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Anderson County Directories
1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Co., Chicago

CENTRAL CITY. A hamlet of 45 souls, settled in 1855, on Pottawatomie river, in the western part of Anderson county, 8 miles from Garnett, the county seat and shipping point. and 70 from Topeka. It contains a Presbyterian church and district school, and exports butter and eggs. Tri-weekly mail. John Aldridge, postmaster.

Adams James, hotel.
Adams J, boots and shoes.
Aldridge & Rhodes, General Store.
Berry C L, blacksmith.
Jones Dr J B, druggist.
Karpe A C, carpenter.
Ketzer L, harnessmaker.
Seber A J, cattle dealer.
Welch J M, physician.

CHERRY MOUND. A small country village, settled in 1856, and located on Cherry creek, in the western part of Anderson county, 15 miles from Garnett, the county seat and nearest shipping point. Principal exports, live stock. Stage to Neosho Falls and Mineral Point. Mail 4 times per week. James H. Hill, postmaster.

Adams John, wagonmaker.
Jones R F, general store.
Swallow W M, blacksmith.

COLONY. A station on the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston R. R., and settlement formed in 187 2, on Deer creek, in the southwestern part of Anderson county, 18 miles from Garnett, the county seat, and 93 from Topeka. It contaias a Methodist Episcopal church and public school. Shipments, corn, live stock and butter. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Adams. Stage to Geneva and Neosho Falls. Daily mail. Population, 50. John McD. Martin, postmaster.

Ford & Martin, general store.
Kramer C, express and station agent.
Fullinwider S L, hotel and dealer in live stock.
Perkins A G, blacksmith.
Thompson D D, physician.
Turner Rev A G, (Methodist Episcopal).
Walker C P, Real Estate and collecting agent.

ELIZABETHTOWN. Is located on Deer creek, in the extreme south of Anderson county, 18 miles from Garnett, the county seat, and 88 from Topeka. The point from which the corn and live stock raised here are shipped, is Colony, on the Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston R. R., 4 miles distant. Semi-weekly mail. Settled 1855. Population 30. J. B. Rhodes, postmaster.

Chatten Wm, general store.
Doherty R I, physician.

EMERALD. A country postoffice located in the northwest corner of Anderson county, 14 miles from Garnett, the county seat. It contains a Catholic church and graded school, and receives mail 4 times per week. Williamsburg, on the Kansas City, Burlington & Santa Fe R. R., is the most convenient shipping point. Terence Magrath, postmaster.

GARNETT. An important station on the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston R. R., located in the central part of Anderson county of which it is the county seat, 78 miles from Kansas City and 24 from Ottawa. It was first settled in 1857, incorporated as a city in 1861 and contains a flour mill, furniture factory, carriage factory, 1 good hotel, 5 churches -- Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Christian, and Colored, and a fine union school erected at a cost of $33,000. Garnett is surrounded by a good farming section of country in which there is also considerable timber. The chief exports are live stock, corn, and castor beans. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Adams. Daily mail. Population, 1200. James M. Rice, postmaster.

Anderson County Savings Bank, W H Conover, pres, John K Foster, cashier.
Askins Jacob, saloon.
Ayers Riley W, merchant tailor.
Bagley Simon M, tailor.
Bailey Henry, shoemaker.
Barber Frank G, Dry Goods.
Barr R & Co, contractors and builders.
Bell James A, district clerk.
Bergen Abram, lawyer.
Blum Jacob, meat market.
Bronston Jacob, propr Mansion House.
Bruns & Co, furniture.
Burris Rev A T, (Methodist)
Butler Mrs D S, milliery.
Cook George A, Justice of the Peace.
Cooper George W M D, publr Garnett Weekly Journal.
Craig James M, druggist.
De Wolf Charles W, hardware.
Donaldson & Stiles, painters.
Douglas William, shoemaker.
Everline George M, real estate, claim and insurance agent.
French Henry W, general store.
French O E, physician.
Fuller Luther J, photographer.
Gailey James A, druggist.
Garnett Plaindealer (Weekly) S Kauffman, Publisher, 1.50 Per Annum. Circulation 1,000.
Goltra Joseph W, county clerk.
Gordon L H, express and insurance agt, and justice of the peace.
Grange store, L H Osborne ent.
Griffin Charles H, grocer.
Groll William, general store.
Hamilton William, boots and shoes.
Harris Edward, barber.
Henson Charles F, carpenter.
Hiner Mrs M J, milliner.
Hollingshead & Haughey, wagonmakers.
Hubbard Eli B, dentist.
Huff Wesley, jeweler.
Hunt Edward S, Real Estate.
Iler George W, real estate and insurance agent.
Johnson & Poplin, lawyers.
Kauffman S, Propr Garnett Plaindealer (Weekly), $1.50 per annum. Circulation, 1,000.
Kauffman & Iler, abstracts land titles.
Kerr William J, lawyer.
Kirk Lester R, lawyer.
Kirkpatrick William W, grain merchant.
Kline Adam, wagonmaker.
Kolp Laurence, saloon.
Lindsay John G, lawyer.
Lindsay Thomas, Physician.
Lindsay William S, physician.
Manners Gastin A, meat market.
Miller, Ballantyne & Shadwell, flour mill.
Miller Henry N, blacksmith.
Miller Rev J C (Presbyterian).
Mitchell Miss M J, milliner.
Osborne Wicliffe W, books and stationery.
Osborne & Shull, blacksmiths.
Page Morris A, supt public schools.
Pontious Nicholas, propr Garnett House.
Purcell Jeremiah T, saddle and harnessmaker.
Rayne Edward, county treasurer.
Ricketts John, marble works.
Rogers G J & Co, druggists.
Routh Chalmers W, Bakery, Restaurant and Fancy Groceries, Cigars and Tobacco.
St James Hotel. Smith & Gordon, Proprs.
Schoonover George, physician.
Scott Albert L, general store.
Setter Martin, shoemaker.
Smith & Gordon, Proprs St James Hotel.
Springer Harvey, wagonmaker.
Stein William H, carpenter.
Stevenson James, baker.
Stockes Russell T, agricultural implements.
Strong Rev C H (United Presbyterian).
Sutton Isco P, sherifl.
Sutton William, register.
Thomas Alfred, carriage and wagonmaker.
Turrell Wilson J, surveyor.
Valett William, station agent.
Van Sickle J H, painter.
Wagstaff William, clothing, boots and shoes.
Western Business Agency. W H Mellen, Supt. W T Houck, Sec, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents.
White Melvin L, general store.
Whitford J H, physician.
Whitney John R, jr, druggist.
Winans & Naylor, blacksmiths;
Wilson & Wardell, livery.
Wittich & Crouse, general store.
Woodworth Joseph D, lumber.

GREELEY. A village of about 200 population, settled in 1854, and located on South Pottawatomie river near where it empties into the main stream, in the northeastern part of Anderson county, 10 miles from Garnett the county seat, and the same distance from Richmond on the Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston R. R., to either of which goods may be shipped. Topeka is 77 miles distant. Greeley contains a combined flour and saw mill, United Brethren church and an excellent graded school. The exports are chiefly grain and live stock. Stage to Garnett and Paola weekly. Daily mail. D. W. Smith, postmaster.

Benson A B, druggist.
Calvert H R, general store.
Calvert W C, hotel.
Cullison A, (Methodist).
Decker Clark, saw and flour mill.
Forbes Rev W A, (United Brethren).
Frank William, wagonmaker.
Lyon Joseph, blacksmith.
McClure W H, hardware.
Priest W H, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Riber E D, blacksmith.
Smith D W, Collecting and Real Estate Agent.
Spencer Rev J K, (United Brethren).
Walker Delos, physician.
Wright B, furniture.

MINERAL POINT. A postoffice in the extreme western part of Anderson County, 16 miles from Garnett, the county seat.

MOUNT GILEAD. Anderson county, 2 miles southwest of Greeley.

OZARK. A small hamlet and postoffice in the southeastern part of Anderson county, near the border of Allen. It is an unimportant place, and the population does not exceed 30.

RICH. A place of about 40 inhabitants, settled in 1867 and located on Deer creek in the southeastern part of Anderson county, 12 miles from Garnett the county seat, 10 from Colony the nearest railroad station, and 88 from Topeka. Its chief exports are grain, live stock, castor beans, and flax seed. Stage to colony 4 times per week, carrying the mail. B. F. Reiber, postmaster.

Curry Rev W T, (United Brethren).
Doll Rev N --, (United Brethren).
Miller S --, (teacher).
Reiber B F, General Store.
Rose T J, physician.

SCIPIO. A station on the L., L. & G. R. R., in the township of Putnam, near the center of the northern line of Anderson county, 6 miles due north of Garnett, the county seat.

SUGAR VALLEY. A rural section located on Sugar creek, in the eastern part of Anderson county, 10 miles from Garnett, the county seat and shipping point, and 90 by rail from Topeka. It contains a Presbyterian church and common school. Stage to Garnett and La Cygne. Semi-weekly mail. Isaac Knouff, postmaster.

WELDA.In Ozark township, about 4 miles south of the center of Anderson county, 8 miles distant from the county seat. It is a station of the L. L. & G. R. R.

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