Some Descendants of Henry Pippin

Henry Pippin of Middle Tennessee, born in North Carolina in 1801, died without a will in 1879 in Jackson County, Tennessee. His wife Elizabeth died in 1891. The estate was not settled right away - there is in fact a Putnam County TN Chancery Court document dated 16 February 1918, and filed for the purpose of determining the heirs of Henry & Elizabeth. There are 59 heirs named in this document - the living children, grandchildren, and in some cases, great-grandchildren.
My husband's grandfather, James Frank Pippin, born on Christmas Day in 1891, was named as a great-grandchild and heir as both his father and grandfather were already deceased. The shares must have been small indeed!

Henry is a great grandson of John Pippin who came to America to serve his prison sentence, probably for debt, arriving in Queen Anne's County MD in March of 1719. The earlier generations of Pippins in America are described elsewhere and I chose not to include them here. I am happy to share the information on the earlier ancestors if you contact me - link to my email is on the left hand side of the page.

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