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Alburtice Twitty Young married Minnie Lee Holly who was the daughter of James Patterson Holley and Mary Elizabeth Young who can be found as a descendant of Thomas YOUNG.  There is no relationship between the two Young families. I am listing William F. Young  who was the father of  Minnie Lee Holley, this will lead you to the descendants of A.B. Young who is the descendant of William F. Young. In many cases these families will overlap and be duplicated.


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(here is some Info about myself)

  I was born on the west Texas plains during the "dust bowl" days of the early thirties on a dry land cotton farm and ranch. The community was called Justiceburg, the last time I saw it, in the summer of 1998, it consisted of three deserted buildings. Besides me there were also two well known people born there, Dan Blocker of Bonanza Fame, and I have been told that Jimmie Dean the sausage king was born there. My cousin, Buddy Holly, the rock and roll singer was born not too far away, near Lubbock.

  As a result of the drought my family soon moved to Elmdale, a community near Abilene Texas, where they set up a service station and country grocery store on old US Highway 80. The service station building is now deserted but still stands. alongside the service station building my folks built a playpen of bedrock and chicken wire, to keep me out of the hi-way and the driveway of the service station, it is still there. The family did not achieve the success that they had desired in this business, so after a couple of years we moved into the town of Abilene, just five miles away.

  I attended elementary school at College Heights, Lamar and Travis schools. We moved several time while I was in grade school. My family was in the building contracting business, however, things were very slow, this was during the "great depression" so the whole town was poor (although, no one seemed to know it). My father also drove trucks and worked in the oil fields, as did most everyone. The second world war began while I was in the third grade, I also remember how everyone was so shocked when Franklin Roosevelt died.

  I attended South Junior High School and Abilene High School, where we had the best football team in Texas for three straight years. There is now a stadium named for the coach, Pete Shotwell Stadium

  I joined the US Navy Along with several friends, Jerry and Homer Earp, Rex Peas, Paul Benedict, Wayne Bowers, and Lennon Grant, and some whose names escape me. I attended the UDT-Seal school at Coronado Amphibious base on Coronado Island near the San Diego North Island Naval Air Station.

  I served on the following Ships. The USS Helena, CA 75, I was in the Staff of Comphibron 1 under Commodore's Kavanaugh, and Fritz Gliem, the most senior man in the Navy at that time. While in that staff we flagged aboard the following ships; USS George Clymer, APA 27. USS Henrico, APA 45 (best shipboard food in the navy), USS Talladega, USS Renville, and others whose names are no longer with me. While in that staff we participated in several campaigns in  on both coasts of Korea, Received A campaign Excellence award, spent time in Inchon, Seoul, Pusan, Hamhung and many other Korean Campaigns spending much time above the 38th parallel. All in all, I spent 5 years seven months and 23 days as a sailor.

  After leaving the Navy I spent some time in the Wholesale Poultry and Egg Business, I work at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corp. as a combustion engineer, I spent nine years in the Wholesale paper business, spent a few years as a business consultant to the major Department Store Industry finished college and taught at the college level for twenty three years.Some of the schools where I taught, Metropolitan State, University of Colo. Denver Center, Auraria Community College, Aurora Community College Arapahoe Community College.

  Some of the Colleges I've attended, Pueblo Junior College, Red Rocks College, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Minnesota.

  I am now comfortably retired, and playing with genealogy as a hobby.

  I was married twice and have five children, three boys, and two girls. I have been divorced for over twenty five years and really enjoying life and my retirement. I do some traveling, a little writing, and enjoy trying new restaurants. I'm a Bronco fan and a Rockies fan and love Colorado.

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