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Davies-Rogers and Frysig-Higgins Genealogy

Welcome to my family genealogy website.  In 1995 I began researching my family history on my father's side, inspired by a report put together in 1932 by my grandaunt, Pauline Winnifred Davies. Entitled "Assets and Liabilities", the pages included a wonderful written history, as well as rudimentary family trees, and photocopies of bible entries. Along the way I discovered a Davies cousin, Alan Debes, from the branch of the Davies family that remained in England. With Alan's help we have filled in a lot of missing information for that line. Through the wonderful WorldConnect Project I have found distant cousins on my mother's Higgins side, as well as a whole family of half-Uncles on the Frysig side that I never knew I had! Thanks to all for helping to fill in the blanks.

This website deals mostly with the ancestors of my mother's Higgins family (maternal), and my father's Davies (paternal) families. I have little information on my mother's Danish Frysig (paternal) line, or my father's Rogers (maternal) line, but what I've been able to discover is posted here. This is a work in progress, and I may have information that is not yet posted here. If you think you may have found a link, or if your have corrections or information to contribute, please 
e-mail me.

Watters-Talcott-Gawne and Ingalls-Geddes Genealogy

These pages are devoted to the family history and genealogy of the Watters/Talcott/Gawne and Ingalls/Geddes families who settled in the Bay Area of California. Information has been provided by several family members and presented here in hopes of finding connections to cousins around the country and the world. If you have information to share or corrections to make, please e-mail me.

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In order to protect the privacy of living individuals, persons born after 1930  have been removed from all trees and genealogy reports. Source information and photocopies of documents are available on request. Please verify facts independently. Additions and corrections are welcome. All information is intended for personal genealogical research only and may not be used for commercial purposes.

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