My database was compiled from numerous sources, and not all of the data has been properly confirmed. I've made some of my best "discoveries" from data of collateral lines.

There are pro's and cons of importing files from other researchers and I've taken the position of accepting other files, being fully aware that errors are lurking around every corner. My database grows out of proportion to my genealogical research, but, thanks to the clues provided by others, I regularly make solid research "hits". I don't believe it is neccessary to re-invent the wheel, I'd just as soon improve on what's already available. I offer this page to assist myself and others in making connections with fellow researchers.

Due to time constraints imposed by daily life (family, work, etc.), I've had to put off much of my actual research. Wanting to stay involved, to any extent possible, I have been able to find 30 minutes here, an hour there, to indulge myself. During this "extra" time I've been connecting families from my copies of the HICKMAN COUNTY KENTUCKY HISTORYs, pub. 1983 and 1999. I believe I've connected over 60% of the individuals/famlies listed.

At a minimum, this is a couple of thousand names! If you have ancestors from Hickman Co., Ky., there is a better than fair chance that you will find some connection in my database.

Happy Hunting & Good Luck,


For privacy, birth place/date has been removed from the database of living individuals using GEDLiving V1.1 by Randy Winch

January 2005: Over the last couple of years Iíve been slowing losing interest in genealogy and now seldom do any root digging at all. Iíve moved on to more physical (and healthy) past times. Bob

Family of Walland (Vincent) Sledzinski - 1910

Posted March 1999

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