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Jeremias Keffer(ly) of Shenandoah County, Virginia,
his genealogy compiled by James Michael Keffer

i. Johann Michael Küferle, of Ötisheim, Württemberg, wife Eva Rosina
    ii. Jeremias or Jeremiah, born 1732, immigrant to Philadelphia, wife Magdalena Fetzer
    	iii.  Jacob, wife Margaret "Peggy" Fizer, lived in Giles County, VA
       	    iv.  Jacob, wife Rebecca Snodgrass, lived in Boone County, West Virginia
           	v.  Titham James, 2nd wife Paulina Adkins, Boone County, WV
               	    vi.  Etheral, "Big Ike", wife Agnes Dalton, Boone County, WV
                   	vii.  Maurice, 1st wife, Midge(Mildred Virginia) Johnson
                            viii. Jim, wife Donna Bostic(deceased), Erie, Colorado
your site author---->      	ix. James Michael, Fullerton, California
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  1. Johan Michael Küferle, son of Johannes and Maria Barbara, married Eva Rosina in 1718, Ötisheim, Württemberg.
    They had a son named Johann Jeremias, born 1725, who died an infant.
    Our Jeremias followed in 1732 with no other given name.
  2. Jeremias Kefferly: born 10 December 1732 in Ötisheim. Jeremias joined a few other Ötisheim
    residents on the 1753 voyage of the Patience from Rotterdam to Philadelphia.
    The first American record found is in 1759, Berks County,
    Pennsylvania, on tax lists as a single man. The next found is baptizing
    son Abraham in 1767. In 1772 he is in Shenandoah County,
    Virginia, witnessing the will of Abraham Miller. Died 1796, Shenandoah
    County, VA. Land records confirm his wife was the daughter of George Fetzer.
    She was called Susannah by the Fetzers and was known as Magdalena while married to Jeremiah.
  3. Jacob Keffer married Margaret Fizer, Botetourt County, Virginia, 1792.
    Jacob died in Giles County, Virginia, 1820. In the 1810 census his household
    had seven white males, including himself, and four white females.
  4. Jacob Keffer born ca. 1804, married 1828, Kanawha County, to Rebecca
    Snodgrass of Giles County, Virginia. They had eight children. Jacob lived
    and died in Boone County, West Virginia.
  5. Tithom James Keffer, born in Kanawha County, Virginia, 1838, outlived
    four wives. He married my great-great grandmother, Paulina Ann Adkins,
    28 November 1866. Called "Bee" or "Old Man Bee", he lived to
    96 years and died in Boone County, West Virginia, of injuries from
    an automobile accident.
  6. Etherel Wilson Keffer, born in Boone County, West Virginia, 1868, married
    Agnes Catherine Dalton, daughter of Irish immigrants. "Big Ike" Keffer,
    a railroad conductor, died the year his youngest son, my grandfather,
    was born: 1911. He is buried in Kanawha County with the Dalton family.
  7. Maurice Joseph Keffer, born in Madison, West Virginia. His first marriage,
    to Mildred Virginia Johnson, issued my father. His second marriage was
    to another direct descendant of Jacob and Rebecca, Mollie O'Meara.
    Maurice served on the Battleship Alabama in the second World War.
    He retired from service to the U.S. Treasury Department and died in Yuma,
    Arizona, 1982.
  8. James Maurice Keffer, born 1932 , Cabell County, West Virginia, married
    Donna Jean Bostic, after serving in the United States Marine Corps in Korea.
    After earning a degree from Marshall University he moved his family to
    California where he became an aerospace engineer. He is retired,
    an avid golfer, and grandfather thrice.
  9. James Michael Keffer, born 1953 in Cabell County, West Virginia, holds a
    degree from the Calif. State University, Fullerton, a retired Police Officer.
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