Cornish, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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George & Alzina (Knowles) Cornish - Sun City

Gravestone for George and Alzina Cornish,

Lake City Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo by Kim Fowles.
Gravestone for George and Alzina Cornish
Lake City Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.
Photo by Kim Fowles.

George K. Cornish, born 1851, and Alzina (Knowles) Harrington Cornish, born 1868. - 1920 and 1930 Census Records

Grandma Cornish first was married to a Harrington and had one son, Frank. Mr. Harrington then died so Frank told me. Grandma Cornish then married Mr. Cornish. Mr. Cornish raised Frank. Across Turkey Creek to the West, behind the house on the road was a rock house and that is where the original Cornish house stood. Frank never did have anymore siblings.

Frank and Edith had three children. LaVone, Ed and Maurice. Frank met Edith in Arkansas and when they got married he told Edith that if she came to Kansas and lived that when they retired they would go back to Arkansas. So, when they retired, back to Arkansas they went and Ed and his wife went with them. Frank, Edith and Ed all died in Arkansas. Edith always wrote to me up until a few weeks before she passed away. - Norris Hayes 8/2005

Frank Harrington and my dad were first cousins. Frank Knowles (my grandfather) and Alzina Cornish were brother and sister. Aunt Allie was married to Frank's father and I understand he died, and she then married George Cornish.

If I am not mistaken, Mr. Harrington and Mr. Cornish were business partners, and both their spouses died, and then Mr. Cornish and Aunt Allie married. I don't remember what Mr. Harrington's name was. - Janet (Knowles) Boggs, 8/2005

I can barely remember Mr. Cornish. The old improvements were across the creek from where the Harrington house is now. I think Frank built that when he and Edith married. Mrs. Cornish lived on the ranch for a few years after George died and then bought the house that Elizabeth Goodnight has and moved to town. Frank had two older brothers that died as boys and was raised pretty much as an only child, apparently Mr. Cornish had no children. Frank, Uncle Rob (Robert E. Lee Massey) and Lon Hoagland were all about the same age I think. - David Massey 8/2005

There's a Jay Harrington tombstone near George & Alzina Cornish tombstone in Lake City Cemetery. Jay was born 1897 - can't make out death date (1910/1916/1918???). Son of Alzina? -- Kim Fowles

Gravestone for Anice Cornish,

Lake City Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo by Kim Fowles.
Gravestone for Anice Harrington Cornish
May 7, 1851 - Aug. 5, 1913
Lake City Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.
Photo by Kim Fowles.

Note from Ellen (Knowles) Bisson: "Anice Cornish nee Harrington was sister-in-law to Alzina "Allie" Harrington nee Knowles. And then, after Anice's death in 1913, Allie married George Cornish in 1915. Ed Harrington had died in 1906.".

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Four Cemeteries (near Sun City), Barber County Index, November 24, 1927.
(An interview with Homer Hoagland about burial grounds in Sun City area, including a cemetery on the Cornish/Harrington ranch.)

Alzina (Knowles) Harrington Cornish

Anice Harrington Cornish

Ed Harrington, brother of Anice (Harrington) Cornish, 1st husband of Alzina (Knowles) Harrington Cornish.

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