Seventh Generation

72. Hiram P. AVERY11 was born in 1852 in Illinois.11

In the 1870 Census Hiram "C" Avery lives with the Fosters next door to brother Philo, Rushville, Woodstock Twp.. Age 19, b. IL, working as a farm hand.

The following is apparently Hiram:

21 Nov 1907
"Pink" Avery, a former resident of this county, died on Friday of last week at Beardstown, where he has made his home of late. He arose that morning and built the fire ant then retired to bed, where he died suddenly of neuralgia of the heart. Mr. Avery was fifty six years of age and had been married three times. On Sunday afternoon at 2 o-clock funeral services were held at his residence and the remains were interred in the city cemetery.

That Hiram was married three times is substantiated - he married twice as Hiram P. Avery and once as H. P. Avery. The 1870 census suggests Hiram was born 1851 - a man who died age 56 in 1907 would have been born in 1851.

If his middle name was perhaps Pinkney, that would explain the nickname. The following items might suggest why he would avoid census enumerators.

Excerpts from
The Schuyler Citizen

February 1, 1872
On Monday afternoon last, about sundown, as John Lambert, the jailor, was carrying a bucket of coal into the hall of the county jail, and just while in the act of passing the bucket through the partially opened door, he was seized by Pink Avery and dragged inside. In the scuffle that ensued two of the other prisoners joined in, one of them striking Lambert on the head with an iron bar and a chunk of coal, when he was dragged into a cell and the door closed on him. The three prisoners, Avery, Lynn and Carter then made a rush for the door, and just as Avery was passing out, Lambert fired at him with a single barrel pistol through the grating of the cell door. He aimed a death deal, but the ball struck the fleshy part of his thigh and ranged downward, striking the bone and glancing. He fell forward, but immediately sprang up and out of the door and away.
The alarm being given at the first onset, Mr. Weber, a neighbor, ran in to help, but was knocked down by one of the three men, all of whom reached the street and started on the double quick for the timber. Lambert was released from the cell by Mr. Fannen, who was too infirm to run, and immediately gave chase. Others joined in.
Carter was overtaken in the field just south of Wm. Hedge's residence by Mr. James Scull, Carter made show of resistance, when Scull tripped him up, and he was secured and brought back.
Pink Avery ran to a point just west of Geo. Barnhart's residence, over a half mile distant, hotly pursued, where, climbing over a fence, he sank down exhausted, his wound bleeding profusely. He was taken in hand at once by Thomas Burnsides and Ed. McClure, who were close on his heels, and escorted back to his prison home. His wound is not considered to be fatal, but will be very painful. Avery claims he has been shot at twenty-three times, making several hairbreadth escapes. But, Pink, death will claim you one day: hadn't you better make friends with him

February 15, 1872
Pink Avery, who was shot in the thigh while breaking out of jail the other day, in improving.

February 29, 1872
"PINK" AVERY BAILED.--On Monday last a brother of Pink Avery became his surety in the sum of $600; but, with the prison jewels still on him, he was immediately rearrested on a warrant from Brown county for the robbery of a coal digger, whom he knocked down and robbed of a gold watch and $250 in money early last fall, and for which he was indicted by the grand jury of that county. He will probably be held here until next week, when the Brown county circuit court will be held and he removed to Mt. Sterling for trial. The proper place for this man is inside the walls of Joliet, and we doubt not justice will be done him by Judge Higbee and the jury that will investigate the charges against him.

Based on the above news articles, I believe this is probably Hiram in 1880, even though much of the data is not quite right. I would expect prisoners to perhaps give incorrect information about their families.
Illinois State Penitentiary; Joliet, Will Co, IL
Listed in the Cooper Shop, Register Number 2851 is
H. B. Avery, white male age 27, single, Cooper, b. Illinois, father b. Ohio, Mother b. PA.

He was not still listed at Joliet Prison in 1900, but neither have I been able to find him in Cass Co where he married for the third time in 1897 and is said to have died in 1907 - nor anyone resembling the third wife.

Death Certificate posted on tree,
H. P. Avery, age 56 years, 6 months. Born Illinois. Salesman. Died 15 Nov 1907, 9 A.M, of organic heart lesion. Died in Beardstown, Married.
Buried City Cemetery 17 Nov 1907

Hiram P. AVERY and Carrie HARTMAN were married on 31 March 1871 in Schuyler County, Illinois.40 Carrie HARTMAN was born (date unknown).

Hiram P. AVERY and Florence Etta CARNES were married on 1 October 1882 in Schuyler County, Illinois.41 Florence Etta CARNES was born (date unknown).

Corey LANING (private).