurs, preceded by sleet.

Miss Grace Hill and Paul Newton are married.

Emmit Evans begins erection of new farm home to replace residence destroyed by fire.

Mr. and Mrs. James Harper let contract for new home on North Main street.

Ernest Ryckman's apartment and business building on South Walnut is coming along nicely.

November 25.

Word is received of death of Father M. L. Kain, former pastor of St. Mark's church in this city.

Allen Herr receives appointment as clerk in state school at Beloit.

Mrs. Phoebe Gibson, pioneer resident of Barber county, dies after long illness at age of 77 years.

Pastime Theater presents resume of pictures to be shown during December in full section of the Index.

James M. Moore, Civil War veteran, answers last roll call at age of 89 years.

Nine senior boys play last of their high school football games; team is honored by a banquet, having tied Kingman and Caldwell for Southern Kansas League championship.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Warren announce the birth of their son, Guy William, Jr. on November 13th.

E. E. Lake is honored by "Silver Beaver" award for outstanding work in Boy Scouts organization.

Mayme Cole Holmes wins honors with Chihuahua dogs in Chicago show.


December 2.

Poley Tincher and Riley MacGregor dissolve law partnership.

S. P. Garrison, probate judge of Barber County for 30 years, dies at age of 76 years.

Jacob Achenbach, pioneer farmer and railroad builder of Hardtner dies at age of 91 years.

George Walker, pioneer resident of Sun City died November 19, nearing his 81st. birthday.

Olson's No. 2 Swartz comes in for best well in field, at an estimated 100 bbls. per hour.

December 9.

Riley MacGregor moved to new quarters in former law office of Adrian Houck, purchasing library and office equipment.

Annual Farm Bureau meeting and banquet is announced.

Legion boys place Christmas tree at intersection of Main and Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Summers announce the birth of a son, Jackie Leroy, on December 3rd.

Medicine Lodge High School band wins first place in its class at Santa Claus parade in Wichita.

Errol Neal is elected Worshipful Master of Delta Lodge No. 77 A. F. & A. M.

O. O. Sims takes over Trice Grocery, opening as a strictly cash store.

December 16.

Lawrence Maddox, Hazelton farmer, heads Farm Bureau.

Achenbach will provides for Memorial hospital at Hardtner, costing $125,000 to be started within the year.

Mrs. Arvilla Garten, county treasurer, distributes $47,140.63 in current taxes, the amount representing the total tax collected during November.

Mrs. Frank Cook dies in Oklahoma City.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Smith announce the birth of a baby girl on December 14th.

George A. Goodburn heads Cypress Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, for coming year.

Mrs. Gertrude Perry sends flowers to her mother, Mrs. L. M. Miller, from South Africa.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Orr, Jr., announce the birth of their daughter, Carolyn Lou, on December 12th.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Balding announce the birth of a son, on December 13th.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown of Nashville are the parents of a daughter born December 11th.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hall announce the birth of their son, Charles Royce on December 9th.

December 23.

Three Medicine Lodge high school students - Wanda Lee Wilson, Glenna Lee Howard and Wayne Strickland - lose lives in tragic accident that injures three others.

Mrs. John Wells is dead, at the age of 50 years.

Mrs. Edith Myers clerk of district court is ill.

Fred Hardy opens real estate office with quarters in Orr and Orr offices.

Medicine men defeat Kiowa in first S. K. L. basketball game - 21-19.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter McPherson of Hastings, Nebraska , announce the arrival of a son, James Jasper, on December 19th. Mrs. McPherson was formerly Miss Maxine Tincher of this city.

Mrs. W. F. Stump dies at Lake City.

December 30.

Mrs. Bruce Kindig is installed as Worthy Matron, Lorraine Chapter, O. E. S.

State Board of Agriculture's report shows wheat acreage in Barber county increased by 16,000 acres.

Best Bros. Keene's Cement Co. hold annual banquet for employees and guests.

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Elliott announces the birth of a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Allen of Coats announce the birth of a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thompson of Waterford, Conn. announce the birth of a daughter.

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