Second Generation

3. Joshua DENNIS was born in 1805 in North Carolina.

In 1840 in Jackson Co:
Dist 9, a couple of pages away from the Dennis families of Miles, Andrew, Thomas G. & A. R. Dennis: Joshua Dennis 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40. 4f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40

1850. Jackson Co TN, 11th District, p.319, Hh 1159.
Joshua Dennis age 45, b. NC. Anna, age 45, b. TN
William age 18, b. IL. Born in TN: Loucinda age 13, Caroline 11, Harrison 6, Samuel 4, and Logan 2.
Joshua was on the same page with Benjamin Chaffin, brother in law to William R. Dennis.
In 1850 also in Dist 11 can be found Miles "Davis" and John "Davis" - they were in Hh 737 and 738. John was not a son of Miles. They were living near John K., Barlett A., Henry, and Richard Fox - all brothers and living on Flynn's Creek. In 1840, William R. Dennis was in this neighborhood - he had a land entry on Flynn's Creek. Miles Davis' entry also mentions Flynn's Creek.
John Davis was age 21. Wife Elizabeth was also 21. Son Pinkney was age 1.

In 1860, the enumerator confused the given names. John is listed with Joshua's age, wife and family while Joshua is the head of John's household. Found next door to each other in District 12 of Jackson Co. [Sarah Dennis, widow of Miles, was also in District 12 - she was Hh 281]
Hh 308 "John" Dennis, age 55. Anne, age 50. John [probably John Harrison called Harrison in 1850] age 15. Samuel 14 and Logan age 12.
Hh 309 "Joshua" Dennis, age 30. Elizabeth age 31. Pinckney was age 10, Margaret 8, Newton 6, James 4, Sarah 2, and Cansaida age 3 months.

In 1870, John Dennis was again with wife Elizabeth and their children. I have not found Joshua and Anna in 1870, possibly they had died before 1870.

Joshua DENNIS and Anna [DENNIS] were married. Anna [DENNIS] was born in 1805 in Tennessee.

Joshua DENNIS and Anna [DENNIS] had the following children:






William R. DENNIS.



Lucinda DENNIS was born in 1837 in Tennessee.



Caroline DENNIS was born in 1839 in Tennessee.



John Harrison DENNIS was born in 1844 in Tennessee.



Samuel DENNIS was born in 1846 in Tennessee.



Logan DENNIS was born in 1848 in Tennessee.

1880 Census, Dist 1, Jackson Co TN
Logan L. Dennis age 32. Maggie, age 24, wife.

These may refer to this man since he's the only known Logan Dennis.
Jackson Co Court Records - Loose Papers, abstracts

DENNIS, MARY M. vs DENNIS, LOGAN H. et al Circuit 1873
BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mary Maynes [or Magnes] Dennis against
John Dennis, William E. Smith & John Whitaker, all Jackson Co. except Logan H. Dennis of parts unknown.
Married 30 October 1872 in Jackson Co. Morning of the day thereafter defendant abandoned her. Lists personal property, including crops growing on land of John Dennis, William E. Smith and John Whitaker. 29 Nov 1872. M. M. [X] Dennis
ANSWER: Defendant does not recall marriage ceremony. Was so drunk he didn't remember. Never courted complainant, never promised to marry her. He is not a drunkard but sometimes imbibes too freely. On the day of said marriage, defendant had gone to Cookeville to hear Andrew Johnson speak. Before he returned, drank more of the ardent than he should have. Started for his home in the Free State, got as far as the home of David Case in Black Springs. Complainant was living there at Case's at the time. Respondent was drunk to imbecility. Was told they bedded together, has no recollection. Awoke, found himself in bed with Mary Magnus [?Maynes] Martin Dennis. Complainant told him there was no sexual intercourse. Crawled out of bed as quietly as possible, got his mare and left.
ANSWER: William E. Smith, says he does not believe marriage is valid.

SUMMONS: C. E. Reeves, Jr., Ben Smith, B. B. Washburn, Charlotte Polson. Thursday 22 Sept 1892.
DECREE: Defendant and Complainant were married in Jackson Co. in 1892. Defendant abandoned her. Asks name be changed to Sarah E. Jackson, the name of her former husband.
BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah E. Dennis of Jackson Co., Tennessee and Login Dennis of Davidson Co. Married in Jackson Co. [blank] May 1892. Before her marriage she was married to one Ben Jackson who died some years ago. Issue of this marriage is a boy Robert Cleo.