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Thaddeus G. Klapp

Kentucky: Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Volume I and II, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904, pp 394-395

THADDEUS G. KLAPP is one of the most successful business men and farmers of Hickman county and by reason of the success he has achieved and the reputation he has established for himself deserves creditable mention in a work of local biography, such as it our present task to compile.

Mr. Klapp was born in North Carolina, November 6, 1844. His parents were Daniel Monroe Klapp and Arlene (Robertson) Klapp, both natives of North Carolina. The name Klapp is of German origin.

About 1845 our subject`t's parents removed from North Carolina to Missouri, and lived in the latter state about two years. They then came to Kentucky and settled in what is now Carlisle county, where they afterward lived and died. They had but one son, Thaddeus G., but five daughters were born to them.

Thaddeus G. Klapp was reared on the farm and given a fair education for his day. He was in his teens when the Civil war came on. In March of 1864 he enlisted as a private in Company D, Third Kentucky, a mounted infantry regiment, and served in the Confederate army till November, 1864. At the battle of Harrisburg he was wounded.

Returning from the field of battle, young Klapp resumed the duties of farm life, and not long thereafter married. In 1867 he married Sarah W. Fraser, a daughter of Daniel Fraser, a native of Virginia, of Scotch descent, his grandfather, Daniel Fraser, having come from Scotland, and was a soldier of the Revolutionary war. Mrs. Klapp was born October 30, 1846, in Calloway county, Kentucky, where her father was a pioneer settler.

To Mr. and Mrs. Klapp have been born the following children: Daniel I., born August 17, 1868; Dilar Wilmonth born in June, 1870; Sammel F., born March 17, 1872; James M., born March 16, 1874; Maud F., born August 14, 1877, married James F. Shelby; Thaddeus S., born November 6, 1880; Hattie, born April 24, 1885, married W.W. Nall; Algie J., born January 9, 1890.

Mr. Klapp has followed farming and milling, together with the operation of threshing machines. His life has been an active and successful one, and he is held in high esteem by a wide circle of acquaintances. In 1880 Mr. Klapp became a resident of Hickman county.

Previously he had resided in what is now Carlisle county, then a part of Ballard county. In Politics he is a staunch Democrat, and in church faith is a Methodist.


Daniel I. Klapp

Kentucky: Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Volume I and II, Lewis

Publishing Company, 1904, pp 395 [Hickman]

DANIEL I. KLAPP, the oldest of eight children born to Thaddeus G. and Sarah W. (Fraser) Klapp, was born in what is now Carlisle county, Kentucky, on the 17th of August, 1868. He received a fair common school education. He has continued in manhood to make his home with his parents, and with his father has been and is now interested in farming and milling. Like his father, he is a Democrat in politics, and holds membership in the Methodist church. His fraternal affiliations are with the Knights of Honor and the Fraternal Union. He is an enterprising young man, and is respected by all who know him.

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