Fourth Generation

106. GENEVA DELL "JENNIE" DENNIS was born on 27 May 1871 in Jackson County, Tennessee.24,46 She died on 11 March 1906 at the age of 34 in Tennessee.46,47

Kinchen married Geneva Dennis; his second cousin Francis Pippin married William Dennis an uncle to Geneva.

Marriage Bond & License issued in Jackson Co on 23 Dec 1884. Thomas Davidson was bondsman for Kinch.

I have not yet found Jennie and the children in the 1900 Census. They should be in Jackson Co TN. None of the children were yet married.

Died from scarlet fever. Buried Morgan Pippin Cemetery, Jackson Co TN

GENEVA DELL "JENNIE" DENNIS and KINCHEN PIPPIN were married on 25 December 1884 in Jackson County, Tennessee.48 KINCHEN PIPPIN, son of ANDREW PIPPIN and MARY "MOLLIE" GOOLSBY, was born on 10 October 1866 in Tennessee.46,49 He died on 18 October 1899 at the age of 33 in Jackson County, Tennessee.47,50

I had long had the date of 23 Dec 1884 for the marriage of Kinch and Jennie, but once the originals appeared on Ancestry, the Bond and License were dated the 23rd, but L. D. Johnson, J. P. signed that he had solemnized the Rites of Matrimony on the 25th of December, 1884.

Died from blockage of the bowel. Buried Morgan Pippin Cemetery, Jackson Co TN

GENEVA DELL "JENNIE" DENNIS and KINCHEN PIPPIN had the following children:



Ardelia Jane "Delia" PIPPIN51 was born on 17 October 1886 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46 She died on 12 January 1971 at the age of 84 in Putnam County, Tennessee.

Buried Smyrna Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee



Hattie Angeline PIPPIN52 was born on 20 June 1888 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46 She died on 31 March 1975 at the age of 86 in Girard, Macoupin County, Illinois.

Hattie has a delayed birth certificate, #168992. Hattie Angeline Pippin was born 20 Jun 1888, at Gainsboro, Jackson Co, TN. Her father was Kinch Pippin; her mother Jennie Dennis, both born in Tennessee. She gave her present address as Girard, Illinois and signed as Hattie Angeline Fox. Supporting evidence was the same as her sister Ova's - the Bible record of Kinch Pippin, her father, very old. Affidavits of Mollie Dyer, her aunt, and L. L. Dyer, a non-relative. They were accepted as Valid.
Note at top of the reverse, dated 19 Sep 1942, is apparently her current address - Mrs. Hattie Fox, 204 N. Harrison, Girard, Ill. Mollie Dyer was age 67, aunt of Hattie, lived near by and helped care for her as an infant. L. L. Dyer, age 68, stated he lived a nearby neighbor when Hattie was born. The Dyers lived in Bloomington Springs, TN.
From Tennessee Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909,

Buried Girard Township Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co, IL



Mary Etta PIPPIN53 was born on 29 September 1890 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46,54 She died on 28 January 1984 at the age of 93 in Kern County, California.54,55

There is a "Delayed Birth Certificate" from the state of Tennessee, digital, at
Mary Etta Pippin was born, rural Jackson County, District 12, on 29 Sep 1980. Her parents were married and she was the 4th child of this mother. [She was the 3rd child unless her parents lost an unknown child and there does not seem to be an interval when such a child could have been born.] Her father was Kinch Pippin; her mother Geneva Dennis - both born in Jackson County, TN.

Buried Grangeville Cemetery, Armona, Kings County, CA.



JAMES FRANK PIPPIN3,56 was born on 25 December 1892 in Gainesboro, Jackson County, Tennessee.46,57 He died on 9 August 1977 at the age of 84 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.46,57 He was a Farmer. JAMES was buried in Elmo Cemetery, Elmo, Kaufman County, Texas.

Came to Texas at age 17 (1909) and lived with William Henry Lansford. His daughter Lois referred to them as "Granny" and "Grandpap" although later she listed them as his maternal aunt and uncle. Harriet Lansford was an older sister of Papa's father Kinch. His mother had been dead several years, father had died even earlier.
He claimed to be one-quarter Cherokee. On his mother's side??? Have found absolutely no evidence - Pippin, Dennis, Bean descendants all say no to this. Daughter Juanita also denies any Indian blood.

1910 Census. Civil Dist 12, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 69
Joe Mc Pippin, age 26, married once. Julia E., wife, age 21
James F. Pippin, nephew, age 17.

Married by C. L. Simmons, Minister of the Gospel.

5 Jun 1917. World War I Draft Card.
Little Papa listed his name as James Frank Pippin, age 24, when he registered for the World War I draft. He was born in Gainesboro, Jackson Co TN. He had a wife and one child and was farming near Ladonia, Fannin Co TX. His description was short, slender, blue eyes, brown hair.

I have never found Papa Pippin in the 1920 census - he should have been right there in Fannin Co. I have examined the microfilm page by page.

1930 Census. Jim Pippin living in Honey Grove Town in Fannin Co. He was 37, working as a Mechanic at the Blacksmith shop. Carrie was 33. Lois age 14, Juanita 10, Virgina 7, and James age 1 year 11 months.

1940 Census. Fannin Co, TX, Justice Prec 4, Hh 160 on the Ladonia Road; they lived in the same place in 1935
James F. Pippin, age 47, own their home worth $150, finished 7th grade, b, TN, Farmer
Carrie D, wife, 43, b. TX
James F. Jr. Son, age 5, b. TX

World War II Draft Registration. 27 Apr 1942 James Frank Pippin of Ladonia, Fannin Co, TX was age 49, born 25 Dec 1892 in Jackson Co, TN. Mrs. James F. Pippin of Ladonia would always know his address. He was 5'8', 162 lbs; had blue eyes and gray hair.

Buried in Elmo Cemetery, Kaufman County, TX.



Ova Minora PIPPIN was born on 5 March 1895 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46,58 She died on 12 May 1976 at the age of 81 in Girard, Macoupin County, Illinois.5

Bobby Fox had a date of 12 May 1976 for Ora's death. He provided the place as well.

Ova has a delayed Tennessee birth certificate found on
Ova Minora Pippin was born 5 March, 1895 - Jackson Co TN. (Not 1894 as indicated in family records of her niece - 1985 is also the date in the SSDI) Her father was Kinch Pippin; her mother Jennie Dennis, both born Jackson Co, TN. Proof included the Bible of her father, Kinch Pippin, a "very old record" and affidavits of Mollie Dyer, her aunt, and L. L. Dyer, a non-relative. The documents were judged to be valid.
Mollie Dyer certified that she was age 67, the aunt of Ova Minora Pippin, and she had lived nearby and helped care of her when she was a baby. Dated 8 Aug 1942.
L.L. Dyer was age 68. He had lived a nearby neighbor at the time of the birth of Ova Minora.
They both gave their present address as Bloomington Springs, TN.
At the top of the back of the certificate is a note dated 9-24-42, Columbus G. Fox, Girard, Ill. - this was Ova'a husband.

In 1910, Ova's parents were both dead. She was living as a Servant in the home of Joe L. Petty, District 12, Jackson Co TN. She was 15. She herself had applied for the birth certificate as Ova Minora Fox, address Girard, Illinois, 18 Aug 1942.

1920 Census. Girard, Macoupin Co, IL, Hh 56
Gilman C. Vox, age 27
Ova, wife, age 25
Beulah V., daughter, age 8 years, 6 months
May M., daughter, age 6 years, 4 months.

1930 Census. Nilwood, Macoupin Co, IL, Hh 94
Gilmon Fox, age 39, married at age 19
"Oba", age 35, married at age 16
Beulah, dau, 18. May, dau, 16. Both born in Tennessee
Kenneth, son, 10. Donald, son, 6. Both born in Illinois

1940 Census. Girard, Macoupin Co, IL, Hh 403. Living at 130 W. Jefferson, which they own. They are marked as having lived in a rural area of Macoupin Co in 1935.
Gilman C. Fox, age 48, b. TN, only finished the 8th grade, Helper, Implement Co
Ova, wife, 45, b. TN, finished 6th grade
Maye U., daughter, 26, b. TN, 4 years of HS, Beauty Operator, Own shop
Donald C., son, 16, b. IL, 1 year of HS, Attendant, Service Station
Kenneth C., son, 19, b. IL, 2 years of HS, Apprentice Carpenter, Bldg. Construction
Marcella, dau-in-law, 17, b. IL

Find A Grave Memorial# 74394805
Girard Township Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co, IL.
Ova M. Fox - born Mar 5 1894, died May 12 1976



Alvin Whitley PIPPIN died.5

Died in infancy. Birth and death dates unknown, [Order of birth unknown but he fits nicely between Ova and Andy]



Andrew Lee "Andy" PIPPIN was born on 2 February 1897 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46 He died on 23 March 1976 at the age of 79 in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa.59,60

1910 Census. Civil Dist 12, Jackson Co, TN Hh 104
Willis B. Pippin. Age 30, married twice, this last time for 2 years. Born TN, parents b. TN, Farmer
Sallie B. wife, age 18, married 2 years, 2 children. Born TN, parents b. TN
Haskell, son, age 5 [obviously child of first marriage.
Wilson B., son, age 2.
Minnie J., daughter, age 1/12 [one month]
Andrew, nephew, age 12 [son of Willis's half-brother Kinchen]

World Ward I Draft Registration.
Andy Lee Pippin
R. R. 2, Farmersville, Illinois
Age 21, born February 2, 1897, Gainesboro, TN
Father was also born in Gainesboro.
Employer is Geo. Rice, R. R. 2, Farmersville
Nearest relative is Sophia Pippin of Farmersville
Blue eyes; dark hair
5 Jun 1918

1920 Census. Bois D'Arc, Montgomery Co, Illinois, Hh 78
Andy Pippin, age 22
Sophia, wife 18
Orville, son, 1 year, 1 month, b. IL
James Chaffin, brother-in-law, age 22
Roxie, Sister-in-law, age 20
Dorothy, niece, listed as 0 months, b. IL

1930 Census. Sherman Twp, Hardin Co Iowa, Hh 11
Andrew L. Pippin, age 33, married at 19, b. TN as were his parents, Farmer
Sophia L. wife, age 30, married at 16, b. TN as were her parents
Orville L., son, age 11, b. Illinois. Jean, son, age 7, b. Iowa. Glen, son, age 4 9/12, b. Iowa.

1940 Census. Jackson Twp, Hardin, Iowa, Hh 38
A. L. Pippen, 42, same place in 1935, farmer
Sopha, wife, 40
O. L., son, 21
Eugene, son 18
Glenn, son, 14
Harley, son, age 1
John Egger, Stepfather, 72, b. Switzerland, same house in 1935
Margaret Egger, mother, 57



Roxie Bellezora PIPPIN51 was born on 20 April 1900 in Jackson County, Tennessee.46 She died on 31 August 1998 at the age of 98 in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee.58,61

Roxie was born six months after her father died.

1910 Census, Putnam Co TN. Wade Dyer, age 24, married 2 years. Ealia, age 21. One child, Bascum age 9 months. Roxey Pippin, Sister in law, age 12, is living with them.

Roxie and James Chaffin were married by J. W. Chaffin, JP, 28 Feb 1919, Jackson Co, TN. Digital image on Tennesse State Marriages database,

1920 Census. Bois D'Arc, Montgomery Co, Illinois, Hh 78
Andy Pippin, age 22
Sophia, wife 18
Orville, son, 1 year, 1 month, b. IL
James Chaffin, brother-in-law, age 22
Roxie, Sister-in-law, age 20
Dorothy, niece, listed as 0 months, b. IL

1930 Census. District 12, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 111
James Chaffins, age 32, married at age 20, b. TN, parents b. TN, farm laborer
Roxie B., wife, age 29, married at 17, b. TN, parents b. TN
Dorothy, 10. Glenn, 9. Evelyn, 8. Mildred T., 7. Lois M., 2. Lonia, 1 yr 5 mo.

Found the following letter to my mother-in-law from her aunt Roxie:
Chestnut Mound, Ten..
Dec. 8 1932
Mrs. Lois Haden
My Dearest Niece
I will ans. your letter recd recently. sure was glad to hear from you. sure am proud of my new nephew in law. I wish you all good luck and above ever thing a long and happy life. I know your dad and mother will miss you so much. You must excuse me for not writing you sooner but goodness you dont have any idea what I have to do all the children going to school I have ever thing to do. I know it is great fun for you to keep house I enjoyed house keeping when I was first married I could keep ever thing so nice but Gee I cant now with so many babies. yesterday was Dorothys birthday she was (13) she is taller than I am. Well it will soon be Xmas I'm sure santa will never think of me. I guess you got lots of nice presents you ask if I heard from the other folk. Not very often. I had a letter from Andy last week the first time in a year. his address is Radcliffe, Iowa, Rt. 2.
Your Aunt Hatties the best I remembers i 520 E. Center St. Girard Ill.
Ova. Girard Ill Rt#2
Etta. Bloomington Spgs Rt. #1, Tenn
No Lois I havent a single picture I could send you you will just have to come and see me I am so ugly I never have a picture made you must send me one of yours an Wm Charles You must be sure to come to see us we would be so proud. it is so seldom I ever see any of me people I dont feel like I have any folks. I guess I had better close for this time. write me often I enjoy reading your letters. give my kindest regards to the Honey bunch of yours love to you both and wish you a merry xmas
Your loving Aunt Roxie
by by
excuse bad writing

1940 Census. 12th Civil Dist, Smith Co, TN, Hh 96
James R. Chaffin, 42, b. TN
Roxie B., wife, 40, b. TN
Dorthy, dau, 20
Gleyn, son, 19
Evelyn L., dau, 18
Mildred L., dau, 17
Lois M., dau, 12
Loneta L., dau, 11
Dalton, son, 9
James D., son, 1

Interestingly in the 1969 City Directory for Dallas TX, there is a couple of similar name - but if so, they returned to Tennessee.
Chaffin, James M. (Roxie) living at 805 W. Greenbriar Lane.

Buried Memorial Gardens, Wilson County, TN

ROXIE CHAFFIN - Social Security
Residence: 37087 Lebanon, Wilson, TN
Born 20 Apr 1900 Last Benefit:
Died 31 Aug 1998 Issued: TN (1967)
The index of Social Security Applications on Ancestry - shows her name as Roxie Bellezora (Pippin) Chaffin, father was Kinch Pippin, mother Genevia Dennis. Dates of birth and death are the same.

I have no additional information on the Dennis family. If you wish to see more information about the ancestors or descendants of Kinchen Pippin, please go back to the home page Leaves of the Tree and click on the link to the Pippin family file.