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Second Generation

2. William FREY2,12 was born in 1695 in Roxborough, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.5 He died before 17 June 1768 at the age of 73 in Frederick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.2,8

None of the birth dates of Henry & Anna Catherine's children have been found. All dates are estimated. William as the oldest is based on the fact his record is found the earliest. There is a deed in Frederick Township of one Andrew Frey [relationship unknown - he could even be a brother] who bought land as early as 1718 in the Swamp Creek valley - the description of the property stated that there was a Post on the corner of William Frey's. This is property that William Frey paid 16 years of Quitrent for in 1736 - Frederick Township, Perkiomen Co PA.

The Frey Journal gives marriage as about 1723. Daughter Veronica's birth is believed to be about 1723, so they probably married a year or two before that.

Mar 1725. A petition sent to County Court at Philadelphia requesting a road from the farmer's mill, later Pennypacker's mill to George Waner's mill on Swamp Creek, now the Skippack Pike. William Frey was among the 22 signers.

22 May 1729 Wm Frey of Perkiomen bought 200 acres of land from James & Martha Steel of Philadelphia. At the time of the deed William was in actual possession. It was in Frederick Township, Montgomery Co PA

Mar 1730 Inhabitants of upper Philadelphia Co now Montgomery County petitioned for the creation of a new township to be named Frederick Township. William Frey and Andrew Frey were on the list of petitioners.

9 May 1735 The Proprietors in Philadelphia received of William Frey, quitrent for 200 acres in Frederick Township for 16 years - this paid his debt in full.

Believed to be associated with the Moravian Church. A Moravian Congregation was formed in Frederick Twp in 1747 with 23 individuals including William and his family.

Death is listed as 1768 in the Frey Journal. Will was dated 30 Apr 1756 and proved 5 Sep 1768. He named as executors friend Peter Herbind of Oley, Berks Co, and his son Jacob. Eldest son Henry to have 10 £. All personal property to be sold and the proceeds divided equally among all his children.

25 Apr 1768 William Frey sold his house & land to son Jacob - 157 acres for 326 £. It was part of the 200 acre tract purchased from James Steel.

He was buried 17 Jun 1768, said to be at the Bertolet Burial Ground. A FindaAGrave post has given him a death date of 15 Jun 1770 - all that can be read on the stone pictured is the year and that is 1770.

William FREY and Anna Veronica MARKLEY were married about 1720.2,13 Anna Veronica MARKLEY14,15, daughter of Abraham MARKLEY and Anna Veronica LANDVATTER, was born on 3 January 1697 in Bonfeld, Wuerttenburg, Germany.13 She died in 1752 at the age of 55.

The Merkle folder at the Montgomery Co Historical Society gives a date of death for Veronica as 1708, but this would be incorrect if she's the Veronica who married William Frey. Could the 1708 date have been the mother?

William FREY and Anna Veronica MARKLEY had the following children:



Veronica FREY.



Henry FREY.



Magdalena FREY12 was born on 22 April 1725 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.2,12 She died on 11 January 1797 at the age of 71 in Graceham, Frederick County, Maryland.2,12

Magdalena was married 16 Oct 1745 at the Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA to Christopher Paus or Baus. She is buried at Graceham, MD.



Jacob FREY.



Christina FREY.



William FREY2,15 was born in 1724. He died in 1811 at the age of 87.

William married Veronia Stettler circa 1745.



Catharine FREY2,12 died before 1756.12

Catherine married John Gesil. She apparently died sometime before 1756.



Matthias FREY2 was born (date unknown).

In 1745, Matthias Frey entered the Moravian school for boys in Frederic Township. He was born in Falckner's Swamp, son of William and Verona Frey.



Salome FREY12 was born in 1734.2 She died in 1771 at the age of 37.2

Salome was married to Christopher Henzel. An entry in the church record of St. Michael & Zion's Church in Philadelphia is for the burial of Salome Henzel on 10 Jun 1771. She had come to Philadelphia three months prior to her death. She was the mother of six children.



Elizabeth FREY2,12 was born on 24 June 1737.2,12 She died on 2 October 1823 at the age of 86.2,12

In 1745, Elizabeth Frey, from Falckner's Swamp was at the Moravian boarding school for girls in Nazareth PA. She did not marry Frederic Leinback, a Moravian convert who had come to America as a young man with his parents - her aunt Amelia Elizabeth Frey is the lady who married Frederic Leibach.
Elizabeth married Abraham Grubb - the HFFA does have this marriage to Abraham Grubb, b. 1726, d. 1808 and lists children: Hannah, Catherine, Conrad, Elizabeth, Esther, Abraham, and David. A family tree on FamilySearch has a date of marriage as 1 Jan 1752. Elizabeth and Abraham have grave markers in the Brower Cemetery, Parker Ford, Chester Co, PA.



Anna Maria FREY (private).



?Mathais or Christian FREY (private).