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The Purpose of this Koberstein Surname Web Site

This is a set of web pages dedicated to providing all known information on the Koberstein Surname, world wide.  My initial interest was my direct ancestors, however, as I have done research I have uncovered many other Koberstein families.  I suspect they will all eventually be connected.  With this expectation I have started these pages to coordinate this effort.  The information I have now is primarily from America, however a significant work has been done by Edith and Hans Schütte (Koberstein - Genealogie) regarding their Prussian progenitor's.  Also I have uncovered information that my Koberstein ancestors also came from Prussia and I am in the process of connecting these lines together.  There are also several other American lines that need to be connected.  Furthermore, based on the Prussian Historical context it is likely that many families, including the Koberstein lines, may have been spread worldwide during the exodus from Prussia during its turbulent history.    Immigration to New Zealand was uncovered.  Also Kobersteins have been in contact from Brazil.



This is a collection of all vital records and lots of other types of information on Koberstein's world wide. Enjoy browsing and investigating.

Highlighed Archive Fact

Koberstien family immigated to New Zealand. I wrote a biography of Frederick Wilhelm Koberstein of New Zealand (based on newspaper articles about this family)


Highlighted Koberstein on the web.

 A  man has discovered his family were branded “aliens”
 in New Zealand while his  uncle was fighting in World 
War I.  Lance corporal Arthur Koberstein was a Kiwi of 
German descent, killed in 1918 in  France on the 
Western Front.

Read article about Arthur and his nephew Gordon.

Past Highlights

Finally, the orign of our Koberstein name:

The castle Koberstein was built between 1343 and 1358 by Knight Johann von Kobern, who later called himself after his castle Johann von Koberstein. 

The is a watercolor painting of a possible view of the residential Koberstein Castle. It is based on archeological evidence of the foundation and drawings suggesting the castle type. Since the upper structure can not be determined from the foundation, that is speculative. Painted by Luetta Koberstein.

Timeline of the early Kobern/Koberstein family.


DNA Genealogy

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Family Tree Y-DNA Koberstein Project


Koberstein immigrants to America

Summary of Koberstein Research

Map of Koberstein Locations

Names that have Koberstein families are in red and clickable. You will go to the next level of maps and end up in the family tree.  Only root individuals of each known line are shown.  For instances under Matys there is a lot of data but only Matys and in shown on the Poland map.  Press back arrow on your browser to return to previous map.

Koberstein Diaspora Maps: Early (13-17th Century), and Late (18-19th Century, old version)

 Meaning and Origins of  "Koberstein" Text based method to drill down to Koberstein Family trees

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The Koberstein Surname in two variations of German Script, little wonder it is spelled so many ways:

Here is a list of recent changes and information added (with links):




January 27, 2021 Evelyn Berdine Koberstein nee North passed away December 18, 2020 in Holyoke, Colorado. Here is the link to her obituary and in this web sites obituary section.
September 20, 2020 School Yearbook

I have just completed linking all High School and College Yearbook Pictures in the Ancestry collection for all Koberstein's in the United States. I have linked most of them to their respective families. If you see some you know that are not linked I would appreciate your information. Email me your information.

April 29, 2020  

Came across a most interesting Doctoral Disertation about the relative experieces of immigrates from Ukraine (Russia) to Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada and Bielefeld, Germany post World War II. Walter Koberstein experiences immigrating to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Walter Koberstein family immigrated from Puchawa, Poland to Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada. The root person known is Adolf Koberstein and here is the decendancy on FamilySearch.

April 26, 2020

Raymond Arthur Koberstein was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 20, 1967 to Art and Irma Koberstein. He passed away April 23, 2020 at Health Sciences Centre after a long battle with cardiac issues.


April 3, 2020

Rose Marie Koberstein passed away at the Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, Calif. on March 20, 2020. Born on Oct. 27, 1922, in Milwaukee, Wis. to parents Joseph and Marie Waters. She resided in Milwaukee, Wis. until her marriage to Durlin Koberstein at which time she left the city life and her job as a AT&T telephone operator to a farmers wife outside of Baraboo, WI. It was only after her six children were born did she return to work as a AT&T telephone operator in Baraboo, Wis. Link to Obituary

Posted: May 6, 2018 10:37 PM
Updated: December 21, 2019 12:54
Barbara Koberstein, age 85 of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin passed away Wednesday, May 2, 2018.
December 27, 2019 Timothy R. Koberstein, 58, of Princeton, passed away Thursday, December 26, 2019 at his home in Princeton. Here is the web site.
December 13, 2019   With sadness we note the passing of Genevieve Agnes “Genny “G” Koberstein, 74, of Port Clinton, who passed away Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, in Promedica Ebeid Hospice Residence in Sylvania. Here is the web site,
July 17, 2019   In January this year a Mr John Barry Koberstein has passed away in Auckland New Zealand. There was no death notice issued as no next of kin could be found. Mr John Barry Koberstein was born 1936 and has no children. His father was Clarence Leonard Koberstein born 1899 died 1977 and his mother Madge Koberstein nee Smith who passed away in 1994.
March 6, 2019   With sadness we note the passing of Kimberly Sue Koberstein (nee: Hagan) of Saint Charles, Missouri. She passed away Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at the age of 65. Cherished daughter of the late Kenneth and Lois Hagan; beloved wife of Cheryl Arendell; devoted mother of Kathryn (Joe) Booloodian and Koby (Jennifer) Koberstein; loving grandmother of Kirstyn and Justin Thompson; Makayla Nelson; Samantha Dobbs; Hannah, Kobe, and Kaya Koberstein; treasured great-grandmother of Landon; dear sister of Edward James “Jim” Hagan, half-sister Darlene Hurlbert, and sister-in-Law Mary Carol; loving cousin and friend to many.
December 9, 2018   It is with sadness we have learned of the death of Eleanor Wharton (nee Koberstein).
October 12, 2018   A DNA connection to possible common root person (Adam Friedrich Von Kopperstein) has been determined.
August 30, 2018   Koberstein Honored with Centennial Farm Designation
August 6, 2018   Patricia Ann "Patty" Koberstein (Nee Dornbach) Sadly, left us, surrounded by her family at her home, on August 6, 2018, at the age of 61.
May 8, 2018 We note with sadness that Kenneth "Chad" Koberstein passed away due to a motorcycle accident on May 7, 2018.
May 3, 2018   Just improved and connected the Christian Koberstein through Waclaw and Adolf starting in Massachusetts to Oregon and Adolf going on to California.
April 19, 2018   We just updated and improved our Poland/Prussia entry page, try it out.
April 15, 2018   A Biography of Frederick Wilhelm Koberstein and family in New Zealand has been put togther. We are fortunate that the newspaper archive for the “Feilding Star” has been digitized and indexed and provides an excellent insight into the day to day life of this family.  The time covered starts  January 1, 1882 (about 5 years after their arrival)  and continues to January 1, 1920. This and other information is included in this biography.
March 19, 2018   We have come to learn that JoAnn S (Clayton) Koberstein wife of Wayne Koberstein passed away March 16, 2018.
March 13, 2018   I have constructed a better tree for the Koberstein family located in New York, New York here: Anthony Koberstein descendants .
March 1, 2018   At Rootstech 2018 I had a one on one Brick Wall consultation with a Family Search representative. I was givne many ideas to break the brick wall of extending my Koberstein line back from Colonie Brinsk, but the best was a interpretation of the Hamburg Passenger list for Ludwig Koberstein that gave his birth place as Gorrizium, Prussia. Severl language experts proposed that the correct name for this phonetically spelling is Goraj-Zam(ek). This is near Czarnkow, Posen, where an number of Koberstein families are known of. Wish me luck on checking this out.
May 30, 2017   Received an email from Andreas Koberstein over a year ago on February 16, 2016 about the Koberstein's in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He is interested in finding where his family originated before the wars. If anyone can help let me know.
February 10, 2017   A possible connection between the Koberstein families in Corvallis, Oregon and North Dakota with the Koberstein families in Nebraska and Colorado. they both originated from Sternberg, Brandenberg, Prussia.
September 29, 2015   Found a Koberstein family in the 1871 Ireland census.
June 17, 2015   Cecil L. Koberstein Jr., of North Bend, was born April 13, 1932 in Gaston, Ore. and passed away peacefully June 1, 2015, at his home.
March 31, 2015   Joseph Frederick Koberstein III, age 67, was born to Joe and Olga Koberstein on Nov. 27, 1947, in Madison, and died on March 28, 2015
February 28, 2015   Sterling, Alaska resident, Donald Stanley Koberstein, 77, died Friday, Feb. 6, 2015 at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.
February 15, 2015   With sadness we have learned of the passing of Linus L. Koberstein on November 14, 2014.
September 26, 2014   In September 2014, Kent Kobersteen was able to visit the town of Brynsk, Poland where the earliest Ludwig Koberstein family originated.  He even found two Koberstein graves in the Catholic Cemetery.
July 11, 2014   It is noted, with sadness that Harlan Koberstein passed away on July , 2014 in Madison Wisconsin.
July 4, 2014   With sadness we note the passing of Lorene A. Koberstein on Saturday, June 7, 2014.
February 21, 2014   Wilhelmine "Billie" K. Hannan, 94, of Fremont passed away Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014.  Billie was born April 27, 1919, on a ranch north of Lewellen to Ernest and Marie (Kuehne) Koberstein.  Billie married William T. Hannan on May 25, 1941, in Lincoln.  See obituary.
January 16, 2014   Robert Koberstein of Hinton, Alberta, Canada passed away on Thursday January 16th, 2014, he was born on Wednesday Mar. 1, 1922.


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