Second Generation

6. Hewitt J. DENNIS was born in 1818 in Tennessee.

Tennessee Land Grants, Vol. I, Sistler.
Hewitt Dennis of Jackson Co
1835 50 acres, Mountain Dist, Bk E, p.32 Grant #3948
Was there an older Hewitt Dennis that came to Jackson Co? This seems too early for this man, yet his middle initial is shown in the grant.

"North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records, 1753-1931"
Mountain Land District.
State of Tennessee No. 3948. Entry No. 1938, dated 28 Sep 1832. Grant to Hewitt J. Dennis, assignee of Leah Harris. 50 acres surveyed 12 Mar 1834. In Jackson County on waters of Blackburn's fork of Roaring River; William Pryor's spring branch; a bluff. Including house and improvement formerly occupied by William Pryor. Granted 13 Aug 1835. N. Cannon, Gov., Daniel Graham, Secretary.

In 1840, there was a male age 15-20 in the household of the older Andrew Dennis. Possibly this man.

1850, Jackson Co TN, Dist 9, household 345:
Hewit Dennis age 30, Eli age 28 [female - Ellie?], Nancy 6, Sary E. 5, Darcus 4, Polly 2, and Nancy Crocker age 65. [Eleanor's mother?]

1860, Putnam Co TN, Dist 15, P.O. Equality, p.70, Hh 460
H. J. Dennis, age 42, entire family born in TN. Elenor, age 38. Sallie E. 16, Darcy 13, Polly 12, Lucinda 10, Jane 6, America 4, William 8 [probably should have been 3, and James age 1.
[There was a child, Lucinda Dennis, age 10, living with Andrew & Alice in 1850 - this seems to be a family name.]

Hewitt J. DENNIS and Eleanor [DENNIS] were married. Eleanor [DENNIS] was born in 1822 in Tennessee.

Hewitt J. DENNIS and Eleanor [DENNIS] had the following children:



Nancy DENNIS was born in 1844 in Tennessee.



Sallie E. DENNIS was born in 1845 in Tennessee.



Darcus "Darcy" DENNIS was born in 1847 in Tennessee.



Polly DENNIS was born in 1848 in Tennessee.



Lucinda DENNIS was born in 1850 in Tennessee.



William DENNIS was born in 1852 in Tennessee.



Jane DENNIS was born in 1854 in Tennessee.



America DENNIS was born in 1856 in Tennessee.



James DENNIS was born in 1859 in Tennessee.