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Anderson County Schools
Teaching Certificates Issued August, 1895

Teachers' examinations were offered from one to four times a year. The certificates issued were valid from sixth months (with a "Third Grade" certification), to a year ("Second Grade") and two years for those who earned a "First Grade" certificate. Salaries were also determined by experience and the higher rated certificate, so the "First Grade" rating was sought by all who took the test.

Certification also determined which grades you could teach. A "First Grade" certificate allowed you to teach 1st-12th grade, a "Second Grade" from 7th grade down, and "Third Grade" recipients could only teach the primary grades.

"Summer Institutes" were held during the month of August, with experienced teachers conducting classes in curriculum, teaching methods and classroom management to those hoping to become teachers. Most counties required you to attend these institutes before taking your exam.

Lifetime certification could be earned at a university when the graduate demonstrated for three years that he/she was a successful teacher.

First Grade: Second Grade: Third Grade:
Mamie Agnew C. W. Reynolds Nettie Anderson
Allie Haney Myrthel Beller C. E. Bay
Sadie Rokes Nettie Biddinger Ella Crum
W. C. Wait Bernice Bull Birdie Sargent
Bruce Byall Belle Caswell Edith Hudson
G. W. Johnson J. W. Wardrop Macy Hitchcock
W. W. McAdam Cora Grove Frank White
Laura Tilson Helen Hutt Cora Aikin
Lou Tilson William Kincheloe Hattie Selander
Phebe Kellog Cora Powell
Ida Lowrey Maud Miller
Ella McDowell A. E. Knauss
Hattie Rowe W. W. Bryant
Mamie Sargent Orion Brosus
Fulvia Stokes Herbert Richard
George Brown J. L. Tefft
F. D. Bearley Clifton Henderson
Esther Brown Maud Farrow
Effie Cox Lizzie Welsh
Stella Chandler Joe Selander
Rebecca McElroy C. J. Randall
W. H. Hudson T. Pomeroy
Nettie Jones May Moore
Lulu B. Kelsey May Greene
Charles Kennedy Bessie Dial
Nellie McDowell
Emma Powell
Glovie Smyer
Mrs. Whitehead
Gertrude Simons
Addie Frankenberger

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