Third Generation

29. Joseph FRY20,31,36 was born in 1727 in Perkiomen, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.8 He died in August 1781 at the age of 54 in Frederick County, Virginia.5

13 May 1751. Deed of Gift in Frederick Co VA from Benjamin Frey to his son Joseph. It was for the Cedar Creek homestead lying between Abraham's and Jacob's property. The deed does not specify the acres but 200 acres had previously been given to Abraham and the land was original a 500-acre tract. Joseph was to take care of his mother when she became a widow.

Frederick County Court Order Book 3, p.426
14 May 1751
Benjamin Fry acknowledged his deed of gift to Joseph Fry and Christian the wife of said Benjamin relinquished her right of Dower. On the motion of Joseph admitted to record.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2011, p.28

The will of Benjamin Frey dated 27 Aug 1752, confirmed the above gift.

1 and 2 Apr 1754. There are deeds of lease and release when Joseph Frey and his wife Ann sold 220 acres to William Tidwell, on the Northwest side of the North River of "Shanondoah". The land had been granted To Ann Funk, now Frey, on 10 Jun 1751.
On 20-21 Jan 1755, Joseph repurchased 100 of those acres from Tidwell and sold them again to Thomas Roaden 6-7 Dec 1762 - witnesses to this deed were James Wood, Jacob Funk and Edward McGuire.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring, 2011, p.42-43

The Northern Neck Grant to Ann Funk for 220 acres on 10 Jun 1751, is in Grant Book G, p.544.

20 Apr 1761. The surveyor of Frederick Co surveyed 138 acres on the northwest side of Cacapehon [Capon] River for Henry Cosieur [Clowser]. The patent was issued 25 Aug 1766, to Joseph Fry. It was across the river from grants made to Henry, his brother.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2011, p.46

Jacob and Joseph may have been twins.
Will proved 27 Sep 1781 in Shenandoah County Court. Named wife Ann; sons Benjamin, Will, Abraham, Jacob; daughters Mary Cockley, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Ann, Catherine. Witnesses: Robert Jameson, Henry Richards, John Snapp.

Charles Burgess, historian of HFFA, states there was a son John, left a plantation in the will of Joseph Fry. John also died in Shenandoah Co; his will in Book G, p.100. Wife's name was Mary.

Joseph FRY and Anne FUNK were married in 1750.20 Anne FUNK39 was born in 1730. She died in 1781 at the age of 51.20

Joseph FRY and Anne FUNK had the following children:



John FRY.



Col. Benjamin FRY.



Will FRY36 was born (date unknown).



Abraham FRY36 was born (date unknown).



Mary FRY36,40 was born in 1760. She died in 1825 at the age of 65.

Married a Cockley as named in will of Joseph Fry. Inquiry in HFFA News states that her husband was Valentine Cackley. They moved to Pocahontas Co VA, now WV, around 1790.



Elizabeth FRY40 was born in 1762. She died in 1817 at the age of 55.

Elizabeth married about 1783 to Michael White, born 1754, died 1832.



Jacob D. FRY.



Rebecca FRY.



Anna FRY36,40 was born in 1775. She died in 1850 at the age of 75.

Anna married 1793 to George Siegrist, born 1768, died 1845.



Catherine FRY36 was born (date unknown).

Catherine Fry married Jacob Seibert, 12 May 1792, Frederick Co VA. Jacob Seibert and wife Catherine then settled near the Cackleys in what is now WV in the early 1790's. There is today a small town on the banks of the Greenbrier River named Seibert.