Marihuana Discovered Growing In Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Barber County Index, August 23, 1938.

Officers Find $100,000.00 Field Of "Dream Weed"

Largest Area Of Marihuana In State Discovered Growing In Medicine Lodge

The largest area of Marihuana ever found in the state was discovered by local officers last week and the first of this week growing in the southwest part of Medicine Lodge in the bed of the old Sugar Lake and along the banks of the drainage ditch.

Sheriff Clarence Frieden, County Attorney J. Lester Orr, Undersheriff J. B. Harbaugh and Deputy Sheriff O. R. McCumber were the ones who located the growing "dream weeds."

L. L. McCormick, federal narcotics inspector came from Wichita and assisted in the work of destroying the weeds. Mr. McCormick declared the value of the weeds would be around $100,000.00, at the prices the stuff is retailed.

The leaves, when dried, are crushed into a powder and rolled into a cigarette. One of the cigarettes, or a "reefer" brings twenty-five cents or three for a half dollar. A common tobacco can full of the powder sells for $5.00. Some of the stalks found are a good 12 feet high and would be worth $75.00.

The plant was first brought to this country by the Mexicans, it is said, and this no doubt accounts for its presence in the locality where it was found, near the quarters of the Mexicans who used to work on the railway. The plant will reseed itself.

Inspector McCormick said that one cigarette was almost enough to establish the habit which is the worst sort of dope or narcotic and tends to completely ruin the person who comes under its influence. In the cities the authorities are fighting it with all their power, for when it is peddled to the boys and girls at the big city schools, it creates a problem that presents many difficulties and ruins many a bright boy and fine girl.

The federal government is conducting an educational campaign against it and earnestly requests the aid of every person in an effort to stamp out this highly pernicious weed that has taken a terrific toll in the short time since its introduction into the States.

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