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Contributor's Guidelines for the Barber County, Kansas: History & Genealogy web site

Contributors, Barber County, Kansas

Russel Adams
* Photos and descendants: Elizabeth (Owens) Joseph Adams

Judy Bales
* Information: Jesse Cemetery

Ellen (Knowles) Bisson
Ellen is a major contributor to this site. Click here for a complete list of articles and obituaries she has contributed.

Janet (Knowles) Boggs
* History: George & Alzina (Knowles) Cornish

Shirley Brier
Shirley is a major contributor to this site. Click here for a complete list of articles and obituaries she has contributed.

LeAnne (Forney) Brubaker
* Letter & photos: George Franklin Forney
* Letter & photos: Rev. George Robinson

Gloria Miller Carpenter
* Biography: Lewis Maple Hastings.

Marilyn (Collins) Cramer
* Photo: Photograph of Sun City School Pupils, 1946-47.

John Charlton
* Photos: Photos of Barber County from the Kansas Geological Society.

Frank and Jan Cummins
* Photos: Scott Cummins, the Pilgrim Bard
* Story: A Christmas in the Wilderness
* Poem: The Flood by Scott Cummins.

Beth (Larkin) Davis
* Photo: The family of Sam & Mary Helton
* Obituary: Sam Helton
* Photos: Samuel Jefferson Shepler
* Photos: Gypsum Quarries, Mines and Mills in Barber County, Kansas
* Photographs: Nick and Della (Helton) Larkin

Laura (Genter) Lynch Dunwald
* Articles: Lee Wynkoop   "Visit Recalls Narrow Escape From Indians

Conrad Easterday
Special thanks to Conrad Easterday, Managing Editor of The Pratt Tribune, Pratt, Kansas, for permission to republish obituaries from his newspaper.
* Obituary: Elma Verna (Garten) Bragg
* Obituary: Anna Jane (Bowman) Forbes
* Obituary: Alice E. (Cline) Snyder Gerstner
* Obituary: Capt. Leondis J. Redwine, USAAF
* Obituary: Carol Raye Saddler
* Obituary: Esther M. Stone
* Obituary: Michael E. "Mike" Venters

Ruth Ann (Lott) Edwards
* Photo: Marion Francis McLain

Gary R. Egge
* Photo: Sun City High School Graduates, 1935
* Photo: Schelle Store, Sharon, Kansas

David Fasgold
* Tales From The Crypt, The Gyp Hills Premiere, February 27, 2006.

Marilou (West) Ficklin
* Biography & photos: Elizabeth (Shenk) Herr
* Biography & photos: Jewel Kathryn Herr
* Biography & photos: Uriah Clayton Herr
* Biography & photos: Lillian Vicury Painter
* Biography & photos: Cynthia Morton
* Biography & photos: David Franklin Painter
* Biography: Abraham Lincoln Herr
* Biography: Charles C. Painter
* Photos: Some family photos
* Photo: The Grand Hotel, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas

Leola Foster
* Photo & genealogy: Oscar Lindgren & Atlanta (Adams) Peterson

Jeanne (Smith) Freeman
* Photos: Lt. Russell B. "Pete" Smith, USAAF
* Photo: Marie Thomas

Kimberly (Hoagland) Fowles
Kim is a major contributor to this site who has generously shared information and images from her own historical collection. Click here for a complete list of articles and obituaries she has contributed. Among the many contributions she has made to this site are the following:
* References: Bibliography
* List: Cemeteries
* Photo and list: Churches
* List: Cities & Towns
* Information: Ephemera
* Information: History
* Photo: HOME
* References: Links
* References: Maps
* List of current newspapers: Newspapers
* Photo: Photos
* References: Records
* Photos: Rodeo
* Photos & list: Schools
* Photo: Veterans
* Photos & information: Johnson M. Adams
* Articles: Cloud - Culpepper Murder Case
* Articles: John Garten
* Article: Recollections of the Past - The Festive Buffalo - Chapter 1
* Articles: Ben Keyes - Cattle Thief?
* Photo & obituary: Charley Matthews
* Photos & information: Oliver Owens
* Html markup: Fielding & Katherine (Whitaker) Salyer
* Html markup: Charles & Nancy Elizabeth (Cupp) West
* Photos & information: Doles Cemetery
* Photos & information: Lacy Cemetery
* Photos & information: Soldier Creek Cemetery
* Article: Four Cemeteries (near Sun City)
* Photos & burial list: (Old) Sun City Cemetery
* List of Burials: Sunnyside Cemetery
* Map: Hardtner Plot Map, Barber County, Kansas, 1905.
* Map: Isabel Plot Map, Barber County, Kansas
* Map: Sharon Plot Map, Barber County, Kansas
* Map: Sun City Plot Map, Barber County, Kansas
* Article: Wm. E. Williams: Story Of An Andersonville Prisoner
* Article: Soldier's Reunion

Landon Fowles (Technical assistance to Kim Fowles)
* Html markup: Charles & Nancy Elizabeth (Cupp) West
* Html markup: Ben Keyes - Cattle Thief?
* Html markup: Wm. E. Williams: Story Of An Andersonville Prisoner
* Html markup: Soldier's Reunion
* Html markup: Homestead of John & Sarah (Wygle) Young
* Html markup: George & Alzina (Knowles) Cornish
* Html markup: Cloud - Culpepper Murder Case

Jim Giles
* Photo: George H. Giles, WWI veteran
* Photos: Elmer Ellsworth Hagerman
* Photo: Chester Hagerman, WWI Casualty
* Obituary: Susie Hagerman
* Photos: Hagerman Family at the Lasswell Post Office & General Store
* Photo: Students at Mingonia (?) School, circa 1920
* Autobiography: James Giles

Norris Hayes
* Comments: George & Alzina (Knowles) Cornish
* History: Cornish/Harrington Cemetery (near Sun City)
* Photo: Harry & Flora Hayes of the Sun City Baptist Church

Mary Lou (Elsea) Hinz
* Photo: Roundup in Barber County, 1894.

Elizabeth (Covington) Hoagland
* Photos: Homer Fred Hoagland
* Photo: The Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas
* Biography: Newell Greely Rowley

Ronnie Hoagland of The Oak Creek Ranch
* Photos: George W. Lott
* Photos: Ella Bird (Van Horn) Lott
* Photo: Raymond Harold "Bill" Hoagland

Johnette (Massey) Hodgin
* Census Information: John W. Hillman, 1860 Census

Roberta Hofmann
* Biography: Jeremiah "Jerry" Gibbs

Betty Hotchkiss
* Transcription: Rev. George Robinson's 1889 letter to his son in England

Lee (Massey) Ives
* Photo: Ralph Massey Fixing a Flat Tire
* Photo: Artha Lee (Van Horn) Massey Surber
* Photos: Massey Farm Machinery on the Massey Ranch near Sun City, Kansas.
* Photo: Joseph Pierce Massey
* Photos & obituary: Joseph Raymond "Ray" Massey
* Photos: Kent Massey
* Photos: The Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas
* Article: Homer Venters: Vintage Rodeo Photographer

Hylon Kaufman
* Obituary: Hylon Hope (Massey) Howard

Doreen Keithley Kuhlmann
* Genealogy: Charles & Nancy Elizabeth (Cupp) West

Nathan Lee
* Commentary: One Ounce of Grass and the Barber County Economy
* Photo: Barber County Court House
* Photos: Barber County State Fishing Lake
* Photo: Barber County Veterans Memorial
* Photos & history: Bender-Chinn Cemetery
* Photo: Buster's, Sun City, Kansas
* Photo: Heritage Center
* Photos & history: Hope Cemetery
* Information: Jesse Cemetery
* Photo: The Grand Hotel, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas
* Photos & history: Lake City Cemetery
* Photo & history: Lee Cemetery
* Photos & history: Paddock Cemetery
* Photos: Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant Grounds
* Photo: Sunnyside Cemetery
* Photos: Sun City Baptist Church
* Photos: Sun City Post Office, Sun City, Kansas
* Photo & history: McLain's Annual Roundup, Sun City, Kansas.
* Photos: Photographs from Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas, October 2006
* Photos: Norman and Lois Mills with their 2006 Christmas decorations

William Lee
* Photo & history: McLain's Annual Roundup, Sun City, Kansas.

Elloise Leffler
* Photos: Sun City
* Photo: Sun City School
* Photo: Gypsum Quarries, Mines and Mills in Barber County, Kansas

Douglas Lyon
* Photo: Churches in Barber County, Kansas
* Photo: Sharon, Kansas
* Photo postcard: Sharon Christian Church

David Massey
* Anecdotes: David Massey's Memories
* Comments: Max McLain
* Captions: Photos of Sun City Basketball Teams
* Anecdotes: Practical Jokes & Back Fired Actions
* Comments & anecdotes: Ralph and Blanche Massey's family
* Obituary: John Robert Massey, D.D.S.
* Comments: George & Alzina (Knowles) Cornish
* Comments: Cornish/Harrington Cemetery (near Sun City)
* Comments: Max McLain
* Anecdotes: White Sands School near Sun City
* Comment: Ernest Gilges
* Comments: Gypsum Quarries, Mines and Mills in Barber County, Kansas

Nate Massey
* Comment: Nate Massey's Memories
* Anecdote: Memories of "Aunt Bird"
* Comment: Homestead of John & Sarah (Wygle) Young
* Comments & anecdotes: Ralph and Blanche Massey's family
* Anecdotes: Practical Jokes & Back Fired Actions
* Comments: Cornish/Harrington Cemetery (near Sun City)
* Anecdotes: Lyle Bullock
* Anecdotes: White Sands School near Sun City
* Anecdotes: Rev. John Presley Woods
* Comments: Massey Farm Machinery
* Comments: Gypsum Quarries, Mines and Mills in Barber County, Kansas

Patricia Massey
History: Memories of Sun City, Kansas, by John Robert Massey

Robert A. "Bobby" Massey
Comments: Thurman W. Balding   (re: George Meadors)

Brenda McLain
* Photos: Max McLain
* Photos: Thomas J. Murphy
* Photos: Sun City Basketball Teams
* Photos: Rodeo
* Photos: John & Artha Surber
* Photos: Ralph and Blanche Massey's family
* Photos: Ruth (Massey) McLain
* Photos: McLain Roundup photos by Homer Venters
* Photos: The Natural Bridge near Sun City, Barber County, Kansas
* Photos: McLain's Roundup: the Memories of Joe Massey
* Photo: Sun City Baptist Church

Nell (Sisk) McLain
* Photo: Artha (Van Horn) Massey Surber
* Photos: Mark McLain
* Photo: Ruth (Massey) McLain

Beverly Horney McCollom
* Photo: Herr Family
* Photo: The Grand Hotel, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas

Linda McDowell
* Photos: Murray & Elsie (Wesley) Davis

Ernie Middleton
* Letter: Rev. George Robinson's 1889 letter to his son in England

Sharetta Miller
* Obituaries: Johnson & Elizabeth Adams
* Photo: Andrew J. and Elizabeth "Bexie" Adams Family

Lois Kenworthy Mills
* Photo: L.A. Draper Livery, Sale & Feed Barn, Lake City, Kansas

Melody Morgan
* Obituary: A.D. Martin
* Obituary: Pauline Martin
* Obituary: Henry Morgan

Peggy Wilson Newsome
* Interview: The Tornado of May 7, 1927, As Told by Florence Mills Wells

John Nixon
* Photographs from the collection of John Nixon: Barber County, Kansas
* Hardtner, Kansas

Kevin Noland
Special thanks to Kevin Noland, publisher of The Gyp Hill Premiere, Medicine Lodge, Kansas, for permission to republish obituaries and the "Tales From The Crypt" article from his newspaper.
* Obituary: Henry E. Abt Jr.
* Obituary: Leslie Earl "Les" Andrews
* Obituary: Raymond Dale Arnold
* Obituary: Bertha Ellen (Singer) Aubley
* Obituary: Daphna LaRue Baessler
* Obituary: Moritz Jack "Popeye" Baessler
* Obituary: Wilda Lee (Glover) Baker
* Obituary: Rev. Paul Obe Banister
* Obituary: Wesley "Pete" Bennett
* Obituary: Irene Louise (Kinkaid) Benton
* Obituary: Louise W. (Wadsworth) Bloom
* Obituary: Frank O. Borden
* Obituary: Rachel (Fitch) Bowman
* Obituary: Harriet Marie (Hoss) Brickey
* Obituary: Joe D. "JD" Brownell
* Obituary: Ester Mae (Garten) Carter
* Obituary: M. Ruth (Harbaugh) Chapin
* Obituary: Thelma M. (Cain) Comption
* Obituary: Lorene (Fowler) Confer
* Obituary: Florence Margaret (Schnelle) Cox
* Obituary: Howard "Bud" Davis
* Obituary: Cheryl Lynne Deck
* Obituary: Julius George "Duke" Ditgen
* Obituary: Mildred Marie (Ledford) Edwards
* Obituary: Josephine (Laws) Eggleston
* Obituary: Sharon Rosalie Ellis
* Obituary: Dale Eugene Faidley
* Obituary: Hettie Agnus (Shrum) Fisher
* Obituary: James L. Fleming
* Obituary: Gaynell Joy (Smith) Ford
* Obituary: Dorwin Clyde Freeman
* Obituary: Nora (Thill) French
* Obituary: Betty Jane (Harbaugh) Garten
* Obituary: Robert D. "Bob" Garten
* Obituary: Edward J. Gehlen
* Obituary: Jimmy D. Gerstner
* Obituary: Margaret Frances (Walker) Good
* Obituary: Daniel Claud Graham
* Obituary: Leona Gayle (Hawn) Gregg
* Obituary: Leigh Groendycke
* Obituary: Pattie Ilene Groendycke
* Obituary: Roy Allen Hansen
* Obituary: Pete "Pat" H. Harbaugh
* Obituary: John Mason Hartzell
* Obituary: Elsie Willan Heinrich
* Obituary: James H. Hern
* Obituary: Lola (Roush) Hinz
* Obituary: Dr. John G. Hoffer, Jr.
* Obituary: Turelda H. Hoffer
* Obituary: Margaret (Fisher) Hommertzheim
* Obituary: Mary J. (Bell) Frederick Hommertzheim
* Obituary: Franklin B. House
* Obituary: Tyson G. Hudson
* Obituary: Patsy Ann (Hyter) Humphrey
* Obituary: Ronald Dee Jackson
* Obituary: Eula Zara (Angell) Jacobs
* Obituary: Georgia Mae (Kimball) Johnson
* Obituary: Arthur Johnson
* Obituary: Debra Leanne (Mathews) Jones
* Obituary: Marvin James Jones
* Obituary: Alvin Leroy Keller
* Obituary: Anna Marlene (Tobin) Kimball
* Obituary: Leslie Cyrus Kimball
* Obituary: Claire McBride Kotapish
* Obituary: Neva Frances (Riffey) Kumberg
* Obituary: Robert G. "Bob" Kumberg
* Obituary: Raymond "Ray" Leon Land
* Obituary: Don LeDou
* Obituary: Nina Elloise Leffler
* Obituary: Granville Hoover Lewis
* Obituary: William James Little
* Obituary: Rozella "Rosie" B. (Littrell) Loven
* Obituary: Sarah "Sally" (Waterman) Lyman
* Obituary: Elsie (Stejskal) McGrath
* Obituary: Jerry G. McGuire
* Obituary: William O. McGuire
* Obituary: Paul M Mease
* Obituary: Bill Douglas Miller
* Obituary: Doris Evelyn Miller
* Obituary: Ruth E. (DeWitt) Mills
* Obituary: Joe F. Moody
* Obituary: Wendell A. Mott
* Obituary: Bert F. Nittler
* Obituary: Ethel (Ellis) Nossaman
* Obituary: Norine (Doherty) Nuckolls
* Obituary: Robert Lee Nuckolls
* Obituary: Marguerite Ellen (Bevans) Saddler Nurse
* Obituary: Dorene (Schnell) Phye
* Obituary: Evelyn R. (Simpson) Pierce
* Obituary: Don Robert Poland
* Obituary: Florence H. (Gant) Trulove Pratt
* Obituary: Jack Priddy
* Obituary: Joanne E. (Harbaugh) Prothe
* Obituary: Rev. Dennis L. Reed
* Obituary: Junior C. "JC" Rhyne
* Obituary: Allen Rose
* Obituary: Dorothy L. (Pardee) Ruark
* Obituary: Loretta Faye (Anders) Ruddick
* Obituary: Arlos Rusk
* Obituary: Catherine O. (Trembly) Sawyer
* Obituary: Maxine Phyllis (Martin) Schiff
* Obituary: Hope (Lowenstein) Schmidt
* Obituary: Allen Lee Schnelle
* Obituary: Lisa Faye Schwerdtfeger
* Obituary: Ruth Arlene (Hollar) Selmon
* Obituary: Marjorie (Moore) Shelite
* Obituary: Sharon Kaye (Wilson) Simpson
* Obituary: Alfred Eugene Smith
* Obituary: Edna M. (Rogers) Snell
* Obituary: Mabel Olive Snyder
* Obituary: Noble Soper
* Obituary: Wilma M. (Foster) Stranathan
* Obituary: Carol Lynn (Wehling) Swinehart
* Obituary: Christine M. (Allitzer) Swinford
* Obituary: Donald Gene Swinford
* Obituary: Johnny Kenneth Swinford
* Obituary: Darlene (Spurling) Swonger
* Obituary: Lawrence A. "Al" Thomas Jr.
* Obituary: Howard Albert Thomas
* Obituary: Peggy (Groendycke) Vincent
* Obituary: Helen Lee (Coleman) Lukens Warren
* Obituary: Jessie Lorraine (Murphy) Warren
* Obituary: Margaret Frances (Iford) Westphal
* Obituary: Carol Lynn (Walter) Whiteley
* Obituary: Gertie M. (Raleigh) Willms
* Obituary: Dorothea Myrtle (Mathew) Wilson
* Obituary: C. Everett Winter
* Obituary: Rena J. (Hall) Winters
* Obituary: Marie (Vaughn) Wiscarver
* Obituary: Jane (Schrimp) Withers
* Obituary: Virgil Lee Woodbury
* Obituary: June (Harding) Wortman
* Obituary: Thelma Pauline (Fussell) Wortman
* Article: Tales From The Crypt.

Carl N. Oerke, Jr.
* History: Thurman W. Balding, a.k.a. "Skeeter Baldwin".

Bob Osborn
* Photos: Dr. Leon Lewis Osborn
* Photos: William George Osborn
* Photos: Jennie (Stoughton) Osborn
* Photo: Medicine Lodge High School in the 1930s
* Photo: A List of the Graduates of Medicine Lodge High School   (1890 - 1937)
* Photo: Medicine Lodge Freshmen Basketball Team, 1924
* Photo: Medicine Lodge High School Class of 1939's 10th Year Reunion
* Photos and information: Howard J. Parker's Cedar Creek Ranch

Amelia Parry
* Souvenir booklet: Isabel School - 1911 list of students

Patricia (Garten) Pass
* Photo: Phoebe Laura (Rogers) Gibson

Sandra Pugh
* Photos and information: Homestead of John & Sarah (Wygle) Young

Dean Reeves
* Biographical sketch: John Denver Boggs

Constance Reichart
* Family history: Hermann & Katherine (Schramm) Sandbothe

Carol (Lake) Rogers
* Photo: Charles B. "Keno" Armstrong
* Journal entries: Capt. Byron P. Ayers
* Photo: Murray Austin Davis
* Photo: John & Elizabeth (Lester) Durfee
* Photo: Bill Horn
* Photo: Riley Lake
* Photo: Reuben & Mary (Beal) Lake
* Photo: Pupils at Lake City School, 28 March 1901
* Photo: Clothing as Clues to Familial Relationships in Old Photographs
* Photo: Daniel L. Pierce
* Burial list: Lake City Cemetery

David Rose
* Photos: Daryl & Jeanne Schiff

Stan Roth
* Photo: Photos of Barber County from the Kansas Geological Society.
* Photo: Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas, 1960.

Ed Rucker
* Photos: Churches in Barber County, Kansas
* Photo: Gyp Mill near Sun City, Kansas
* Obituaries and photos: Theophilus Dee & Harriet Emma (Rinebarger) Inslee
* Photo: Isabel Glee Club, 1908 - 1909
* Photo: Kiowa, Kansas
* Photos & history: Sharon, Kansas
* Photos & history: Clarence Edward & Bertha Emma (Inslee) Rucker
* Photos: Merle & Rayann Rucker's farm pond at sunset
* Articles & photo: Lt. Cecil Robinson, U.S. Navy
* Article: Robert Ruggles
* Photo: Schools in Barber County, Kansas
* Photo & List: List of Sharon, Kansas, High School Graduates, 1914 - 1987

Myrna Henson Russ
* Photo: Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas, circa 1955.

Rick Sabral
* Photos: Daryl & Jeanne Schiff

Phyllis Scherich
* Article: Petition for Incorporation of Sun City, The Union, 15 Jan 1886.
* List: Roster of the Names of All the Old Cowboys I Knew
* Article: The Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas
* Photos: Location where the Hillman/Hillmon shooting took place in 1879.
* Article: Map of Canema, Kansas
* Article: Tom McNeal on the Cresset, Medicine Lodge Cresset, April 20, 1890.

Jana (Garten) Schnelle
* Obituaries and photo: Harold H. & Irma Faye Garten

Cathie Schuck
* Article: Three Pioneers Dead
* Obituary: J.C. Marshall
* Photo & wedding license: Fielding N. & Katherine "Kate" Conley (Whitaker) Salyer
* Listing: Adjutant General's Muster Rolls & Payrolls for the Barber County Mounted Guards Under Captain L.H. Bowlus. (partial listing)

Karlan (Massey) Seville
* Information: Kent Massey

Della M. Shafer
* Obituary: Jacob L. Chenoweth
* Photo & genealogy: Walter & Eva Maria (Shafer) Holman & descendants
* Obituaries: William Wallace & Jennie Elizabeth (Watkins) Tibbets
* Photo & genealogy: The Family of Joseph & Sarah Jane (Dutton) Watkins
* Obituaries: William Shane and Mary Jane (Chenoweth) Watkins

Bonnie (Garten) Shaffer
* Photo & obituary: Bill F. Garten
* Photo: Billie H. Garten
* Obituaries & photos: Dale Guy Garten
* Photo: Glen D. Garten
* Photo & history: Guy & Marian (Trotter) Garten
* Photos & obituary: Jack W. Garten
* Article & photos: John Henry & Amanda (Rogers) Garten
* Photo: John S. & Dorothy A. Garten
* Obituary: Harvey Lee Garten
* Obituaries & photos: Spice H. "Bud" & Pearl L. (McBride) Garten
* Obituaries & photos: Jack L. & Bonnie D. (Garten) Shaffer
* Obituary: Edna M. (Garten) Smith
* Photo: Natural Bridge near Sun City, Kansas, circa 1955.
* Photo & information: White Sands School near Sun City
* Burial list: Lake City Cemetery

Harold Vanderboegh
* Listing of burials: Isabel Cemetery, Isabel, Kansas.
* Obituary, ancestry chart & photos: Claude Wayne Romine

Mike Venters
* Copyrighted photos by his great-uncle: Homer Venters

Linda Wagner, webmaster of
* Photo: Orange Scott Cummins

Richard Wellman
* Obituary: Benjamin Hillman of Jefferson County, Kansas.

Marianne "Mimi" Wesson
* Photos: John W. Hillman a.k.a. John W. Hillmon
* Photos: Tales From The Crypt by David Fasgold.
* Document: A Protocol for Excavation and Analysis of Remains Located in a Gravesite in Lawrence, Kansas

Diane (Hoagland) Wheelock
* Photo: George W. Lott
* Photo: Ella Bird (Van Horn) Lott

Bob Whittaker
* Photo & eulogy: Polly (Joseph) Risner
* Photos & genealogy: Johnson & Elizabeth Adams

Jim Woodworth
* Photo: Elmer & Jane "Jennie" Woodworth of Hazelton, Kansas.

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