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Knapwurst/Dehne Family

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Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Knapwurst and
Hanne Justine Charlotte Lücke

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The intent of this website is to serve as a chronicle of the Knapwurst family from early records in the village of Dehrenberg, near Hannover, Germany, and to follow a branch of the family that left Germany in 1847 and settled in Wisconsin. This site will attempt to serve as a clearinghouse for information that will be contributed by many researchers. Included will be both the ancestors and the descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Knapwurst and Hanne Justine Charlotte Lücke who married 4 July, 1831, in Dehrenberg, Grossberkel, Germany. We will attempt to provide documented information on the Knapwurst and Knapwurst/Dehne families as well as oral histories and legends that have been passed down through the years. If you have information or are a member of this family, you are encouraged to contribute to this website.

Information on this site will be contributed from many sources. As with any compiled genealogy, you can expect to find some errors. Always check the information you find on this site with primary sources. As some of the information will be hearsay and family legends, there may be inaccuracies.

Special Features and Updates

Knapwurst and Knapwurst/Dehne Family Reunion

A Knapwurst Family Reunion was held September 17-19, 2004. The event was attended by descendants from the Wisconsin area, and from as far away as Florida and Oregon.

The buffet was followed by a driving tour of the Knapwurst sites. Photos of Wisconsin


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