1936 News Review, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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The Barber County Index, December 31, 1936.

Happenings of 1936 Presented For Index Readers

Week By Week Happenings Of 1936 As Recorded in The Index Files Presented For Review

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January 2.

Dan Axtell, aged 56 prominent farmer and stockmen died, following major operation.

Gyp Mill forces were given banquet by Mr. Clifford Histed, vice president and general manager of Best Bros. Keene's cement Co.; the lovely turkey dinner was enjoyed by 150 employees, guests and officials of the company.

Orgal Keller and Lorrean Shellenberger both of Sun City were united in marriage by Judge Garrison on Christmas day.

Medicine Lodge Indians demeaned Preston on local basketball court in thrilling game; score 30-28, with two overtime periods of play.

Funeral services for C. L. Grigsby were conducted from Calvin-Brant Funeral home December 28th.

Christian church at Sharon was badly damaged by fire.

January 9.

Local Lions Club observed tenth anniversary of its organization with three-course dinner and program at high school banquet room.

C. E. McCarrell, pastor of local Pentecostal church resigned to accept position as State Sunday School Secretary.

Mrs. Eva Watkins was painfully injured when struck by car as she crossed Main street near Standard Oil Station.

Dr. and Mrs. Hardin Gilbert left for New Orleans where they took boat for Fort Randolph, Panama, for visit with their son, Lieut. O. H. Gilbert, and family.

Barber County received fine snow of great benefit to wheat fields.

Dean Alley, 16 year old son of L. A. Alley, died from pneumonia after brief illness.

S. A. Stout of the Hazelton community, long time resident of Barber county, passed away at a Wichita hospital after illness of several weeks.

January 16.

Medicine Lodge fire department was called to answer two fire alarms - first at County Barn on East Kansas, second at E. E. Hamiltons home on West Kansas, considerable damage resulted at barn, but little to Hamilton home except from smoke and water.

Ray Watkins, son of W. S. Watkins is found dead at Mingona school house.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Smith on January 7, and a baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. George Pearson on January 8.

Bob Whelan resigned as manager of local Golden Rule Service Station and moved to Whelan farm northeast of Medicine Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clarke of Conway Spring announced the birth of a baby girl. Mrs. Clarke was formerly Miss Belle Knight of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mader of Wichita announced the birth of a daughter.

Miss Gertrude Spicer, teacher in School district No. 29, was seriously injured when she fell on ice in school yard, striking her head against the flag pole.

January 23.

Mrs. T. V. Stranathan was elected president of the Barber County Council of Women.

Press dispatches announced the death of England's ruler, King George V. on January 20th.

Final approval of the Medicine Lodge City waterworks project was given by WPA; government grant for work was $16,000.

Miss Lola DeVault, formerly of Sharon, died at the hospital in Larned.

Joe Hill arrived to become manager of Golden Rule Service Station.

Mr. and Mrs. Lucky Kumberg of near Sawyer announce the birth of a son.

Little Theater Guild was organized with F. H. Hayward, president; Mrs. T. A. Stockstill vice president; Mrs. Maurice Crook, secretary treasurer.

Tincher-MacGregor sold two standard bred horses to W. B. Eckert, owner of large racing stables, at Reading, Pennsylvania.

Miss Marietta Axtell left to accept position in Long beach, Calif.

E. E. Lake was elected president of Southwest Kansas Boy Scout Council.

January 30.

Preliminary show of purebred Hereford cattle was held with following breeders exhibiting stock; George Fritz, Wilmer Ward, Lake City; Glenn Bloom, Medicine Lodge; Billy Hawkins, Sharon; Cleve Moomau, Isabel.

Many persons enjoyed skating on Lake Medicine at 99 Springs resort.

Grade school employed Miss Bertha Achelpohl as extra teacher because of increased enrollment.

J. H. McGuire, former Isabel resident, and a brother of W. A. McGuire of this city, died at his home in Dodge City.

Friends here received announcement of marriage of Miss Betty Fundis to John F. Boden of Detroit, Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Stout received announcement of birth of their grandson, baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Stout, at Grenville, Pa.

Miss Rachel Nixon one of the hostesses at Kansas Day honored by being asked to serve as banquet in Topeka on January 29.

Rev. O. L. Shelton, former pastor of local Christian church was honored by being named "most useful citizen of Ponca City, Oklahoma," where he holds Christian church pastorate, for year 1935.

Mr. and Mrs. Newland Pfaff of Hazelton announced birth of baby boy, January 27th.


February 6.

Herbert Newsom was elected president of Medicine Lodge Chamber of Commerce.

Three fires called of M. L. fire department; one destroyed office, service pumps and all equipment of Johnson Oil Company, just west of depot; second at Aub Donovan residence was discovered to be in clothes chute-small amount of damage; third at Jack Trice residence proved to be soot burning in a chimney - no damage.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Warren announce the marriage of their daughter, Gertrude, to Mr. Marshall Bevley of Eugene, Oregon.

Miss Ruth Hiskett and Mr. Roy Thornton were married at the home of the bride's parents in Isabel.

Miss Velma Dye and Mr. Everett Dauner of Sawyer were married in Wichita, January 22.

Indians win basketball game from Harper, 24-20; junior high team won from Anthony, 26-14.

Mrs. Lawrence Tilton was seriously ill in hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lee of Amorita announced birth of a baby girl at hospital.

February 13.

Local sewing room held interesting exhibit of work done by women employed there.

Dr. and Mrs. Hardin Gilbert returned from Panama.

Henry Page sold stock and other personal property preparatory to moving to Eugene, Oregon.

Sharon Christian church suffered a record fire within two months and was totally destroyed.

C. J. Binning was critically ill with flu-pneumonia.

Henry Farley, of the Hardtner community died in a Wichita hospital.

Port L. Lake of Wichita, formerly a resident of this city and brother of E. E. Lake died at Colby, Kansas, from pneumonia contracted while on a business trip in that section of the State.

Severe dirt storm accompanied a cold wave into Barber county.

Roger Max Lukens of Hazelton died at Anthony hospital.

Hazelton Masonic Lodge celebrated 50th anniversary of its organization.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thom of the Nashville community announced the birth of a son on February 6th.

February 20.

Forsyth and Son purchased Cavin Brant Funeral home and equipment; announced extensive remodeling and building plans for new home.

Republicans of Barber County hold rally and banquet at high school.

Herbert Newsom and son Trice Newsom announced purchase of Trice Clothing Co. and consolidation of it with their dry goods store.

Lake Medicine corporation elected George Hibbard, W. H. Hall, Ray D. Ives, Fred Benefiel and C. S. Page Jr., directors.

New Grocery store opened under management of J. L. Fleming.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Giles announced the birth of their daughter, Patsy Sue.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Williams of Lake City celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary with a family gathering in their home.

Clarence Thompson, Arvilla Garten, Edith Myers and Clarence Frieden were first to announce candidacies for county offices.

February 27.

Waterworks bonds were purchased by State School Fund Commission at par.

Mrs. John C. Spriggs passed away at her home near Nashville.

Geo. Sellers died at his home in Valley Township from pneumonia.

Little Theater Guild presented first group of plays.

Miss Della Nossman and Mr. David Conn were married on Valentine's day by Judge S. P. Garrison.

Local Business and Professional Women's Clum celebrated 5th anniversary of its organization.

Medicine Men win B. B. game from Anthony, score 23-16.

Union Chapel community gave farewell for Henry Page family.

J. D. Foster was made foreman of the Lodge Chevrolet repair shop and garage.

Barber County Council of Clubs held Music Audition for young musicians of county; winners, Marjorie Neil Young, Hardtner, violin; Dorothy Kimball, M. L. , piano; Kenneth McKaig, M. L.., voice.


March 5.

J. M. Hall died quite suddenly at his home west of Medicine Lodge.

State Class B. Basketball Tournament began in this city; Sixteen teams entered.

Date for annual meeting of Old Settlers of Barber county announced for March 27.

Township Board calls special election to vote on bonds for Township building.

J. W. Young of Sun City dies.

George Sellers of near Isabel dies.

Three new political announcements.

First county-wide music audition sponsored by County Council of Women held.

Little Theater Guild presents three clever one-act plays.

City Council refunds $20,000 in city bonds.

March 12.

O. W. Kannier of Coats opened Gleaner Baldwin combine agency here.

Another dust storm raged.

Sharon high school wins class B. State B. B. Elimination Tourney; defeating Hazelton 29-23.

Mrs. Ed Taliaferro died.

Mrs. Belle McGuire, aged 88 years, died at Sharon.

Mts. Beth Pike presented Lincoln library with gift of 50 books.

Mrs. C. F. Bucher of Los Angeles, Calif., former Medicine Lodge resident, visited friends here.

Miss Pauline Coggins of Gueda Springs and Mr. Harry Warrington of this City were married by Probate Judge S. P. Garrison on March 8th.

Chapter DP, PEO, Elected Mrs. C. V. Moore chapter president.

Mrs. Flora Wilson of this city and Mr. Noble Madden of Hugoton, Kansas were married in Anthony on March 1.

Sol Erick of Liberal, Kansas, opened furniture upholstery and repair shop at Forsyth's.

March 19.

Bill Horn, old time stage coach driver, died at county farm at the age of 85 years, 63 of which were spent in Barber county.

Local high school announced 41 seniors in class to be graduated in May.

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Torline of Oklahoma City announced the birth of a daughter, Karen Arlene on March 10. Mrs. Torline was formerly Miss Frances Moomau of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lunsford announced the marriage of their daughter, Lucille, to Mr. Wayne Staats of Pratt, on January 5, at Alva.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hull of Lake City announced the birth of a baby girl on March 14th.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lane of Tulsa, announced the birth of a son on March 8th. Mrs. Lane was formerly Miss Pearl Knorp of the Hazelton community.

Wheat was quoted on local market at 98c, corn 75c.

Lester Gilmore resigned as deputy county superintendent to accept a position at the Gyp Mills.

March 26.

Barbara Oil Co. indicated that 8 new wells would be drilled in gas fields in 1936.

The Little Theater Guild presented the Lincoln library with the nice sum of $25, for the purchase of new books for the library. The money was the proceeds from the Little Theater play.

Plans were announced for the visit of 800 Wichita grade school children to Medicine Lodge to explore historic places in and near the city.

Rev. and Mrs. Olin Rayburn of Gerlane announced the birth of a baby girl, Norma Jean on March 19th.

Mr. and Mrs. Zig Smith returned from spending the winter months in Galveston, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harbaugh celebrated the 48th anniversary of their marriage with a family dinner in their home on North Walnut street.

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn W. Russom of McAlister, Okla., announced the birth of their daughter, Linda Sue, on March 20th.

A. L. Orr gave the principal address at the Father-Son banquet at Isabel.


April 2.

March 1936 announced by S. P. Garrison, local government weather observer, as a month entirely deficit of moisture, not even a trace of moisture being recorded during all of its 31 days.

Charley Gordon returned from Kansas City where he had completed an embalming course and resumed his position with Forsyth and Son.

Tom Kenney died suddenly of a heart attack after taking prisoner to local jail.

Marriage of Miss Carrie Faye Woods to Mr. John B. Magnison was revealed by the bride's grandmother, Mrs. W. H. Draper of Lake City.

Members of St. John high school band were injured when their car overturned on K-8, 3 miles north of Medicine Lodge.

Old settlers held annual reunion and banquet with Victor Murdock, Tom McNeal, C. Q. Chandler, Dave Lahey responding to toasts under the leadership of J. N. Poley Tincher.

April 9.

Lloyd Huitt of Isabel and Luke Chapin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chapin, represented Washburn college in the Rocky Mountain Speech Contest in Denver, Colorado, winning every debate entered and securing for themselves the honor of entering the biennial national forensic convention in Houston, Texas.

Citizens of Medicine Lodge rejected by a vote of 782 to 470 a bond issue to provide funds for the erection of a community building.

Barber County Chapter, American Red Cross citizens of county to be used for relief of flood sufferers in eastern states.

Little Miss Peggy Dean Hittle won first place in contest sponsored by Lions clubs of Zone 7, and represented them at the state meeting in McPherson later.

April 16.

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Knight were injured in car crash near Wellington, Mrs. Knight, critically, when their car overturned after being forced from the pavement by truck.

Wilbur Murray, pharmacist at the Hibbard's Rexall store left to accept position as manager of an A and A drug store in Hutchinson. Jim Gardner came from Hutchinson to take his place.

Zeek Powell purchased Jack's Cafe from Jack Hill and assumed active management of it.

Carlos Brown and Marian McDowell leased Standard Oil Station at corner of Main and First.

Barber County wheat was placed at 81% of normal.

Five room farm house of Clyde Humphrey south of Gerlane burned destroying contents even clothing of family; cause - explosion of lamp.

April 23.

Barber County Council of Women held fine meeting at Hazelton; 200 in attendance; speakers included R. H. Stafford, Topeka and Miss Janet Fraser, Kiowa.

Mrs. F. E. Knight died at Wellington following injuries received in car accident.

Mrs. Mayme Cole Holmes showed Chihuahua dogs in K. C. show and won 13 ribbons, two cups and a cash prize.

Five Medicine Lodge homes were entered and small amounts of change were taken.

Miss Anne F. McGee resigned as poor commissioner of Barber county to accept a position as field supervisor of a district of Crippled Children's Commission with headquarters in Wichita.

Wichita Boosters visited Medicine Lodge.

Sun City announced the birth of their daughter, Lois Lorraine, on April 18.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ketzner and Mr. George Schreiner were united in marriage at St. Boniface church in Sharon.

April 30.

Lions Club begins improvements at Memorial Peace Park; water piped to arena and arena seeded to bermuda grass were two of the major projects initiated.

Two bus loads of students from Wichita Ward school visit scenic places in Barber county.

Ray B. McLaughlin, for several years superintendent at the gasoline extraction plant, promoted to superintendent of a similar plant at McPherson; Wayne Austin took his place.

A chicken house burned on Jake Winters farm east of town, burning 200 small chicks.

Miss Clara Grondycke returned from stay of several months in California.

Miss Burris Martin of Sun City and Mr. Otto W. Brock of Aetna were married by Judge Garrison.

Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lane of the Gerlane community celebrated 50th anniversary of the marriage with open house in the same home in which the ceremony was performed.


May 7.

Riley W. MacGregor was a patient at the local hospital.

Little Josephine Shaw underwent a major operation.

Monday Afternoon Club presented three fine musical programs in observance of National Music Week.

Governor Alf M. Landon accepted an invitation at the Commencement program of the Attica high school.

The junior class of the Medicine Lodge high school entertained the seniors at the annual banquet in an igloo setting with the Northern Lights as background.

Mercury reaches highest point of season at 96. No precipitation recorded.

Commencement Week activities were announced with Truman G. Reed, Wichita delivering the Commencement address, and Rev. F. H. Hayward, pastor of the local Presbyterian church the Baccalaureates sermon.

May 14.

Barber county wheat was rated at 66% of normal.

Sharon high school had 16 graduates.

Big farm pond on Joe Gant farm west of Medicine Lodge was completed.

J. H. Trice left on business trip to Indiana, Illinois and Virginia.

Mr. and Mrs. John Tincher celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary with a surprise dinner in their home on North Walnut. One hundred and fifty old grads and their parents attended the Alumni banquet of the Medicine Lodge high school.

Engagement of Miss Margaret Dobson to Mr. Robert G. Pendleton of Morton Grove, Illinois was announced.

May 21.

Wallace Kirkbride was selected as the one to receive the "Builder" Cup for 1936 by members of the Senior high school.

Governor Landon delivered commencement address to graduating class of the Attica high school.

Guy Cook of Lake City received severe burns in gasoline explosion in his machine shop, caused when he attempted to clean hot lister share with a brush dipped in the gasoline.

Mr. Stewart, a representative of the National Geographic Society of Washington, D. C. made tour of Barber county, photographing scenic spots which will appear in the Geographic magazine.

Only seven persons had filed affidavits with the county clerk for a change of party affiliation, all being Republicans who wished to vote as Democrats at the coming primary election.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schiff of near Sharon announced the birth of their daughter on May 12th.

May 28.

Miss Margaret Angell and Mr. Lonnie Warrington were married May 17th. by Rev. Prather.

Miss Mary Colemand and Mr. Earl Powell were married in Hutchinson, May 15.

The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pardon, southwest of Hardtner was destroyed by fire, starting from a short in the radio.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Peterie of Isabel announced the marriage of their daughter, Edith, to Mr. Merle L. Hoyt of Topeka.

The first cutting of alfalfa for the season was made.

Listed feed in several places in the county was so badly washed by heavy rains that it had to be replanted.

Word was received of the death of Ferd Edwards formerly of Sun City, at Dodge City where she was residing.


June 4.

Leslie Forsyth was elected director of School District No. 1 at the annual meeting and Garnet Richardson clerk.

The Farmers Grocery installed a fine new automatic refrigerator.

Mrs. W. E. Lusk purchased cleaning shop on west side of Main Street from D. L. McCoy.

Trice Grocery installed fine new electric refrigerator, adding meat department in charge of J. P. Matthews.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry McGuire, of Emporia, formerly of Kiowa, announced the marriage of their daughter, Mildred Irene, to Maynard F. William of Florence.

Miss Bernice Keck of Colorado Springs and Mr. Clifford Kimball of this city were married.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Singer announced the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Ellen, on May 31.

June 11.

Sheriff J. F. Albright died suddenly of heart attack.

Mrs. M. C. Crook bought Cozee Beauty Shop.

Lee Chauin was killed by Jess Van Ert.

The Carter Oil company sent a seismograph crew of twenty men to county.

The first load of new wheat to reach the Kiowa market was brought in by John Hill of Alfalfa county, Oklahoma, June 3rd.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvah Lonker announced the birth of their son, Donald William, at Wesley hospital, May 9th.

Miss Esther Voth, former Lake City high school teacher and Mr. Horace Watson of Lake City were married.

Dr. Kenneth Grigsby left for Chicago to take a post graduate course in surgery.

Miss Mildred Honeyfield, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Lukens won beauty contest in Lamar, Mo.

June 18.

Miss Peggy Dean Hittle won second place in field of 10 contestants, at state meeting of Lions Clubs in McPherson.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tedford announced birth of a son at their home near Mingona.

Terrific hail storm crosses county and causes vast loss of wheat, property damage, with losses estimated at more than $100,000.

Adjusted service bonds for veterans arrived in Medicine Lodge.

First wheat reaching Medicine Lodge market delivered by A. N. Harbaugh.

Mr. and Mrs. Leaford Cavin resigned as operators of restaurant at Lake Medicine preparatory to moving to Ottawa.

Clarence Friden became acting sheriff of Barber county.

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Farley of Hardtner announced the birth of a daughter.

June 25.

James E. Faulconer died at age of 83 years.

Largest single shipment of wool ever to leave Barber county shipped by H. W. and D. W. Skinner direct to Boston; the shipment consisted of 4 carloads of wool.

Bell Creamery of Alva opened station here.

Mrs. H. E. Nixon opened dress shop in new quarters in basement of Grand Hotel.

Marvin Parsons captured channel cat, weighing 8 1/2 pounds in Lake Medicine.

Jess Van Ert was bound over to the district court for trial on first degree murder charge, by Justice W. L. Bragg.

B. G. Baird, inspector for state commission of labor and industry spent a day in Medicine Lodge checking up on labor conditions in the city.

(Barber County Index, January 7, 1937.)


July 2.

The Attica bank was robbed of about $1000 and two young women employees forced to accompany the bandits part way out of town.

Dr. T. A. Coleman and J. T. Moore were slightly injured when a tire blew out causing the car in which they were riding to overturn.

Harve McCoy held farm sale preparatory to moving to Wichita, after selling his farm west of Medicine Lodge to C. S. Page.

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood McKanna announced the birth of their son on June 21st.

Judge S. P. Garrison celebrated his 75th birthday.

A. F. Parr purchased Spic and Span Cleaning Shop from Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ghere.

An inch of rain fell that was badly needed.

Drilling operations were started on the Gentry well in the Deerhead community.

Harvest was nearly completed some wheat averaging as high as 25 bushels per acre.

July 9.

A test well was started on the Swartz farm northeast of town by the Vaccar's corporation.

Dr. C. V. Moore moved to new location on Main Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Govan Mills of near Lake City announced the birth of a son on July 4th.

Mrs. Winnie Knox completed 25 years of service with Bell Telephone Co.

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Newton of Mullinville announced the birth of a baby girl, Deloris Anne. Mrs. Newton was formerly Miss Virginia Woodward.

Miss Ruth Weaver and Mr. LaVerne Cornett were married.

Mrs. Dale Irons and Albert F. Parr were married in Anthony.

Mrs. E. T. Ullstrom left for her home in Venezuela, South America, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordy Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Stevens and family were enjoying a motor trip in Old Mexico.

July 16.

Bill Kenney narrowly escaped serious injuries when slashed by a knife in the hands of "Prairie Dog John."

Trial of Jess Van Ert on first degree murder charge opened, 123 men called before a jury could be selected.

Swarms of grasshoppers raid gardens of city; extensive damage to crops was reported over county.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bragg announced the birth of a son, Terry Lewis.

Barber county farmers harvested wheat crop of 1,776,000 bu. according to report of U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Index was listed in the "Half Century Club," tabulation by the American Press of New York City.

Little Terrell Orr suffered fractured wrist while skating.

July 23.

Trice Grocery opened remodeled store with new meat department.

Chet Fullerton made hole in one shot on Memorial Peace Park golf course.

The Pastime Theater and Hibbards' Rexall store installed big new Neon signs.

Mrs. Maurice Crook formally opened Powder Puff Beauty Shop with Mrs. Elsie Shaw and Mrs. Leona Watts and operators.

Use of city water for sprinkling purposes restricted to three hours daily.

Mr. and Mrs. Basil Gibson announced the birth of a son.

Twin babies, a girl and boy were born to Mr. and Mrs. Uel Coffman and died within a few hours.

Jess Van Ert received sentence of not more than 8 years in state penitentiary for 3rd degree manslaughter.

July 30.

M. B. Skinner bought brother's interest in Grand Hotel and assumed active management of establishment.

Mrs. Lester Gilmore and Mrs. O. R. McCumber took exhibit to work from local WPA sewing room to Wichita.

Conner's Meat Market burned.

S. P. Garrison, government weather observer for Barber county reported temperatures of more than 100 degrees for 15 consecutive days.

Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Hewitt announced the birth of their daughter, Dorothy Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vaughn announced the marriage of their daughter, Nellie to Mr. Paul Luthrell of Oklahoma City.

Medicine Lodge band gave fine concert in Pratt.

Jack Gilmore won golf tournament on local court, with score of 64 strokes on the 18 holes.


August 6.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Holcomb of Zenda announced the birth of a daughter at the local hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wells announced the birth of their daughter at home on July 30th.

Bill Rankin and E. E. Hamilton were instantly killed and Bob McCauley seriously injured in a car crash ten miles west of Kingman.

A barn on the T. A. Byers farm northeast of Sharon was burned.

Mr. and Mrs. Zig Smith celebrated the 45th anniversary of their marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan McCracken announced the birth of a son, Eldon Leon, at the Sharon hospital.

August 13.

Sixty-nine Barber county teachers enrolled on the first of the Normal Institute.

County was burning up as extreme heat wave continued.

Jimmie Hittle suffered broken arm.

Not a Socialist ticket was called for or voted at the Primary election, S. A. Harrison county clerk announced.

Memorial Peace Park Golf club elected following officers: Chet Fullerton, president; Ralph Hart, vice-president; L. W. Stevens, secretary-treasurer.

Miss Arlene Cannon and Mr. Howard Hoffman of Hazelton were married.

Miss Myrtle Marie Hoyt and Mr. Lester Sage were united in marriage at home of Bride's parents in this city.

August 20.

Use of water for sprinkling purposes was limited to one hour daily; trees, shrubs and lawns were burning up in city and most crops in rural areas were total loss; 39 days of more than 100 degree temperatures had been recorded.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Martin became the parents of a ten pound baby boy on August 14th.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henson of Sun City announced the birth of a baby daughter at the local hospital.

Mrs. Lillian Kimball sold news stand to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warnock of Chicago.

Thirty-five carloads of cattle were shipped out of county.

Mrs. Mary Elsie Wilson of Aline, Oklahoma and Mr. George H. Giles of this city were married at Arapaho, Oklahoma.

Miss Maxine Riepe and Mr. Milton Coffman of Sun City were married at Coats on August 2.

August 27.

Bob Lake became first "Black Diamond Scout" in Medicine Lodge, honor conferred on local boy at Camp Pawnee.

Mrs. George Osborn, former Barber County resident, died at Salt Lake City.

Dr. C. V. Moore left to take post graduate work in New York City.

No. 1 Swartz hits oil at 4315 feet; estimates rated good for 1000 barrels per day.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee McCracken announced the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth Alice to Mr. M. Dwight May on August 23rd.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rucker were the parents of a baby son, Gary Lee.

Julia Ana Ficken was buried in Highland cemetery having died at her home near Scott City, August 20.

B. F. Glasier passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Allah Hibbard, aged 70 years.


September 3.

Fred B. Nurse, pioneer resident of Barber county died at his home in this city.

Mrs. J. T. Cushenberry, former Medicine Lodge resident, was buried in Highland cemetery, her death occurring in Kansas City, August 25th at the home of her daughter.

Miss Marion Young of Sharon was selected the Barber County Queen at the Hardtner Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Heydenreich announced the birth of a baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Woodward announced the marriage of their daughter, Leona, to Roy Crist, August 29.

The marriage of Miss Edna Strickland to Mr. Sidney McDowell on August 16, was announced.

Medicine Lodge markets quoted wheat at $1.08; corn $1.25; eggs, 20 c; cream 31c.

September 10.

Students returning to local schools fine many improvements, enrollment, first day, in Junior-Senior high school was 282; grade school 261.

Mrs. Lloyd Clarke, Mrs. R. V. Hyatt and Miss Doris Ragan were announced as rural school music supervisors.

The first oil from the Swartz No. 1 was loaded out.

Mr. Ralph Hall, local manager of the Western Light and Power, was united in marriage to Miss Gladys Stone of Ness City.

Mrs. Pauline Philibert of Sun City and Mr. Fred Meisner of Coats were married.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed the major part of the Imperial Flour Mills in Harper.

The Gamble Store closed its doors and quit business in Medicine Lodge, moving its stock of goods to the agency at Anthony.

September 17.

Pastime Theater added new, cushioned seats and redecorated office, inaugurated two matinees this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Eby announced the birth of a daughter, Katherine Louise.

Street Way Lunch opened in Medicine Lodge under joint ownership of Louis Nixon and Caude Potts.

Gilbert Duanne Dawson left to enter school in Evanston.

Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Richardson moved to Arkansas City.

Merle Rankin makes good showing on Wichita U's football squad.

Barber County Council of Women held fall meeting in Kiowa with Delphi Club, American Legion Auxillary, Sew and So Club and W. C. T. U. of Kiowa as hostess clubs.

State highway department begins piling of 18 miles on K-8 between St. John and Great Bend.

September 24.

Both candidates for governor, West and Huxman, visited Medicine Lodge and Barber county.

Five Barber county students were reported in attendance at the state university in Lawrence.

Sergeant E. P. Moomau, former Medicine Lodge boy, received promotion to a lieutenancy in the Wichita Police Department.

Hugh Woodward sold his Main street property to Jeff Long, moving his shoe repair shop to the garage at the rear of his residence.v Dave Blunk completed six cabin cottages on East Kansas avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spencer of Rogers, Arkansas, announced the birth of their son on September 15th.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Humphrey of near Kiowa announced the birth of a daughter.v Harold Knox left to take Civil Service position as senior typist with Federal engineers at Chanute, Kansas.


October 1.

Miss Irene Giggy died as result of car accident at Dallas, Texas.

Mrs. Carrie Shaw announced that all but ten per cent of the 1935 taxes had been paid.

P. B. Cole died at Anthony hospital after residence of more than 50 years in Barber county.

Medicine Lodge Indians win football game over Hardtner.v Mr. and Mrs. Norval White announced the birth of a son.

Hammond's Ready-To-Wear Shop celebrated fifth birthday.

Mrs. John Angell announced the marriage of her daughter, Mildred to Thomas DeWees.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Gregory of the Sun City community were the proud parents of a baby girl whom they named Tempa Jean.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tueful announced the marriage of their daughter, Naomi, to Mr. Frank Joseph.

October 8.

Miss Louise Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall of this city, completed her work in the Southern Baptist School of nursing in New Orleans and received her diploma as a graduate nurse.

Judd Larabee of Isabel died in the Nashville hospital at the age of 51 years.

Miss Evangeline Fullerton and Mr. W. R. McCulley were united in marriage in charming ceremony at the Methodist church.

Roy Turner, formerly Medicine Lodge resident was arrested at Wichita, charged with violation of parole. Turner, with his younger brother, robbed the Isabel bank.

Total rainfall for the month of September in this community was announced to be 4.12 inches by S. P. Garrison, federal weather observer.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Best returned from a summer spent in England.

October 15.

Rev. Chester A. Miles was returned as M. E. pastor to Medicine Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brock announced the birth of a son.

Miss Pauline Fullerton and Mr. James T. Spicer of Hazelton were married at local Baptist parsonage.

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Lukens celebrated the 53rd anniversary of their marriage with a family dinner in their home.

Members of the Pratt Chamber of Commerce enjoyed an underground dinner in the Gyp mines near Sun City.

Mrs. Mary Burgess, former Barber county resident, died at the home of her granddaughter in Kingman county at the age of 103 years.

October 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ricke of Hazelton announced the birth of a daughter, October 19th.

The Pentecostal church on West First Avenue was torn down and the erection of a new building begun.

Roland H. Dawson begun the erection of a fine modern home on West Washington Avenue.

Mrs. Carrie Shaw, county treasurer, made a second order, for 1936 motor tags, more than 2500 having been issued to date.

Mrs. Mary Etta White died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Smith.

October 29.

Medicine Lodge Indians suffered first defeat of football season, losing to Kingman, 25-0.

Local sewing room, a WPA project, exhibits work at Newsom Store.

Miss Mabel Lamkins, surgical nurse at local hospital, left to assume similar position in a hospital in Tulare, California.

Joe Gant won first place with a carload of Shorthorn calves at the American Royal Stock Show.

Best Brothers Keene's Cement Company begun erection of fourth warehouse, capacity 1000 tons, cost $6000.

Miss Vera Circle and Mr. Edwin Horney were married.

Miss Betty Richardson and Mr. Charles Smith were married.

Miss Bernice Hanby and Mr. Carl Warren were married.


November 5.

Democratic landslide reelected Roosevelt by the biggest majority ever accorded.v Walter Huxman was elected governor of Kansas.

Mrs. Martha Ann Kritzmire passed away.

Mrs. H. E. Nixon moved dress shop to new location on North Main street next door to the party shop.

Mrs. Preston H. Parr died at her home near Mingona at the age of 73 years.

The Wednesday club celebrated its 20th anniversary with a turkey dinner.

The lowest temperature of the season was recorded - 15 above.

Democrats held enthusiastic rally and mammoth torch light parade.

Wheat checks amounting to more than $170,000 arrived in Barber county.

November 12.

Heaviest acreage in Kansas history was planted to wheat, according to announcement by State Board of Agriculture - 15 million acres seeded.

Medicine Lodge Hatchery begun remodeling of hatchery plant and residence.

Razing of old Opera Block was begun; building had stood for 50 years.

Mrs. Vina Susan Reeves of the Isabel community died in Anthony.

More than 2000 turkeys were shipped from local markets.

Miss Mary Sisk and Mr. Harold Hartley were married.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Rogler announced the birth of their daughter, Donna Jo.

Mrs. John Bloom died Nov. 7th.

November 19.

Quail season opened, November 20 to 29.

Mrs. H. K. Hooker died after long illness at age of 84 years.

Mrs. Mayme Cole Holmes showed prize dogs at Fort Worth, Dallas, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Wichita, winning in all, 59 ribbons.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rankin of Wichita announced the birth of their son.

Miss Mildred Watson and Mr. Ernest Ryckman were married.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Garner of Hazelton were the proud parents of a baby girl, Anita Louise.

November 26.v The Ladies Aid of the Forest City church celebrated 25th anniversary of organization.

Restaurant and night club were opened at Lake Medicine under management of Mrs. Ruth Priest of San Francisco.

A Mexican sheep herder was found dead near Gerlane.

Western Light and Power corporation announced lower rates for Medicine Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. John Willan announced the birth of a baby girl, Laura Ann.


December 3.

Magnison well comes in for good gaser at 4606 feet.

County received much needed moisture after long drought.

George W. Rankin was found dead after hunting trip.

The marriage of Miss Opal Redwine of Lake City to Mr. Ronald R. McKenzie of Coats was announced.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Aubley announced the birth of their daughter, Barbara Mae.

Frank Cole, son of Mrs. P. B. Cole of Sharon was killed in plane crash at San Diego, California.

Miss Helen Frederick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frederick was married to Mr. Raymond Armstrong at Phoenix, Arizona.

Harold Roessler bought milk route from Mrs. E. E. Hamilton.

December 10.

L. M. Axline, pioneer resident of Barber county died suddenly at the age of 75 years.

The marriage of Miss Georgia Harrison to Mr. Jack Gotterup of Wichita was announced.

Miss Winifred E. Watkins and Mrs. Claire E. Freeman were married by Judge Garrison.

Motor tags for 1937 arrived and were placed on sale by Mrs. Carrie Shaw, county treasurer.

W. H. Hall was injured in a fall from some steps in the high school building, as he carried some of the sound equipment away.

December 17.

D. O. Combrink, Hazelton, was elected president of Barber County Farm Bureau.

Father-Son held annual banquet.

Barber county sold 2600 turkeys for Thanksgiving markets and 1400 for the Christmas markets, according to V. E. McAdams, county agent.

The Lake City Masonic lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary with program and dinner in the lodge hall at Lake City.

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Axtell announced the marriage of their daughter, Marietta to Mr. Frank Smith of Pomona, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Myers announced the birth of a son, Stanley Thomas on December 10th.

December 24.

Santa Claus visited Medicine Lodge and presented children of community with annual treat from local merchants.

Little Miss Katherine Culley entertained children of community at matinee performance of Little Lord Fauntleroy at the Pastime Theater.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hall announce the birth of a daughter, Beverley Jean, at the local hospital.

Miss Ina Rogers of Wichita and J. B. Springer were married .

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