Second Generation

10. ANDREW WHITE12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 was born on 20 April 1821 in Tennessee.16,21,23 He served in the military in 1863–1864 at Bolands Regt, Co. H, Andersons Company in Civil War. He died on 17 November 1881 at the age of 60 in Fannin County, Texas.16,23

Wayne Co TN formed 1817 out of Hickman Co. Hardin Co formed out of Wayne 1819 and 1820. The petition of 1819 asking for a new county was signed by people living in the area which is now Wayne & Hardin Counties. Signatures included John White, Saml White, W--- White, Andrew White This, of course, could not be this Andrew White who was not born until 1820, but wonders if the presence of other White families in the area would explain why his father came there to settle.

Family members have given him a middle initial "B" but I have been unable to confirm this my any actual document. He did have a nephew, also named Andrew that had a middle initial "B" so presumably the name was confused.

I did not find Andrew or his brother Alfred in the 1840 census - they did not appear to have been counted in their father's household.

14 Apr 1841 Survey for Thomas White - 90 1/2 acres on Flat Creek, Hardin Co TN. Chain carriers were William White & Andrew White

The middle initial for Andrew is intriguing. It was recorded on his baby son's grave marker. His older brother William had a son named Andrew Burris White. Another brother was Thomas B. White. The mother's maiden name is unknown - was she perhaps Martha Burris/Burrows?

The family of Andrew's first wife lived in St. Francois Co MO prior to coming to Fannin Co; presumably Andrew came with them as he married Elizabeth Sebastian in St. Fancois Co.

Andrew White of lawful age and Elizabeth Sebastian, a minor, with consent of her parents, all residents of St. Francois Co MO were married on 17 Dec 1844 by Samuel P. Harris JP.
Audrey Haden had this date with the name of the 2nd wife.

I first found Andrew White on the tax rolls for Fannin Co in 1848 with 160 acres of preemption land. He didn't report any other land through 1872 - as far as I read the film. In 1869 in reported 7 horses, 15 head of cattle, 35 head of sheep - the amount varies only a little during the next few years.

1850 US Census; Fannin Co TX; p.161b, Household 226. Andrew White age 28, born in TN, Farmer with property worth $300. E. White, female age 20 born MO. William age 2, born MO. M. E. female [infant] born in TX.

Fannin Co DB G, p.330 W. S. McClure to Andrew White, for $120, 160 acres in Fannin Co. Very faded - description impossible, mentions Reuben Brown. 16 March 1853. Signed: W. S. McClure. Wit: Samuel Wall, Theophilus ?McNeil. Samuel Wall proved deed, 9 May 1853.

Texas Preemption Certificate for 160 acres issued to Andrew White on 23 May 1858. adj. Jasper McFarland & Wm K. Bridges. Signed 24 Nov 1862.
Statement by J. F. Crawford Chief Justice, Fannin Co, that Andrew White has resided upon and cultivated the land for three years and he was a resident of the State of Texas at the time of passing of act donating 160 acres [13 Feb 1854] to settlers. He has never enjoyed the benefit of a Preemption in Texas.
Affidavit filed in Surveyor's Office in Bonham on 12 Mar 1855. Land on waters of the North Sulphur River.
Note: Jasper McFarland was one of several members of the McFarland family that also came from St. Francois, MO to Fannin Co TX.

1860 US Census; Fannin Co TX; Beat #4 p.87; Household 572. A. White, age 40 born in Tennessee, S. C. White age 26 born MO. Wm age 16, born MO; Martha E age 11 b. TX; Thos. M. age 8 b. TX; F. A. age 6, female, born TX; Hiram age 4, b. TX; and Charles M. 1, born TX. In the Pension application of Sarah C. White she stated she had come to Texas from Missouri and married Andrew White in 1859. Andrew obviously had an earlier marriage.
On p.88; household 579 is M. Sebastian, age 61, born NC with wife "M" age 60 also born in NC. Catherine, age 27, Rachel 19, and Lucinda 17 all born in Missouri. This is father-in-law for Andrew - father of his first wife Elizabeth Sebastion. Other Sebastians in Fannin Co in 1860 were E. Sebastian, age 36, born in MO and family - this is Elijah, brother to Elizabeth; and E. B. age 46, born Ind and family all born in Ind or TX, probably an unrelated family.

From Sarah's Widow's Indigent Application for Pension, dated 20 Oct 1899: Andrew enlisted, Civil War, Confederate, at Bonham in the Fall of 1863 in Bolands Regt, Co. H, Andersons Company; he served about a year.
I have not found any service record for Andrew - he was a bit old to have served. I have never found a Regiment by this exact name - there was a Confederate unit known as Border's Cavalry [Anderson's Regiment) more properly referred to as Bourland's Border Cavalry Regiment and the soldiers were from East Texas. Col. James Bourland, was in command. There was an "A. B." White who served as Captain of Company D in Bourland's Regiment. This man's name was Ambrose B. White and he was from Whitesboro, Grayson Co, TX. He was of no relation. It is true that Confederate records are incomplete, particularly those from East Texas. It is also true that two of Andrew's children by his first wife had married into the Bourland family in Fannin Co.
There is also another pension file for an Andrew B. White - but he was born about 1836 in Hardin Co, TN and applied for his pension from Titus Co, TX. I believe he was a nephew, the son of this Andrew's oldest brother William. He fought for the Confederacy in Tennessee.
At least two other Andrew Whites served in the Texas Confederacy but their service records would suggest they were indeed other men of the same name.

1870 US Census; Fannin Co TX; Precinct 4, p.17, Household 108: Andrew White age 50 born in TN, Farmer, Real estate $1000, pers prop $800. Sarah C. age 30, born in MO. Martha E. age 21, Thomas M. age 18, Frances N. age 15, Hiram S. age 13; Charles M. age 11, Nancy L. age 8, and John S. age 5.

1880 Census, Fannin Co., p.436a; Andy White, age 56, born in Tennessee; father born in Delaware, mother born in NC. S. C. White, b. MO, no place of birth for parents. C. M. White [Charles] age 21; J. S. White [John Sebastian], age 17, M. E. White, a daughter, age 8.

Date of death given by granddaughter Audrey (White) Haden as 12 Jul 1868 - this date of death cannot be accurate [it's actually the date of death of his son named Andrew]. Sarah's application for his Confederate pension states that he died in 1881. Certainly he was living for the 1870 Census. Date given here is from his grave marker in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Andrew & Sarah had an infant son named Andrew also buried in this cemetery - he died 12 Jul 1868 - I was told he had the middle initial "B" on the marker of the infant son - but a photo reveals no middle initial - just the symbal &. "Andrew J. Son of Andrew & S. C. White". A baby daughter, Sarah J. White, is also buried there, "Daughter of Andrew & S. C. White", born 26 Dec 1874, died 5 Oct 1876. Andrew's inscription reads "husband of Sarah C. White" and his name shows no middle initial.

Search for parents for Andrew White in St. Francois Co MO:
First mention of the surname White in St. Francois deeds:
St. Francois Deed Book A;
p.328 20 Dec 1827 John Smith T. and Nancy his wife of Washington Co to James M. White & Ann W. White his wife of Jefferson Co $100 & for paternal affection for Ann W. White, wife of the sd James M. White. E ½ SW ¼ and W ½ of SE ¼ of S9, T36, R5. East ½ of SE ¼ & West half of SW ¼ of S9. E ½ of SE ¼ of S*. 400 Acres purchased by John McKee & patented in 3 patents 10 May 1824. One tract of 80 a purchased by John Murphy & by him sold to John McKee - the West ½ of SW ¼ of S10, T36. R5. Purchased by the before named John Smith T. One other tract adj to a tract of 2500 arpents on both sides Flat River granted by the Spanish Govt to Campbell DeLasus . Signed: Jno Smith T, Nancy Smith Witn: John Farrer, Elisha Sims
Deed Book B:
p.93 10 Oct 1835 James M. White & Ann W. White of Washington Co to Thomas Tarpley. For $1600 Tracts in St. Francois:
E ½ of SE ¼ and W ½ of SW ¼ of S9, T36, R4 160 acres
E ½ SW ¼ and W ½ of SE ¼ of S9, T36, R4
E1/2 of SE ¼ of S8, T36, R5 - 80 acres
W ½ of SW ¼ of S10, T36, R4
Being same purchased of John Smith T. Signed: James M. White, Ann W. White. Wit: Ferd. Kennett Rec. 30 Nov 1836
Deed Book B:
p.365 19 Dec 1838. Elias White and Lilly his wife to Edwin C. Sebastian. $55. Tract on waters of Castor on which sd White now lives, 39.42 acres. SW ¼ of NE ¼ S6, T34, R8. Signed: Elias White, Lilly X White. Lilly relinquished dower.Rec. 8 Jan 1839
[These Whites apparently all came before the family of Andrew and are probably unrelated.]

Federal Land Patents issued to White:
1 Mar 1848 Thomas White NENE; S9, T34, R6 40 acres
1 Jun 1849 Samuel C. White S 1/2 2NW; T31, S38, R4 52.73 acres
15 Apr 1853 James White S 1/2 of SE 1/4 of S34, T35, R6 80 acres
10 Oct 1856 James White SWSW; S35, T35, R6, 80 acres
10 Oct 1856 James White NESE; S34, T35, R6, 80 acres

White families that remained in St. Francois Co MO for the 1850 census included:
James White age 37, b. TN. Wife Rutha age 39, b. KY. These children born in TN: Elijah 18, Martha 17, Sarah 15, Carroll [m] 13, Thomas 12, Daniel 10. They must have moved to Mo about 1841 because these children were born in MO: Nancy E. 8, James K.P. 5, John W. 3, and Henry J. 10 months. p.159b, Household 109
Living near James White was the family of John J. Williams, age 56, born SC. He had a daughter Sarah, age 15 who could very well be the Sarah Williams who married Andrew White as his second wife. p.159, Household 107.
Also Elijah Sebastian, age 78, his wife Sarah and several of his grown children were in Household 106. Elijah was the grandfather of Andrew White's first wife Elizabeth Sebastian.

The only other White family was that of Alfred White found on p.173, household 287. He was age 35, also b. TN. Wife Nancy age 32, b. KY. Children born in MO: William C. 8, Mary S. 6, John B. 5, and Eliza J. 3.

James or Alfred or both could easily be older brothers of Andrew who was age 30 in 1850. All born in Tennessee. Indeed there is online evidence that there is a family of Thomas & Martha White, who had sons James P. & Alfred. This seems most likely the family of Andrew White.

No White families are found in Liberty Twp St. Francois census in 1840, although John J. Williams and Elijah Sebastian were there.

ANDREW WHITE and Elizabeth SEBASTIAN were married on 17 December 1844 in St. Francois County, Missouri.13,24,25 Elizabeth SEBASTIAN, daughter of Martin SEBASTIAN and Mourning SMITH, was born about 1829 in Missouri.14 She died on 11 March 1859 at the age of 30 in Fannin County, Texas.12,26

Audrey (White) Haden gave the birthdate of Andrew's 2nd wife Sarah as 15 Mar 1828 - I believe this is probably Elizabeth's birthdate instead. Date of marriage that Audrey had was also the first marriage to Elizabeth. Audrey had also recorded the death of Andrew's son of the same name as Andrew's death.

ANDREW WHITE and Elizabeth SEBASTIAN had the following children:



William WHITE27 was born in 1844 in Missouri.13,14

I have seen online that he died in 1864.
There is a William White who died 6 Mar 1864 at Andersonville, GA, where he was held prisoner during the Civil War. He served in the 9th Maryland Infantry and would NOT be this William.



Martha Elizabeth WHITE.



Thomas M. WHITE was born in 1852 in Texas.13

1880 Census. Precinct 4, Tarrant Co, TX Hh 310
A. D. Bourland, age 40, b. NC as were his parents
Martha E., age 30, wife, b. TX [she wasn't his first wife - several of the children too old and Martha was still at home with her parents in 1870]
Thomas, son, age 19, b. AL
Arrelus, son, age 18, b. AL
Harriet F., dau, age 16, b. AL [married Charles M. White, Martha's younger brother]
William S., son, age 13, b. AL
George W., son, age 11, b. TX
these children are probably Martha's:
Andrew M., son, age 5, b. TX
James E., son, age 3, b. TX
Louis P., son, age 1, b. TX
Thomas M. White, brother-in-law, age 29, b. TX



Frances A. WHITE was born on 10 December 1853 in Texas.13 She died on 18 January 1931 at the age of 77 in Catron County, New Mexico.

Fannin Co, TX marriage for F. A. White, on 16 Jan 1874, to Goldsberry Carter Green.

1880 Census. Prec 4, Parker Co, TX, Hh 361
Goldsberry Green, 30, Farmer, b. AR
Frances, 26, wife, b. TX, parents b. TN
Otha, 4, son
Audry, 2, dau
Fredrick, 1 month old, son

1910 Census. Justice Prec 1, Irion Co, TX, Hh 132
George C. Green, 59, married once for 36 years, b. AR
Francis A., wife, 56, 7 children - 6 are living, b. TX, father b. TN, mother b. MO
Bret, son, 20
D. C., son, 18
Verne, dau, 15

7 Aug 1918 Goldsberry C. Green appointed Postmaster of Greens Gap, Socorro Co, NM. (He died in September of that year.)

1920 Census. Datil, Socorro Co, NM, Hh 7
Mrs. Francis Green, 62, widow, b. TX, farmer
Mon. M., son, 36, b. TX, farmer, working out
Goldsbery Carter, son, 27, working on mother's farm

1930 Census. Portales, Roosevelt Co, NM, Hh 67
Mon. M. Green, 47, divorced, b. TX, farmer, stock farm
Francis A., mother, 76, widow, b. MO

Buried Greens Gap Cemetery, Catron Co, NM, with Goldsberry Carter Green, b. 25 Jan 1852, d. 3 Sep 1918, Catron Co.



Hiram S. "Hige" WHITE.



Charles Marion WHITE.

ANDREW WHITE and SARAH C. WILLIAMS were married in 1859.12,23 SARAH C. WILLIAMS12,20, daughter of JOHN JEFFERSON WILLIAMS and NANCY M. BOWLES, was born on 9 August 1833 in St. Francois County, Missouri.4,7,21,23,28 She died on 20 October 1914 at the age of 81 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.23

Granddaughter Audrey gave her name as Sarah Jane. Middle initial is "C" on application for Confederate widow's pension, #6163, copies obtained from the Texas State Archives. Her Application dated 20 Oct 1899 and marked as Approved 20 Feb 1900. She gives age as 65 which does not agree with birthdate of Sarah "Jane" Williams as given by Audrey but does agree with the census information. (Born 1834) Sarah stated she married Andrew White in 1859 in Fannin Co TX and that's when she came to Fannin Co. Says he died in 1881. Witnesses to her affadavit were T. L. Cashion and Riley Inglish. J. S. White [her son] and C. B. Bridges testified that Sarah C. White was the widow of Andrew White and that she was unable to support herself by labor of any sort, dated 21 Nov 1899.

The birthday, 15 Mar 1828, given by Audrey [White] Haden, does not agree with Sarah's application for Andrew's pension. Audrey had the marriage date for the 1st marriage, I also suspect this 1828 birthday is the birthdate of Elizabeth Sebastian, the first wife, not Sarah.
Sarah stated her age as 65 when she applied for Andrew's Pension on 25 Oct 1899 [born 1834]. This age confirmed by the 1880 Census.

Appears in censuses as Sarah C. Jane is likely not her middle name, although Audrey thought it was - perhaps that was Elizabeth Sebastian's middle name?

By 1900, Sarah made her home with her eldest daughter. The youngest daughter Mary also lived with them.
1900 Census Keller Twp, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 351
Lucinda Brigance, b. Feb 1861, age 39, widow 4 children b. TX, father b. TN, mother b. MO
John ?H., son, b. Nov 1885, age 14, b. TX, father b. AR, mother b. TX
Jessie B., dau, b. Feb 1891, age 9
Nannie B., dau, b. Apr 1893, age 7
Edgar, son, b. July 1895, age 4
Sarah C. White, mother, b. Aug 1834, age 65, widow 3 children b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. VA
Mary E. White, sister, b. Dec 1872, age 27
Both ladies gave the number of children living....perhaps the directions from the enumerator were not clear

1910 Census Commerce City Ward 1, Hunt Co, TX Hh 65
Lucinda Brigance, age 49 widow had 7 children, 4 are living
John, son, age 24, keeper of a restaurant
Nannie, dau, age 17, saleslady, millinery store
Edgar, son, age 14
Sarah White, mother, age 75, widow [did not state number of children]
Mary White, sister, age 36, waitress, restaurant

Rosemound Cemetery, Commerce, TX
White, Sarah C. b. Aug. 9, 1834 d. Oct. 20, 1914
White, Mary E. b. Dec. 20, 1871 d. May 15, 1965

In 1850, in St. Francois Co MO, on p.159, living only two households from a James White and next door to Elijah Sebastian, grandfather of Elizabeth, Andrew White's 1st wife, was the family of John J. Williams. He was age 56, b. SC. Wife Nancy age 56, b. VA. Elias age 22, b. TN, Ambrose 18 b. MO as were the rest of the children: SARAH & Lucinda both age 15, Nancy age 11, Mary age 21, and Robert Cantrell 11, and Mary F. Cantrell age 10. This Sarah age 15 could well be the 2nd wife of Andrew White. There were other Williams families in the neighborhood, but none with a daughter named Sarah. It appears that Sarah was a twin to Lucinda.

I believe this to certainly be Sarah's family though at this time the proof is circumstantial. Here are my reasons:
1. Andrew White came to Texas with his first wife's family from St. Francois Co MO.
2. Sarah herself stated that she had come from Missouri and married Andrew in 1859 - why would she have done so if she did not already know him. He was a man with six motherless children including an infant and he was nearly 15 years older than she. Sarah was about age 25 and had not yet married.
3. The appearance of a Sarah Williams in St. Francois Co MO in 1850, of the same age and living in the same neighborhood as James P. White, also born in TN, as was Andrew - James is very likely a brother or cousin of Andrew. By the 1880 census, both Andrew White and James White [still in St Francois MO] gave their father's birthplace as Delaware. Also in that neighborhood was the Sebastian grandfather of Andrew's first wife, Elizabeth Sebastian.
4. According to databases found online, John J. & Nancy Williams had an older son, Thomas Davis Williams. In St. Francois Co is a marriage record for Thomas D. Williams to Huldy Sebastian, recorded on 2 Aug 1842. Huldy Sebastian was an older sister of Elizabeth Sebastian, Andrew White's 1st wife. In 1850, Thomas & Hulda Williams were living in Fannin Co TX, along with Andrew & Elizabeth White, and the parents and siblings of Hulda & Elizabeth Sebastian. In 1860, the year after Sarah Williams came to Texas to marry Andrew White and is in the census with him and his children, Thomas & Hulda were still living there in Fannin Co.
5. Sarah & Andrew named their first daughter together, Nancy Lucinda, and the first son, John, the given names of her parents [Lucinda was also the name of a sister]. Andrew had likely already used his parents' names in naming children by his first wife.

ANDREW WHITE and SARAH C. WILLIAMS had the following children:



Nancy Lucinda WHITE.






Andrew J. WHITE was born on 13 March 1866 in Fannin County, Texas.16 He died on 12 July 1868 at the age of 2 in Fannin County, Texas.16 He was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas.

Grave stone reads "Son of Andrew & S. C. White"
It has the baby lamb that characterizes many of the graves of children in this cemetery.



Mary Evelyn WHITE was born on 20 December 1871 in Fannin County, Texas.21 She died on 15 May 1965 at the age of 93 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.

In 1900 and 1910, Mary and her mother lived with Mary's elder sister Lucinda Brigance and her children - in Tarrant Co in 1900 and Hunt Co in 1910. By 1920, the two sisters were living together in Commerce, Hunt Co.

Mary never married.

Rosemound Cemetery, Commerce, TX
White, Sarah C. b. Aug. 9, 1834 d. Oct. 20, 1914
White, Mary E. b. Dec. 20, 1871 d. May 15, 1965

Texas Death Certificate #24428. At the time of her death, Mary Evelyn White was living in the Oaks Manor Rest Home in Commerce, Hunt Co, TX, where she had been for three years. She was born 20 Dec 1871 in Fannin Co, TX, and died 15 April 1965 at age 93. Cause of death was coronary thrombosis [heart attack]. She had never married. Her father was Andrew White; her mother Sarah Williams. Mrs. H. G. Long was the informant, as she was for Mary's older sister Lucinda in 1958. Mary was buried Rosemound Cemetery, Commerce.

Audrey White Haden, daughter of Mary's half-brother John Sebastian White, listed in her notes "Aunt Mary", her birth and death, and that her Funeral was Saturday, April 17th, the day before Easter Sunday in 1965.



Sarah J. WHITE was born on 26 December 1874 in Fannin County, Texas. She died on 5 October 1876 at the age of 1 in Fannin County, Texas.

Found in a database online. It is very possible they had this child, since she was born and died between census years. The father and brother were buried OakRidge Cemetery. There is no online listing for this baby in that cemetery on the newest list. However, I found an older list of a cemetery survey done by Ruth Ann Milton in 1999 [only death dates were given] and she listed "Sarah White, 1876" and it was next to her brother Andrew who died in 1868.