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Welcome to the Kordyban Genealogy web site! This site is devoted to distributing and collecting genealogical information about Kordybans.  So far as we know, the Kordybans all come from Ukraine originally.  We know of Kordybans in the USA, Canada, England, and Germany, as well as Ukraine.  As we progress in our research, we hope to find how all of the Kordybans are linked together.

Alternate spellings:  Kardyban, Kordaban, Kordiban, Kurdiban, Kurdyban.
At this point, it does not seem that the name Kordúba is related, but it is a Ukrainian name and the similarity is undeniable.

Follow the links below to look at the family history information we have so far.

Genealogy Data

Galicia History as told by Eugene Kordyban

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Relationship Chart  For understanding cousin relationships.

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