Nathan Lee, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Nathan Lee

Landon, Nathan, Ascha and Judy Lee at the Grand Canyon, August 2007.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Lee.
Landon, Nathan, Ascha and Judy Lee at the Grand Canyon, August 2007.
Photo courtesy of Nathan Lee.

Nathan Lee
13735 NW Moffett Rd.
Coats, KS 67028

Home #   620-248-FEED (3333)
Cell #   620-672-8069
Ranch #   620-248-3329
Email address : [email protected]
Nathan Lee's web site:


" is an ongoing creation by Nathan Lee to support the cause of perpetuating sustainable agriculture, solar, wind, and other "green" practices or energy sources. Current interests of the author are geothermal power and heating/cooling/storage with solar energy, growing of native and introduced grasses for sustainable production of beef, Angus cattle, billiards, building things with my hands (bigger and better machines), the concept of "Peak Oil" or "Hubbert’s Peak", carbon cycles of soils and carbon sequestration and emissions, ethanol and biofuel dilemmas, learning to build web pages, small road trips, writing reviews of movies for my own amusement, and browsing the Internet about all of the previous topics (too much of the latter!).

I may be contacted via email, preferably, at [email protected]. I am always willing to offer my opinions about almost anything and welcome any feedback or positive discourse of any kind."

-- Nathan Lee

Essays by Nathan Lee on the site

* Mission Statement
* About Nathan
* Ethanol Math
* Lawn Mower Man
* An Ounce of Grass
* Livestock Judging Challenge
* Cow Mover
* Calving Traditions
* Future of Food
* Future of Soil
* Tomorrow’s Profits in Beef
* Strength and Hardiness of Cattle
* Comments on Cow Efficiency
* The Concept of Singularity and Technology
* Brewer’s Log (Homebrewing notes)
* Religion, a 4-Letter Word
* Blogs

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Nathan Lee has contributed some or all of the information and images on the following pages of the Barber County, Kansas: History & Genealogy web site:

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* Photo: William H. Shutts
* Photo: Sunnyside Cemetery
* Photos: Sun City Baptist Church
* Photos: Sun City Post Office, Sun City, Kansas
* Photo: The Grand Hotel, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas
* Photo & history: McLain's Annual Roundup, Sun City, Kansas.
* Photos: Photographs from Medicine Lodge, Barber County, KS
* Photos: Norman and Lois Mills with their 2006 Christmas decorations

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