Sunnyside Cemetery, Sun City, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Sunnyside Cemetery, Sun City, Barber County, Kansas

Entrance to Sunnyside Cemetery, 
Sun City, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Lee.
Entrance to Sunnyside Cemetery, Sun City, Barber County, Kansas
Photo courtesy of Nathan Lee.

According to records at the Kansas Secretary of State's Office of corporations in Sun City, The Sunnyside Cemetery Association of Sun City, Kansas, was incorporated on April 26, 1937.

For other burials in the Sun City area, see Hope Cemetery and (Old) Sun City Cemetery.

USGS GNIS: Location of Cemetery

List of Burials in Sunnyside Cemetery

Courtesy of Kim Fowles

Adams, Anna C.

Adams, James H.

Adams, M.A.

Adams, Myrtle Shuemaker

Adams, Ora

Adams-Stoy, Myrtle

Baessler, Daphna LaRue

Baessler, Moritz Jack

Balderrama, Iva Lea

Balding, Dora

Balding, Thomas

Balding, Mary Margaret

Balding, T.W.

Bennett, Gloria Jean

Bennett, Lorene D.

Bennett, Willie Edward

Bennett, Pauline Mae

Bible, Ellinor L.

Bible, Cecil M.

Bissantz, Bessie B.

Bissantz, Julia A.

Bissantz, Louis

Bissantz, Maude

Bissantz, Roy W.

Blankinship, Lelia

Blankinship, Massie

Bobbitt, Donna Maxine

Bobbitt, Helen

Bobbitt, Miner P.

Bodenhamer, Chester Edgar

Bodenhamer, Viola Ruth

Bodenhamer, George Edgar

Bodenhamer, Etta May

Bodenhamer, Loren D.

Bodenhamer, Loren David "Bode"

Braden, Walter P.

Bragg, Harold J.

Bragg, Elma V.

Brown, Arthur L.

Brown, Dorothy E.

Brown, W.D. (Billy)

Bull, Temple H.

Bullock, Argyle Lyle

Bullock, Lillie Lee

Bullock, Eugene R.

Bullock, Ruby E.

Campbell, Samuel G.

Campbell, Anna L.

Carl, James Thomas

Carl, Mary

Carter, Annie Hazel

Carter, Clarence Leroy

Carter, Ester Mae (Garten)

Carter, Lawrence Lane

Carter, Matt

Carter, Overton A.

Carter, Sarah E.

Carter, Sarah R.

Carter, William H.

Chinn, Robert L.

Chinn, Zeta M.

Clawson, Hattie L.

Clawson, Robert S.

Clements, Elizabeth J.

Clements, Milton H.

Collins, David T.

Collins, Elmer J.

Collins, Blanche

Cunningham, Laura A.

Davis, Edna Humeston

Davis, Oliver Wesley

Divine, Kayla Sue

Dow, Lula J.

Dow, Earl J.

Dow, William John

Dyke, Betty L.

Dyke, Don H.

Faidley, Donna Lou

Farris, Jacob Andrew

Farris, John M.

Farris, John Milton

Farris, Nancy Elizabeth Ann

Fittro, Mary Susie

Fittro, Hershel E.

Freeman, Archie L.

Freeman, Chester E.

Freeman, Clyde D.

Freeman, Dora B.

Freeman, Dorwin Clyde

Freeman, E.M.

Freeman, Helen B.

Freeman, Ilene L.

Freeman, M. Caroline

Freeman, Mary M.

Freeman, William S.

Freeman, Ruby I.

Freeman, Wm. Shawn

Fulton, Eliza

Fulton, Walter E.

Gaddis, James H. "Jack"

Gaddis, Ruth

Gaddis, James A.

Garten, Albert Stanley

Garten, Billie H.

Garten, Dorothy A.

Garten, John S.

Garten, Glen D.

Garten, Guy

Garten, Hal

Garten, Belle

Garten, Harvey L.

Garten, Doris E.

Garten, Jack W.

Garten, Altha Maude

Garten, John H.

Garten, Malinda

Garten, John

Garten, Marian

Garten, Opal May

Garten, Pearl L.

Garten, Spice H. "Bud"

Garten, Roy John

Garten, Stanley E.

Garten, Myrtle M.

Gilliland, Melody Hope Morningstar

Gillmore, Georgia Gwen

Gillmore, son of C.M. & Josephine

Hamilton, Earl

Hamilton, Rosa Lee

Hamilton, John B.

Hamilton, Angie

Harmon, Beatrice

Harmon, George M.

Harmon, Lewis Green

Harmon, Nancy Jane

Harmon, Nettie

Harmon, William C.

Harris, Clarence

Harris, Edwin Elmer

Harris, Mollie

Harrison, Geraldine

Harrison, Joe F.

Harry, Vern

Hart, Edward E.

Hart, Mildred M.

Hart, James W.

Hart, Pearl S.

Hastings, Homer

Hastings, L.M.

Hastings, Mary E.

Hathaway, Alma Ward 'Sis'

Hathaway, C.A. 'Buster'

Helton, Anderson

Helton, Arthur

Helton, Mary Jane

Helton, Samuel

Helton, Mary L.

Helton, Ora K.

Helton, Terry Laverene

Henry, August

Henry, Irma Lois

Hoagland, Alice M.

Hoagland, Charles Lynn

Hoagland, Clifford

Hoagland, Bernice

Hoagland, Eric Newell

Hoagland, G. Maudine

Hoagland, Hattie L.

Hoagland, Frank W.

Hoagland, Homer F.

Hoagland, Lenora B.

Hoagland, Lon N.

Hoagland, Alma E.

Hoagland, Nina

Hoagland, Raymond Harold

Hoagland, Richard R.

Hoagland, Robert Kent

Hogard, Glen Leroy

Hogard, Mildred Ward 'Midge'

Hoss, Esther

Hoss, Hullie

Houchin, Dean

Houcin, Mary A.

Houchin, James D.

Houchin, Opal V.

Houcin, Fredrick O.

Howard, M. Abigail Fulton

Howard, Lorraine

Howard, Thelma

Humeston, Flora

Humeston, Arthur

Huse, Gale

Irvin, Vinson & Elsie

Janson, Allen H.

Janson, Norma M.

Janson, Allen H. "Bud"

Kaminska, E. Lucinda

Kaminska, Otto F.

Keller, Agatha

Keller, Alvin Leroy

Keller, E. Lorrean

Keller, L. Orgal

Keller, Elizabeth

Keller, John L.

Keller, Ernest G.

Keller, Ethel B.

Keller, George M.

Keller, Etta E.

Keller, George Melvin

Keller, Ivernen L.

Keller, Susan K.

Keller, Arbey J.

Keller, Sylvia H.

Keller, W.L. 'Roy'

Kennedy, Millard Clay

Knowles, Robert Lester

Knowles, Wayne R.

Lacore, Clarence O.

Lacore, Helen E.

Lacore, Pauline E.

Larkin, Della I.

Larkin, Nick

Larkin, Donald Patrick

Larkin, Ernest H.

Larkin, John & Zoa

Larkin, Lavonia K.

Larkin, Donald P.

Larkin, Mary Ellen

Larkin, Ernest H.

Laudermilk, Catherine E.

Laudermilk, James L.

Leffler, Edith Hoagland

Leffler, Lena May

Nina Elloise Leffler

Leffler, Waldo Faye

Likes, Betty E.

Likes, G.W.

Lott, Ella B.

Lott, George W.

Laudermilk, May

Laudermilk, P.W.

Loven, Robert

Loven, Rozella "Rosie" B. (Littrell)

Lund, Maria & Janett

Maricle, Elma E.

Massey, Barbara C.

Massey, David D.

Massey, Joseph Ray

Massey, Lulu Gail

Massey, Ralph N.

Massey, Ada Blanche

McCoy, Janna Belle

McGee, Lavelle

McGee, Lena Grace

McLain, Marion Francis

McLain, Max M.

McLain, Kathryn R.

McLain, Ruth Lillian

McVey, Mary

Meisner, Pauline

Meisner, Fred

Mills, Samuel George

Minte, Elsie

Mitchell - Keller, Janet & Janice

Moad, Keith N.

Moad, Gladys J.

Moad, Ray

Moad, Cuma

Moad, William C.

Moad, Sarah M.

Moore, Effie Clements

Moss, Calvin Perry

Moss, Guy

Moss, Lillian G.

Murphy, Thomas J.

Myers, Kelly Lee

Olmsted, Ida C.

Olmsted, James R.

Olmsted, Son of J.R. & Ida

Padron, Roza

Pearce, Daisy

Pearce, Harry H.

Pearce, J. Homer

Pearce, Hattimae

Pearce, Jessie H.

Pearson, Claude W.

Pearson, Maxine

Philibert, Melvin

Pomeroy, Frank N.

Pomeroy, Myrtle M.

Quinby, Arthur

Quimby, Gertrude

Quimby, Byron W.

Quimby, Ruby N.

Quimby, Florence Aldythe

Quimby, Louis Orland

Quinby, Stanley L.

Riepe, Carl

Riepe, Donald C.

Riepe, Donald Claude

Riepe, Edna Ruth

Roy, Emerson

Sanders, Virginia June

Sanders, Robert James

Saunders, Walter

Saunders, Marie

Scates, Elzene

Sears, Bettie

Sears, Eva Mae

Sears, H. Bill

Sears, Jennie

Sears, J.M.

Sears, Vern Harry

Sears, Walter Scott

Semple, Linda M.

Shepler, Marian L.

Shepler, Samuel J.

Shutts, Addie

Shutts, Althea

Shutts, Irl

Shutts, Byron D.

Shutts, Burris M.

Shutts, William H.

Sloan, Marjorie McLain

Stienbarger, Lester D.

Stienbarger, Shirlene Mae

Stone, Hazen Marie

Stone, Jay Calvin

Stone, Norman Randolph

Teer, Lewis J.

Teufel, Alta R.

Teufel, Francis L.

Teufel, Fannie B.

Teufel, Fred W.

Teufel, Francis L.

Wadkins, Samuel

Ward, Adrian Adolph

Ward, Clarinda

Ward, Infant Son of M.H. & Minnie

Ward, M.H.

Ward, Minnie L.

Ward, Rollie O.

Ward, Minnie M.

Ward, Montie H.

Ward, Pearl Ann

Ward, Floyd J.

Ward, Perry Leroy

Ward, Shiela Kay

Ward, W.M.

West, Nancy E.

West, Charles

Whitaker, Estel Ray

Whitaker, Josephine Dorsett

White, Daisy L. J.

Winnop, Belle

Winnop, Dan

Winnop, William H.

Winnop, Mary Ann

Winters, Betty Jean

Wolf, Shirley L.

Young, John W.

Young, Sarah E.

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