Seventh Generation

65. ELIZA ANN AVERY27 was born in 1832 in Franklin County, Ohio.11,28 She died on 21 May 1881 at the age of 49 in Schuyler County, Illinois.27,29

Rushville Times 26 May 1881
Mrs. Eliza Ann Irwin, wife of Mr. Ira Irwin, of Woodstock township, died on the 21st of May, 1881, after an illness of many weeks. She was 48 years old, lacking one day, being buried on her birthday - last Saturday. Sister Irwin was a true-hearted woman, a kind wife, loving believed in Jesus and has gone to the rest which remaineth for the people of God.
Dearest sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can still our sorrow heal.
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of Heaven is fled
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tears are shed.
J. H. B.

The 1910 census shows Ira with wife Kate to whom he has been married 14 years - since 1896.

ELIZA ANN AVERY and IRA PERRIN IRWIN were married on 24 January 1850 in Schuyler County, Illinois.30,31,32 IRA PERRIN IRWIN11,13,27,33, son of ROBERT IRWIN and LAVINA HILL, was born on 1 February 1831 in Clermont County, Ohio.11,34 He died on 28 August 1913 at the age of 82.34,35

Copy from Schuyler Co IL; License issued 18 Dec 1849. Ira Irwin to Eliza Ann Avery. Married by William Ellis, Co. Judge. Dec 24 1849.

1850 Census, Ira & Eliza A., both 18 and born in Ohio. His occupation is Cooper.

Schuyler Co, IL, DB 27, p.245
Ira Irva & Wife to William C. Avery
Recd. Jany 31st 1859
This deed made and entered 31st Jan 1859.. Ira Irvin and Eliza Irvin his wife of Schuyler Co, Illinois of the first part and William C. Avery of the second. For the sum of $200 paid by Avery, have conveyed a parcel of land in Schuyler County: East 1/2 of the NE Quarter, Section 5, Twp 1 N, Range 2 of the fourth principal meridian, 72 acres more or less. signed Ira Irvin, Eliza Ann (+) Irvin.
Wit: James H. Browning, William P. Hall.
Deed was proved by the same and Eliza Ann examined and relinquished her dower. James H. Browning, JP

DB 28, p.408
William C. Avery to Ira Irvin
Recorded March 3rd 1860
Indenture made 11th March 1859 between William C. Avery of Schuyler County, Illinois of the first part and Ira Irvin of the second part. Sum of $200, land described as 72 acres, the East 1/2 of the NE Quarter, Section 5, Twp 1 North, Range 2 West of the 4th principal Meridian. Signed: William C. (X) Avery.
On the same day William C. Avery acknowledged the deed.

In 1860, Ira and Eliza have children William age 9, Edith 4, and Robert F. age 2.
The Schuyler Co military census of 1862 shows Nathaniel Harrison & Ira Irvin living in Woodstock; also a William Ervin who is likely from another family..

1861. Ira was listed on the Militia Roll Record for Woodstock Township as one of the able-bodied male citizens in Schuyler County between the ages of 18-45, subject to military duty.

July 1863. Civil War Draft Registration. Schuyler Co, IL
Woodstock Township: Ira Irwin, age 35, Farmer, b. KY

Illinois State Census. 1865. Woodstock.
Ira Irwin: 2 males and 2 females under age 10; 1 male 10-20; 2 males 20-30; 1 male and 1 female 30-40 for a total of 6 males and 3 females in the household.
He was counted next to his father Robert.

22 Feb 1866. DB 35, p.120
Ira Irwin and Eliza Ann his wife sold for $55 a certain tract of land described as the SW 1/4 of the NE Quarter of Section 31 in Twp 2 N, Range 2 W of the 4th principal meridian in the county of Schuyler and state of Illinois. Signed: Ira Irwin, Eliza Ann X Irwin
Wit. Samuel McCreary, JP. Eliza Ann also relinquished dower on the same day.

17 Apr 1869, Ira and Eliza transferred property to Benjamin F. White, DB 35, p.464

In 1870, Ira and Eliza A. "Erwin" have William, Edith, Josephine, Andrew, and Edwin. The child Robert, age 2 in 1850 is missing and perhaps deceased. Living with Ira and family is Isaac Pickel, age 40, b. Ohio - In 1860 Isaac lived with Elisabeth's brother Philo and his age was given as 25 at that time [so born 1830 or 1835). Elisabeth's mother had a brother named Isaac and this seems to be that man although the age is off; he was apparently mentally disadvantaged.

29 Jul 1876. Ira and Eliza transferred property to William C. Avery, DB 52, p.339

1880 Census. Schuyler Co, Woodstock Twp. Ira Irwin, age 47, b. Ohio, father b. VA, mother b. KY. Farmer. Eliza A. wife, age 47, b. Ohio. Father b. PA, mother b. NJ. Josephine, age 19, Andrew J. age 16, Edwin D. age 10, Maude age 5, Isaac Pickle age 50, b. OHIO, father & mother b. NJ.

According to information found in a database online, Ira was declared insane by the Schuyler Co Court in 1890 and again in 1892; the action in 1890 initiated by his wife, Kate. He was said to not be dangerous to himself when he was committed. He was in Bartlet State Hospital for a time, but he seems to have been at home when he died - in fact, he was counted at home with Kate in both 1900 and 1910. Nothing in his Obituary would suggest mental difficulties.
Note: I have been unable to find such a hospital in Illinois. There was Peoria State Hospital for the incurably insane, which was also known as Bartonville State Hospital, disbanded in 1973. It was established in 1895.

A book compiled by Paul G. C. Smith found in the Family History Library includes the Insanity Case Files Index, 1867-1921 from Western Illinois University, an Illinois Regional Archives Depository, and lists:
Alleged Insane Person: Ira Irwin, 1897, Verdict of Jury was Not Insane and he was not committed. Peoria State Hospital was one of the four hospitals listed.

1900 Census. Indexed as "Irvin". Bainbridge Twp, Schuyler Co, IL, Hh 141
Ira P. Irvin, b. Feb 1831, age 69, married 18 years, b. Ohio, father b. VA, mother b. Kentucky. A farmer.
Catherine, wife, b. Oct 1845, age 54, had 2 children, 1 living, b. NY, parents born Scotland
Charles E., son, b. Oct 1887, age 12, b. IL.

1910 Census. Schuyler Co, Bainbridge Twp. Ira P. Irwin, age 79, married twice, the 2nd time for 19 years [They had been married 27 years], b. KY, parents born U.S. Living on Own Income. Kate, wife, age 68, married once for 19 years. She had 2 children, 1 living. b. NY, parents - Irish.
Note: Niles file showed three sons for Ira & Kate. The birth records online had the record of Wilbur's birth in 1885. The other sons were listed as "C. E." and as Elmer - I suspect C. E. and Elmer is the same person.

Rushville Times: Ira P. Irwin
Ira P. Irwin, an old time resident of Schuyler, died at his home in Bainbridge on Thursday of last week. He had lived in that vicinity for 68 years, and was a man who always had the respect of his friends and neighbors. On Saturday morning at 11 O'clock funeral services were held at the family residence, conducted by Rev. James Hardin Smith; interment in the Palm Cemetery. Ira P. Irwin was born Feb. 1, 1831, Clermont County, Ohio; departed this life Aug. 28th, 1918; aged 82 years and 6 months. When he was five years of age his parents moved to Kentucky where he lived until he was fourteen years old, when he moved to Schuyler County, Ill., where he has since resided. He was married in 1850 to Eliza Ann Avery. To this union 10 children were born. They are William H. of Paris MO., Mrs. Edith Harrison of Chester, Ark., Edwin D. of Rushville, and Mrs. L. E. Bowman of Beardstown. He was married to Katherine M. Locke, June 6, 1884. To this union two children were born. One is still living, C. E. of Rushville. His companion and five children and a brother, Howey [Harvey] Irwin of Kewanee remain to morn his death. Mr. Irwin's occupation was farming in his early life, his success was very good, but later his heath failed him and he retired from active work. Mr. Irwin was known by his deeds of charity and kindness. He was always ready to lend a helping hand to the needy or sick. He bore his late illness without complaining. He realized his end was very near and was perfectly reconciled to meet it.

Ira is said to be buried Palm Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

ELIZA ANN AVERY and IRA PERRIN IRWIN had the following children:



William Harrison IRWIN.






Robert F. IRWIN was born in 1858 in Schuyler County, Illinois.11,34 He died before 1870 at the age of 12.11

Robert was not listed in the 1870 Census. He should have been about 12. Probably died as a child.



Josephine "Josie" IRWIN22,36 was born on 13 September 1860 in Illinois.11,13,34 She died on 23 September 1897 at the age of 37 in Schuyler County, Illinois.

Married Frank Suddeth on 3 Sep 1896, Schuyler Co IL.

An Ancestry Family Tree states that Franklin Suddeth was born 30 Jan 1863 and died 28 Dec 1917, Jacksonville, Morgan Co, Illinois. His parents were Thomas Suddeth and Nancy Evans.
He can be found with them in the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Bainbridge, Schuyler Co IL.

The same database gives a birth for Josie as 13 Sep 1860; died 23 Sep 1897, a year after her marriage.

Schuyler Citizen 9-29-1897 pg. 3, col. 3
Edith Josephine (Mrs Frank) Suddeth b. 9-13-1860 died September 23, 1897. She resided with her husband Frank Suddeth on the Lusk farm in Woodstock Twp. She died Tuesday a.m. of consumption. Leaving a three month baby. She was the oldest daughter of Ira Perry and Livina Irwin. Interment at Palm Cemetery.
My Note: Josephine's name was not Edith, nor was she the older daughter - Edith Jane who married Nathaniel Harrison was the eldest daughter.

Schuyler Co Wills, Book 3, p.23
Last will and testament of Josephine Suddeth of the Town of Woodstock, county of Schuyler, state of Illinois, dated 27 Aug 1897.
Age 37, of sound mind and memeory.
First. Funeral expenses and all just debts be fully paid
Second. Give to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of Lamoni Iowa the sum of $100.
Third. Subject to the dower of my husband Frank Suddith, I give my entire estate real and personal to my infant son Earl Suddeth in fee simple. In case of his death before the age of 21, my said estate & property to my two brothers and two sisters, Edwin Irvin, William Irvin, Maude Bowman, and Edith Harrison in equal parts.
Lastly. George H. Nelson to be Executor.
Signed: Josephine Suddeth.
Witness: H. H. Clarke and J. G. maroe, both of Rushville, IL
Schuyler County Court in Probate, Sept Term 1892.
Monday, 27 Sep 1897. George H. Nelson petition for Probate of last will of Josephine Seddeth, deceased. E. J. Pemberton, presented the Will.
Oct Term 1897.
23 Oct 1897. George H. Nelson presented proof she died 21 Sep 1897. H. H. Clarke & J. G. Maroe swore they were present for the signing of the Will.
Heirs at law named: Earl Suddeth, Frank Suddeth, The Reorgainized Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints of Lamoni, Iowa, Edwin Irvin, William Irvin, Maude Bowman and Edith Harrison.

In 1870, Frank did live in the household of Thomas Suddeth:
Bainbridge, Schuyler Co, IL, P.O. Rushville
Thomas Suddeth, 53, b. IN. Nancy, 43, b. IL as were the children
Mary J. 18. Henry 14. Thomas 12. Laura F. 9. Franklin 7. Warren 5.

In 1880 - the family was in the same place - Hh 194
Thomas Suddeth, 65, b. IN, father b. VA, mother b. DE
Nancy, 52, b. IL, parents b. KY
Thomas 21. Franklin 17. Warren, 14. Laura, 19. Della, age 7.



Andrew J. "Jack" IRWIN was born in 1864 in Illinois.11,13,34



Edwin Delbert IRWIN.



Maude May IRWIN.