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"Old Soldiers" Burials in the Garnett Cemetery, 1902

On "Decoration Day," 1902, the Garnett G.A.R. post submitted a list of "old soldiers" who were buried in the Garnett Cemetery. Also included are burials of Women's Relief Corps members.

William Archie, private company I, 175th Ohio Infantry.
Robert. Austin, private U. S. C. T. Infantry.�
J. Y. Alexander, private company G, 7th�Kan. Cavalry.
John A. Bockover, private company A,�2nd Kas. Cavalry.
John Buterbaugh, surgeon 12th Kas. Infantry.
David S. Baldwin, private company B,�12th Kas. Infantry.
David Baldwin, private war of 1812, Infantry.�
F. G. Barber, Lieutenant Ohio Infantry.
J. L. Bockover, private company A, 2nd�Kan. Cavalry.
Andrew J. Gates, private company D, 2nd�Minn. Cavalry.
William Caldwell, private company K,�5th Pa. H. A.
Frank Crum, Sargt. company G, 12th�Kas. Infantry.
Isaac Cullison, private company 1, 43rd�Indiana Infantry.
Charles A. Charleson, private company H, 4th Iowa Cavalry.
Hewitt Dickson, private company F, 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
Emanuel Denny, private U. S. C. Infantry
Euries S. Doll, private company A, �114th�Ohio Infantry.
Wm. Douglas, private company G, 40th�Ohio Infantry.
Solomon Dennis, private company F, 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
George M. Everline, Sarg. company H,�11th Kas. Cavalry.
Cyrus Earnest, Major 30th Ohio Infantry.
Otto Fabricious, private company I, 1st�Kas. Cavalry.
J. F. M. Fourtney, 10th Illinois Cavalry.
O. E. French, Surgeon 114th Ohio Infantry.
Warren J. Ford, private company H, 88th�Ohio Infantry.
J. C. Gibson, private company I, 10th�Kas. Infantry.
F. M. Groves, private company, Illinois�Infantry.
Robert Gowdy, private company D, 83rd�Illinois Infantry.
Charles A. Gregg, Musician 16th Kas.�Infantry.
William Hurst, private company I, 83rd�Illinois Infantry.
J. F. Hunt, Sarg. company E, 12 Michigan�Infantry.
J. R. Hunter, private company H, 134th�Pa. Infantry.
William Hamilton, private company B, 114th Ohio Infantry.
John Hegertseiler, private company G,�9th Kan. Infantry.
George Herne, private company G. 65th�U. S. C. T. Infantry.
E. B. Hubbard, New York Infantry.
Cammillous Houston, private.
John J. Hoffman, Lieutenant Col. 2nd�West Va. Cavalry.
J. H. Hydorn, private company F. 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
S. A. Herriman, private company K, 31st�Ohio Infantry.
J. C. Johnson, Sargt. company M, 15 Res.�Cavalry.
Henry James, private company C, 2nd�Kas. Cavalry.
James A. Kirkland, private company H,�143rd Illinois Infantry.
Samuel F. Kerr, private company D, 152nd Illinois Infantry.
Mathew Katon, private company 6, 2nd�Michigan Cavalry.
J. W. C. Keener, private company B, 33rd Iowa Infantry.
James Knight, private company E. 124th�Indiana Infantry.
J. M. Lawellen, private company B, 2nd�Kas. Cavalry.
Samuel Lindsay, Capt. company H, 5th�Iowa Infantry.�
~ Linn, Captain, Ohio.
Joseph Long, private company I, 14th�Missouri Infantry.
John C. Lewis, private company Ohio Infantry.
Warren Lewis, not given.
John G. Lindsay, Capt. company F, 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
Thomas Lindsay, Surgeon 12th Kas.�Cavalry.
Addison Morris, private company F, 11th�Kan. Cavalry.
J. G. Mundell, Sargt. company H, 155th�Ohio Infantry.
Leander Milburn, private company E,�110th Ohio Infantry.
Isaac N. Messmore, private company�Ohio.
Dorcey McAfee, private company G, 7th�Kas. Cavalry.
James McLaughlin, not given.
Samuel Mellville, private company G, 2nd�Ohio Infantry.
Charles A. Moore, private company C,�2nd Ohio Cavalry.
R. H. Moore, not given.
Abraham R. Mumaw, private company�11th Kas. Cavalry.
Eli Marshall, private.
Robert Moore, private company F, 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
Thomas Newton, private company G, 7th�Kas. Cavalry.
Deloss W. Nevins, private company H, 57th Illinois Infantry.
Henry Neil, Musician, 2nd Kas. Cavalry.
W. W. Osborn, Capt. company D, 25th�Illinois Infantry.
Thomas Oliver, private company B, 16th�U. S. C. T. Infantry.
Allen G. Potete, private company F, 11th Kas. Cavalry.
J. M. Porter, private company E, 114th�Ohio Infantry.
J. T. Pursell, private company A, 90th�Ohio Infantry.
John Pattee, private 10th Kas. Infantry.
David Perry, private 2nd California Cavalry.
A. C. Porter, Illinois Infantry.
Albert L. Payne, private company A, 2nd Kas. Calvary.
Ike Rickets, private company C, 12th Kas. Cavalry.
S. E. Rankin, Major 8th Iowa Infantry.
Amos Rice, private company F, 17th�Ohio Infantry.
S. T. Roach, Capt. company E, 43rd Indiana Infantry.
Robert Roach, Lieut. 10th Wisconsin Infantry.
H. C. Reppert, Capt. company L, 1st Ohio�Cavalry.
Christian Rebstock, Corporal company F,�11th Kas. Cavalry.
Edward Rayne, Sergt. company H, 155th�Ohio Infantry.
Alex Seber, not given
Joseph Smith, private company K, 141st�Illinois Infantry.
Riley Spriggs, private.
Charles Stewart, Indian War.
Gilbert Skiles, private company C, 83rd�U. S. C. T.
Clark Stevenson, private company F, 11th�Kas. Cavalry.
John Summers, private company G, 2nd�Ohio Infantry.
William Stevenson, private company H,�118th, Illinois Infantry.
Geo. W. Simons, Lieut. company F, 11th Kas. Cavalry.
Harvey Springer, Florida War
D. B. Schermerhorn, private company�G, 76th, Ohio Infantry.
L. E. Stout, private company K, 2nd Kas.�Cavalry.
D. P. Stevenson, private company G, 53rd Ohio Infantry.
William S. Tilson, private 76th Indiana�Infantry.
William Taylor, unknown, lies in potters�field.
J. F. Townsend, Capt. company C, 53rd�Indiana Infantry.
J. H. Whitford, Surgeon, Ohio Infantry.
J. Woods, private 10th Illinois Cavalry.
Edward Wing, Ohio Infantry.
William Wagstaff, Capt. 80th Ohio Infantry.
H, K. Winans, Sergt. company I, 9th�Kas. Infantry.
William Warren, private company D, 46th�Illinois Infantry.
George W. Young, private company E,�151st Ohio Infantry.
~ Zachery.

Womens Relief Corps members buried in Garnett Cemetery:
Mrs. Mary Mundell
Mrs. Bell Sargent
Mrs. Nannie Andrews
Mrs. Mungo Young
Mrs. Callie Poyer
Mrs. Annie Winans

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