Shirley Brier, Researcher. Barber County, Kansas.  

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Shirley & Mike Brier

In Appreciation of

Shirley Brier

This web site has been blessed by the generosity of many contributors of information and images, and especially by the contributions of my friend Shirley Brier, who is pictured at right with her husband Mike. When I first began building this site due to the wealth of information and images Kim Fowles had offered to share for use on the site, I mentioned the new project to Shirley, who had already contributed nearly 1,500 pages of material to my Comanche County, Kansas: History & Genealogy site.

Though I had long known and appreciated Shirley's generosity in doing research as a volunteer for genealogy sites, I was soon to be amazed once again by her hard work and dedication to finding and transcribing news articles and obituaries for the Barber County, Kansas: History & Genealogy site. See the listing of the 394 pages on this site for which she has contributed information and images.

Thanks to Shirley's efforts, this site can boast of having the most comprehensive coverage of many Barber County, Kansas, people and events on the internet, including The Medicine Lodge Peace Council & Peace Treaty, The Hillmon Case and The Great Flood of April 21st, 1885.

Another very important aspect of her contributions to the creation of the site are the lively and always interesting historical insights and observations she has shared with Kim Fowles and me as we have assembled this site.

What, you may wonder, is Shirley's connection to Barber County? Why has she been so generous with her time and efforts in helping to create this site? The answer: Shirley Brier does not have any family members or ancestors who have lived in Barber County, nor has she ever visited the county. She has been a dedicated and wonderfully prolific contributor to this site simply because she enjoys historical research and, especially, enjoys knowing that her work has helped other people who are researching their family history. Folks, there are very few people in this world who are as kind-hearted and generous as Shirley Brier when it comes to helping out strangers simply for the pleasure of being helpful.

When I asked Shirley if she'd like to have anything specific said on this page when I was making it, she asked me to include the following poem:

The Clock of Life is wound but once,
And no man hath the power
To say just when the hands will stop
At late or early hour.

Now only is the time thine own
To live and love and toil with a will;
Put no faith in tomorrow
For the Clock may then stand still.

-- Robert H. Smith.

If you'd like to join me in publicly thanking Shirley Brier for her generous contributions to the history of Barber County, Kansas, please sign the Guest Book.

-- Jerry Ferrin, 21 November 2007.

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