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Anderson County Directories
"North Missouri and Eastern Kansas Business Directory, 1867-1868

Central City.

This is a small place in Anderson county, about 50 miles south of Lawrence, and 33 miles west of the Missouri state line.

Johnson John, gen. store.


This village is situated in the west part of Anderson county, 12 miles west of Garnett, the County Seat, and 52 miles south of the Kansas river. The country is not very well watered, it being on a high ridge of prairie, which divides the Osage from the Neosho river. James R Means, P. M.

Baxla W. flour mill.
Bolson E, blacksmith.
Hill J, shoemaker.
Lingo J, physician.
Lowry S, blacksmith.
Means J, gen. store.
Means J R, hotel.
Money J, blacksmith.


This place is near the south line of Anderson county, in which it is situated, being about 13 miles west of south of Garnett, the County Seat, and near the north boundary of New York Indian lands. George W Sands, Post Master.

Price J, stock dealer.
Sands G W, gen. store.
Tebits Wm, shoemaker.


This is the County Seat of Anderson county, situated nearly central in the county, 58 miles east of south of Topeka, and 82 miles west of the Missouri State line, not on any stream of water, but on a prairie about midway between the Osage and Neosho rivers The northern part of the county is quite well settled up, but the southern part not so much so. It would be easy to construct a railroad from Fort Riley to this place, a distance of 100 miles, as it is all the way on a high dividing ridge, which would require little grading and no bridging. Population 540.

Alvey & Cavender, agricultural imps.
Bayles Thos, hotel.
Bowles & Mason, lawyers.
Bruns F G, cabinet maker.
Cook G A, auctioneer.
Cooper Geo W, physician.
Cloud W O, gen. store.
Duff D L, lawyer.
Everline G M, clerk of district court
Frankenberger Wm, meat market.
French Otis E, physician.
Garnett Plaindealer, weekly newspaper.
Houston D W, lawyer.
Hedley T G, county treasurer,
Harwood C W, stoves, tin and hardware.
Her & Bayles, gen. store.
Johnson W A, lawyer,
Kercheval J L, paper hanger.
Lindsay Thos, physician.
Lanter John T, real estate.
Moler H C, gen. store.
Norris Elias, sheriff.
Olney D E, prop, weekly newspaper.
Page M A, lawyer and real estate agt.
Pattee Mrs R F, druggist.
Stewart J W & Son, flour mill.
Sutton I, groceries and boots and shoes.


This is the name of a country store situated near the north-east corner of Anderson County, on a high and dividing ridge, between two of the forks of the Osage river. It is about 8 miles north-cast of Garnett, the County Seat.

Marshey J, gen. store.


This is a village in the County of Anderson, situated about 50 miles south of Lawrence, and in a prairie country, containing two stores, two lumber dealers, one blacksmith, two physicians, and one hotel and post-office. Population, 180. Benjamin M. Lingo, postmaster.

Boxley W, lumber.
Buterbaugh I, physician.
Johnson J S, gen. store.
Luke S, hotel.
Lingo B M, physician.
Lowry H, blacksmith.
Means J, gen. store.
Porter N A, lumber.

Mount Gilead.

This is the name of a country post-office and store in Anderson county, about 50 miles south of Lawrence. Population 40.

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