Fourth Generation

73. AUDREY EARL WHITE was born on 18 December 1887 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.39,46 She died on 13 July 1984 at the age of 96 in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.47

The 1900 Census lists Audrey as age 7, born December 1892, making her some five years younger than thought? However, she herself recorded her birth as 18 Dec 1887. In one place she indicated she had graduated at age 20.

Graduated from Ladonia High School in Class of 1907; May 30, 1947 Ladonia News.
A note of Audrey's states that she graduated April 7, 1907.

What are the odds of two ladies named Mrs. Audrey E. Haden? California Voter Registration for Los Angeles County, 1956, lists a Mrs. Audrey E. Haden of E. Walnut St. To my knowledge this Audrey was never in California - and in 1956 I was dating her grandson and Audrey was living in Ladonia, winters, and Colorado Springs, summers.

Audrey made several notes detailing names, birthdays, marriages, deaths in the family. She wasn't always correct but her notes were very helpful in solving some of the family puzzles. One note was written on a business notepad of her son John and tells the following story.
Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Ladonia
October 4, 1973
Ladonia Bank Robbed
Friday, Sept 28, 1973, the Ladonia Bank was robbed. Working there were Francis (Land) Fields and Hazelle (Land) Hicks, Linabelle Brawley, Jennette Duncan, Susie Hayes, and Delores Middlebrooks. Francis, Hazelle and Delores were put in the vault. The bank was also robbed in 1930 and on 17 Aug 1968.

Will dated 14 May 1975. All estate to pass to three sons: William Charles, Robert, and John, share and share alike; Robert to be executor.
Last Will and Testament
State of Texas
County of Fannin.
Know all men by these presents: That I, Audrey E. Haden, of Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, revoking all wills and codicils heretofore made by me.
I. I desire to be buried in a Christian-like manner, suitable to my station in life.
II. I direct that all of my just and legal debts be paid by my Executor out of my estate as soon after my death as is practicable.
III. It is my will that all of my estate of every description, real, personal and mixed, of whatever kind and wherever situated shall pass to and vest in fee simple in my three sons, to-wit: William Charles Haden, Robert Haden and John Haden, share and share alike. In event any one of my said sons should predecease me, then the share which he ordinarily would receive shall pass to and vest in his child or children.
IV. It is my will that Robert Haden shall be Independent Executor of my estate, and no bond shall be required of him as such, and the Courts shall have nothing to do with the administration of my estate other than to require the probating of this will and filing of an inventory, appraisement and list of claims as require by law.
Witness my hand at Ladonia, Texas, this the 14th day of May 1975. Signed: Audrey E. Haden
Signed in her presence and presence of each other. Wit: Linnie B. Braley, Kay Hamlin.
Subscribed and acknowled by testatrix and witnesses, 14 May 1975.
Frances Fields, Notary Public, Fannin Co, TX

Audrey died in a nursing home in Springdale, Arkansas, where two of her sons lived at that time. Buried Ladonia City Cemetery, Ladonia TX

The probate Court, as filed by Robert Haden, Executor of Audrey E. Haden, 16 Apr 1985, showed the total of her estate to be $101, 841.74. Stocks and cash were distributed equally to the three sons, after deduction of expenses. Strangely her funeral expenses were not included, although I have a copy of the statement from Sisco Funderal Chapel in Springdale. Total cost including the transfer of the body to Texas was $2998.50.

The Paris News, Paris, Texas, 15 Jul 1984, Sunday, p.4
Mrs. Audrey Haden
Ladonia - Mrs. Audrey Haden, formerly of Ladonia, died Friday, July 13 in Springdale, Ark.
Graveside services are slated for 2 pm Sunday, July 15 at the Ladonia Cemetery with Rev. Ed. Gorom officiating. Burial will follow under the direction of delta Funeral Home.
Mrs. Haden was born on Dec 18, 1887, in Ladonia, a daughter of John S. White and Henrietta Wishard. She was married to Robert Charles Haden. He preceded her in death in 1964. She was a member of the First Christian Church in Ladonia.
Survivors include three sons, John Haden, of Bedford; William Charles Haden and Robert Haden, both of Springdale, Ark.; seven grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Audrey Haden
Graveside services were held at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Ladonia Cemetery for Mrs. Audrey Haden, 96, who died Friday, July 13, 1984, in Springdale, Arkansas. The Rev. Ed Gorom, pastor of the Ladonia Christian Church officiated.
Born in Ladonia December 18, 1887, she was the daughter of John S. and Henrietta Wishard White. She was married to Robert Charles Haden, who preceded her in death in 1964.
She lived in Ladonia until moving to Springdale in 1978. She was a member of the First Christian Church of Ladonia.
She is survived by three sons, John Haden of Bedford, William Charles, and Robert Haden both of Springdale; seven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.
Delta Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

AUDREY EARL WHITE and ROBERT CHARLES HADEN were married on 14 June 1909 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.48,49 ROBERT CHARLES HADEN4,50,51,52, son of JOSEPH BENJAMIN HADEN and ELIZABETH ECHOLS HOLDERNESS, was born on 21 October 1885 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.47,53 He died on 11 January 1964 at the age of 78 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.47,53 He was buried in Ladonia Cemetery, Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.

Warranty Deed. Dated 31 Dec 1909; Recorded 1 March 1910 in Fannin Co TX. Book 116, p. 540. For $700. Mary Jane Perkins Haden sold her house to R. C. Haden "part of the Original plat of the Town of Ladonia"

A. L. Clinkenbeard, Minister, First Christian Church, Ladonia, TX married Robert Charles Haden and Miss Audrey Earl White on 14 June 1909.

Fannin County Directory, 1910
Haden, R. C., merchant

1910 Census: Charley and Audrey, married 1 year with a son "Baby Haden". Census Day was April 15; William born on the 7th.
Charles was age 25, working in a Grocery Store. Audrey was 22 and had 1 child.

Daddy Charles did register for the World War I draft at age 32, 6 Sep 1918. Born 21 Oct 1885. He gave his employment as a Merchant & Cotton Broker. Audrey Earl Haden was listed as his nearest relative. His description was tall, slender build, blue eyes, blond hair.

1920 Census on Bonham Street next door to parents. Merchant - Retail Grocer.
Robert C. Haden was now age 34. Audrey 32. William C., son, age 9. Robert, son, age 5.

The Daily Ardmoreite, Dec 31, 1922, published at Ardmore, Carter Co, OK
BERMUDA ONION PLANTS delivered to you by parcel post; 500 for $1.00. 1000 for $1.75. Frost Proof Cabbage Plants, 500 for $1.50, 1000 for $2.50. We prepay postage, guarantee satisfaction and prompt shipment. Dealers Wanted.
R. C. Haden, Ladonia, Texas

1930 Census [both Charlie & his father were listed as Paris Street - their houses were on corners across Paris St but faced Bonham St.] Charlie R. Haden was age 45, he had married at age 23; Occupation was Salesman of "Truck Plants". Audrey was age 43. William C., son, age 19 was engaged in his father's business and listed with the same occupation. Robert was 15, John was 9. Henrietta White, Audrey's mother was now living with the family. She was a widow, age 68, but had married at age 18; she was born in Iowa. Her parents listed as born Illinois but it was Indiana.

The Commerce Journal, Commerce TX
10 Oct 1924
EAR CORN - Write for our car lot prices on good sound dry ear corn delivered your station. We allow inspection on all shipments. R. C. Haden. Ladonia, TX
[This ad was placed several times during the Fall of 1924.]

There is a family story which took place in the mid 1920's. The family went for a Sunday drive to Bug Tussle soon after obtaining their first car - Bug Tussle was a crossroads and country store relatively near Ladonia. The three boys rode in the back seat. They tried to talk to their Dad several times, and he shushed them saying he had to concentrate on his driving. Finally, Robert insisted that there was something Daddy needed to know. Turned out the youngest son John had fallen through a hole in the wooden floor a few miles back. They did go back and find John, unhurt.

Many members of the Haden family, as well as other Fannin Co families, used to summer in Colorado to escape the wicked Texas heat. Daddy Charles and Augie were no exception. Apparently one year, Daddy Charles either went along or remained. The following letter was written on his business letterhead but sent from Colorado:
W. C. Haden
Fruit and Vegetable
Springdale, Ark marked out and replaced with Manitou, Colo.
Oct. 27 - 1933
Dearest Audrey:
Weather continues perfect here and I am getting along fine, take a long walk daily and eat all my meals at our apartment, have not eaten a single meal out yet. Don't see how I can stay much longer but am going to stay until have one spell of bad weather, think though you can expect me home in about ten days. If you get chance to go anywhere and see coat you want get it. I want you to get one that really suits you even it it takes $90.00. also get that furniture you have been wanting when you see the kind you want.
Love from

Ladonia News: Friday, July 21, 1939
Flowers For the Living - R. C. Haden
R. C. Haden, owner and founder of the Plant and Seed mail order business, using the slogan: "Quality Plants, the Kind that Grow" has ably and conclusively demonstrated the fact it is not where you have a business but how you conduct it that counts.
Most persons when they think of establishing a business, especially a new one, are prone to think that there is no room for an old business, nor a place where a new one could prosper. It is notely remarkable how many people that that a success cannot be made of any new venture, --excepting that it be launched in a large town or city, but there is plenty of evidence that it does not matter where your business is located if you have the ability to put it over.
We think one of the most outstanding examples of building a big business in a little town is that of our esteemed fellow townsman, R. C. Haden, who ships his merchandise into every state in the U.S.A. Charlie has made a considerable fortune and established a reputation for handling high class merchandise, rendering A-1 service, and is rated in Dun & Bradstreet as one of the substantial firms of the southwest.
He is the son of J. B. Haden, a pioneer merchant of Ladonia and had his business training in his father's store here, but when the time came for him to, "Go on his own" he decided what he wanted to do and with no thought but that he would succeed and with the idea that no better place than Ladonia could be found, he proved to one and all, that success depends entirely upon one's ability to think up a constructive program and put it into execution.
Charlie was early married to Miss Audrey White, of this city, and to them were born three sons, William Charles, Robert and John. William Charles and Robert are associated with their father in the business and John is in the State University preparing to become a lawyer.
In the last few years he acquired extensive interests in the rich alluvial lands near Springdale, Ark., where he raises most of the products he sells. For this reason he spends a part of each season at Springdale. In talking with his brother Will, we learn that Charlie is convalescing from an attack of pneumonia which has kept him confined to his home for several days.
What we started out to say is that there is just as many, and just as good, opportunities as there ever was and that it is not necessary to act on the advice of the R.R. magnate, the late. J. J. Hill, -- "Young man, go west," to become a business success, but simply do like Charlie, have an idea and put it over.
We also think that Charlie has proven that Ladonia is an ideal place to locate a new business or keep on with an old one.

1940 Census. Justice Prec 4, Ladonia Town, Fannin Co, TX, ED 74-21, Sheet 8B, Hh 205
Robt C. Haden, 54, Owns his home on Bonham Street worth $900. He had 4 years of high school, b. TX, lived in the same house in 1935. Merchant, Wholesale Veg Dealer
Aubrey [should have been Audrey] wife, 52.
Robert, son, age 26, Salesman, Wholesale Veg Dealer
Johnnie, son, 19.
Etta White, Mother-in-law, age 78, widow, b. Iowa. She was also living with them in 1935.

27 Apr 1942 World War II Draft Registration - the "old man's draft"
Robert Charles Haden of Ladonia, Fannin Co, TX. Age 56, born in Ladonia 21 Oct 1885. His telephone number was "61". Mrs. Audrey Haden would always know his address. He was self employed in Ladonia and Springdale, Washington, AR. He was 5'9" tall and weight 135# - blue eyes, blonde hair, scar on chin.

Ladonia News; Friday, July 16, 1943. Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Haden, left Tuesday for Springdale, Ark., where they will remain thru the season.

Ladonia News: Friday, Aug 8, 1947
Joe Haden Jr. has joined his brother R. C. in Manitou Springs, Colorado, for a vacation where the ozone is especially cool and acceptable.

1959 Colorado Springs, CO, City Directory.
Robert C. Haden (Audrey) living at 18 Lincoln Av MS (Manitou Springs)

Died while living at the home of his son, John. Buried Ladonia City Cemetery, Ladonia TX
Texas Death Certificate #06617
Robert Charles Haden died at Bethania Hospital, Wichita Falls, TX; his usual residence was Ladonia, TX
Born 21 Oct 1885 in Ladonia, he was 78 when he died, 11 Jan 1964. He was retired from the wholesale produce business and was married. His father was J. B. Haden; his mother Elizabeth [unknown]. John Haden was the informant. He died of a pulmonary embolism complicated by senility and malnutrition. He was buried Ladonia Cemetery.

Obituary: R. C. Haden
Funeral services for R. C. Haden, 78, of Wichita Falls and Ladonia, Tex., who died Jan. 11, were held Monday, Jan. 13, at the First Christian Church of Ladonia with the Rev. Leonard Richardson officiating. Burial was at Ladonia.
Mr. Haden, the father of W. C. and Robert Haden of Springdale was a resident of Springdale for many years while in the fruit and vegetable business before his retirement.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Autrey [Audrey] Haden; three sons, W. C. and Robert Haden of Springdale and John Haden, of Wichita Falls; seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Probably from "The Springdale News" Handwritten date of 1964.

From The Paris News, Paris, Texas, 13 Jan 1964
Entered Into Eternal Rest, Saturday, Jan 11, 1964
Robert C. Haden
Ladonia -- Funeral Services for a former Ladonia merchant, Robert Charles Haden, 78, who died Saturday in Wichita Falls, were set for 2:30 p.m. Monday in First Christian Church here. The Rev. Leonard Richardson, Bonham pastor, had charge. Delta Funeral Home arranging burial in the Ladonia Presbyterian Cemetery.
Born in Ladonia, Oct 21, 1885, the son of Mrs. and Mrs. J. B. Haden, R. C. Haden married Miss Audrey White. They moved to Wichita Falls about three years ago.
Surviving besides Mrs. Haden are these sons: William Charles Haden and Robert Haden, Springdale, Ark., and John Haden, Wichita Falls, and 10 other descendants.

Daddy Charles and Augie were married for 55 years.

AUDREY EARL WHITE and ROBERT CHARLES HADEN had the following children:






Ralph White HADEN54,55 was born on 10 June 1912 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.23 He died on 16 May 1913 at the age of 0 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.23

Baby was scalded with hot lard. He pulled a towel off the cabinet - the pan of melted lard was sitting on the towel. William C. told us he was badly burned on the face and head.

"Ralph Haden Dead"
About noon last Friday, Ralph, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Haden overturned a bowl of hot grease and received burns upon the hands and arms from which he died about 10:30 that night. The funeral services were at the residence on Bonham street by Rev. Clinkinbeard, burial at Presbyterian cemetery, Saturday afternoon. The profoundest sympathy is felt for the parents in the grief and anguish occasioned by their tragic loss.

"Card of Thanks"
We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to the many friends whose kindness and sympathy has helped so much to enable us to bear the great grief which has come upon us in the death of our darling baby. It will always be with loving hearts that we reflect upon your sympathetic words and deeds of kindness. Your loving sympathy in the time of our great sorrow has made us fell akin to all mankind. And our wish for you all is that, when your time comes to quit this old wold of tears and sorrow, you will be welcomed, at the Gates of Heaven , by little Ralph with out stretched hands and happy smile just as he was wont to greet everyone here on earth. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Haden

In Ladonia newspaper, not dated. Other articles say "Monday night, May 19" and "next Wednesday, the 28"

Death Certificate from Ladonia, Fannin Co gives the boy's name simply as Ralph Haden. Died 16 May 1913, born 10 Jun 1912, age 11 months, 6 days. Father, Charlie Haden, born Ladonia. Mother's maiden name, White; born Fannin Co.
The cause of death was "Accidentental [Burn]" Signed D. B. Nelson, M.C.
Burial was in Presbyterian Cemetery on May 17th, Neal T. Scott, Undertaker.



Robert HADEN.