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Genealogy is my addiction this page is the directory to the various projects I'm working on:

William Seymour of Ireland and Newberry Co., South Carolina: His Descendants and Their Families

William and Letitia converted to Methodism on hearing John Wesley preach in Ireland.  They immigrated with their two eldest children to Newberry County, South Carolina circa 1797 where they had three more children.  Letitia died in the 1820s.  The eldest daughter, Jane, left home with her husband, William Perry, in the 1810s apparently living in various places throughout the south where she is last known in Copiah County, Mississippi with some of her children.  The eldest son, William D., stayed in South Carolina when the rest of the family left about 1826 though he and his family also left in 1855 for Randolph County, Alabama.  The youngest son, John Fletcher, went to Greene (Hale) County, Alabama though he didn't stay long, settling in Rankin County, Mississippi in 1833.  The remaining son and daughter, Wesley and Sarah, along with their father went to Montgomery County, Illinois.  Within a few years the daughter married and settled with her husband, William Perry,  in St. Clair County, Illinois.  The aging father, now in his 70s and described as "an old, broken down Irish gentleman... of higher cultivation than his children", traveled south to spend his remaining years with his youngest son in Rankin County, Mississippi.

Elisha Thornton of Rhode Island, Washington and Wayne Counties, New York: His Descendants and Their Families

In 1790 Elisha is enumerated in Johnstown, Rhode Island with what appears to have been his whole family: a wife, a son and two daughters.  The son, also named Elisha, was born in Rhode Island 16 Jun 1779.  He settled in Washington County, New York about 1803 though he seems to have lived in Vermont for a while before that.  Then about 1815 he removed with his third wife and 6 children to Sodus twp., Wayne County, New York where he had another 6 children, dying 13 May 1854.  His sister, Delilah, also lived in Wayne County, New York from at least 1820 on, dying 16 Apr 1860 without children.  The other sister apparently married a Mr. Hoffman, lived in the central Hudson River valley and had two surviving children, Levi and Elizabeth.

Jacob Stickel of Egenhausen, Württemberg and York Co., Pennsylvania: His Descendants and Their Families

In the fall of 1752, Jacob, the evangelical pastor of Spielberg and citizen of Egenhausen, Württemberg along with his family emigrated to York Co., Pennsylvania.  They settled in Warrington twp. where he and his wife had a three more children.  This genealogy primarily traces descendants of the two youngest sons, George and Peter.

George and Wilhelmina (Schwedes) Pilger of Breuna, Hessen, Kansas and Colorado: Their Descendants and Families

In the spring of 1881, George, Wilhelmina and their four children left the security of their ancestral home in Breuna, Hessen-Nassau for a hard and uncertain life in Kansas.  After successfully homesteading 160 acres in Indiana twp., Republic County, they moved to Pueblo, Colorado where tragedy struck - George and his two American born sons all died within a year of each other.  Wilhelmina, her four surviving children and her elder daughter's new husband, Fred Zimmerman, all moved to the San Luis Valley of Colorado, settling in Monte Vista where she ran a boarding house.  There her younger daughter married Thomas Lord and her elder son eventually married Capitola Jones.  There she also met Charles Lord, the widowed father of her son-in-law, originally an englishman who had worked in the coal mines of Illinois, homesteaded in Kansas and followed his children to the San Luis Valley where his wife had died.  Wilhelmina and Charles married and eventually followed their children Thomas and Sophie (Pilger) Lord to Boise, Idaho, both leaving some of their children in Colorado.