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"Portrait and Biographical Record of Southeastern Kansas"
Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, 1894

JAMES M. HARGRAVE. A glance at the interesting genealogy of the Hargrave family shows that James M. Hargrave comes of very prominent people, who have become noted in the annals of Anderson County history, and who have, by their upright, straightforward course through life, kept their names unspotted and honored in the sight of God and man. Mr. Hargrave is at present Treasurer of Anderson County and one of the most prominent citizens and business men of the place. He has been a resident of Kansas since February, 1866, and of Anderson County since October of that year.

The Hargrave family was first represented in this country by three brothers, who, some time in the eighteenth century, emigrated to America and settled, one near Richmond, Va.,and the others in the Carolinas. The former, John Hargrave, was the great-grandfather of the subject of this sketch. In the Old Dominion, William Hargrave, our subject's grandfather, was born and reared to manhood. He followed the occupation of an overseer, and his two sons, Cornelius T. and John, were reared upon a plantation. The latter became a Presbyterian minister and resided in Shepherdstown for some time, where he died.

A native Virginian, Cornelius T. Hargrave was born near Richmond in 1804 and in early life migrated to Ohio, the family having removed from Virginia on account of slavery. In 1829 he located in Fairfield County, and there followed the occupation of a farmer. After coming to Ohio, he married Miss Elizabeth A. Gephart, a native of Virginia, and for some time after their union they continued to reside in the Buckeye State. In 1842, they left Ohio with the intention of going to Springfield, Ill., but having a sick child they deemed it advisable to stop in Indiana instead of proceeding further westward. There they passed the remainder of their days, the mother dying in 1878, and the father in April, 1886.

In the parental family there were six sons and two daughters, all of whom are now living. William H., a carpenter by trade, resides in Rockville, Parke County, Ind., and is engaged in the furniture and undertaking business; James is the subject of this sketch ; John W., a carpenter by trade, resides in York, Neb.; Benjamin F. is a gardener at Kingman, Kan.; George W., a carpenter, resides in Kansas City, Kan.; Henry C. is a furniture dealer of Russellville, Putnam County, Ind.; Sarah E. married Thomas Sutherland, of Russellville, Ind.; Ann M., now Mrs. D. H. Grimes, also lives in Russellville, Ind.

The original of this notice was born near Lancaster, Ohio, May 30, 1836. He was six years of age when the family settled in Indiana, and there grew to manhood. In 1858 he made a trip to Kansas, pre-empted one hundred and sixty acres of land in Franklin County and engaged in agricultural pursuits. During the Civil War he was a member of the state militia. Previous to this, in 1859, he married Miss Elizabeth A., a daughter of David Bowers, and a native of Putnam County. Ind. For some time after his marriage he rented land, but in 1866 he came to Kansas, and in October purchased eighty acres of land in Putnam Township, Anderson County, where he resided until September, 1890, when he became the owner of two hundred and forty acres. He then engaged in stock-raising in connection with farming, and has made many and vast improvements on his place. Mr. Hargrave passed through pioneer privations and never accepted a dollar in aid during hard times. In 1889 he was elected Treasurer of Anderson County, and in 1890 he removed to Garnett to enter upon the duties of the office. He was re-elected by an increased majority in 1891, and is now serving his second term. In politics he has always supported the Republican party, and has held the office of Justice of the Peace as well as other minor positions of trust and honor, discharging the duties of all in a very credible manner. He still owns his farm and property near Garnett. A Presbyterian in his religious views, he is an Elder in the church at Garnett, and has been a member of that church since 1854. To his marriage were born two children: John A. and Lillie A.

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