Bibliography, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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Bibliography, Barber County, Kansas

Laws of Kansas books.

Photo courtesy of Kim Fowles.
Laws of Kansas books. Photo courtesy of Kim Fowles


Chosen Land, A History of Barber County, Kansas - The History Book Committee (copyright 1980)

Cow Country Happenings, by Lonnie D. Garten (1996)
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Encyclopedia of Buffalo Hunters & Skinners, Vol. I & II, by Remiger & Cummings. Sharon, Leo & Miles. Gilbert; Pioneer Press. Volume III of this series is being written in 2007.
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Faded Dreams: More Ghost Towns of Kansas, by Daniel C. Fitzgerald.
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History of the State of Kansas by William G. Cutler, 1883.

Isabel, Kansas - The First 100 Years, 1887 - 1987

Kings and Queens of the Range, a Pictorial Record of Early Day Cattlemen of Clark County, Kansas, compiled by Florence E. Hurd. Photographs taken from 1884 to 1904 by F. M. Steele. "This 90-page, hardbound book is a recent reprint sponsored by the Clark County Historical Society and the Pioneer Museum. The pictures taken by Steele, self-styled "tourist photo artist," are of cattle drives, ranch life, and farming operations in southwest Kansas and Oklahoma territory." -- Source:
      F.M. Steele also photographed in Barber County, and Kim Fowles has contributed scans of original photos by him from her personal collection to this website.
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Meandering Medicine Lodge: The 1880's - by Beverly McCollom (1991). Copies of this book are available from the Medicine Lodge Stockade Museum, Highway 160, Medicine Lodge, KS 67104. Call the museum at (620) 886-3417 to inquire about purchasing a copy of the book. Also see: Meandering, the weekly column by Bev McCollom from The Gyp Hill Premiere, Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
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Medicine Lodge: The Story of a Kansas Frontier Town - by Nellie Snyder Yost (copyright 1970)
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Memories - by Jennie Stoughton Osborn (copyright 1935)

Musings of the Pilgrim Bard: A Book of Poems by Scott Cummins. The book includes Maid of Barber, a poem inspired by an early Barber County cowboy named Walt and a Barber County maiden named Malena.

The Osage Nation, from William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas. This article includes the history of various treaties with the Osage Indians. Barber County, Kansas, was created from the The Osage Diminished Reserve Lands.

Sod Jerusalems: Jewish Agricultural Communities in Frontier Kansas, by Lloyd Davis Harris.

The Standard History of Kansas, 1918 edition.

The Standard History of Kansas, Vol. 4 & 5, 1919 revised edition.

Tillie’s Bridge, Memoirs of Matilda Lillieqvist, by Jean McKay.

Touring Barber & Harper Counties, by Robert Collins.

The Use and Need of the Life of Carry A. Nation, by Carry A. Nation, Revised edition, 1905.

The West That's Gone - Alma Cochran Rayfield (copyright 1962)
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When Kansas Was Young - Thomas Allen McNeal (copyright 1922).

Books about Barber County, Kansas: The complete text of the "full view" books listed on this search results page may be read online or downloaded and printed out. There are 77 books available on 12 Feb 2007.

Bibliography for Barber County, Kansas, The Kansas State Historical Society.

Kansas Collection of Books

Papers of the Federal Writer's Project of the Works Projects Administration for Kansas, MS 71-1 Barber County, Kansas


A Christmas in the Wilderness, 1871 by Scott Cummins. A story about some buffalo hunters' Christmas dinner near where Medicine Lodge, Kansas, was later established.


Meandering, the weekly column by Bev McCollom, from The Gyp Hill Premiere, Medicine Lodge, Kansas.


One Ounce of Grass and the Barber County Economy by Nathan Lee.

Thoughts About Greensburg by Nathan Lee.

Strength and Hardiness of Cattle by Nathan Lee.

Nathan Lee has posted a number of interesting essays about ranching in Barber County, Kansas, on his own web site, Each of the following links to his essays will open in a new browser window.

* Mission Statement
* About Nathan
* Ethanol Math
* Lawn Mower Man
* An Ounce of Grass
* Livestock Judging Challenge
* Cow Mover
* Calving Traditions
* Future of Food
* Future of Soil
* Tomorrow’s Profits in Beef
* Strength and Hardiness of Cattle
* Comments on Cow Efficiency
* The Concept of Singularity and Technology
* Brewer’s Log (Homebrewing notes)
* Religion, a 4-Letter Word
* Blogs


"Homer Venters: Vintage Rodeo Photographer", The Western Horseman, July 1972.


The Flood, a poem by Scott Cummins, written on April 23, 1885, about The Great Flood of April 21st, 1885, Barber County, Kansas.

Lines, a poem from Musings of the Pilgrim Bard by Scott Cummins, "Rehearsed at the "Old Settler's Picnic in Paddock's Grove on Upper Elm Creek, Barber County, Kansas, September 16, 1886, on the grounds where Esq. Paddock and his entire family drowned in the flood of 1885."

Memorial Tribute by the Pilgrim Bard to the Memory of Capt. Byron P. Ayers, The Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 15, 1888.


Journal of Samuel Slack Jr., covering events in Barber County circa 1880 - 1895.


Born, Married, Died or Buried in Barber County, Kansas. This book is being written by Karen McClellan based on her database of 32,000 people connected with Barber County. Karen McClellan's e-mail address is [email protected].


Pioneer Saints & Sinners, Pratt County, Kansas - by J. Rufus Gray (copyright 1968)
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St. Johns Lutheran Church Centennial, 1893 - 1993 - Nashville, Harper County, Kansas

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