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Albert Waugh

Photograph of Albert Waugh - age 71 years.

Albert Waugh, Sr. was an itinerant construction worker born in 1902 to Frank and Mary Posey Waugh in Ashland, Kentucky. He died in 1973 in Orange, Florida.  

At 22, he married Alice Scott, 14 on August 19, 1924. He abandoned Alice and their children, Harold 5, Mary 4, Bonnie 2, and Albert Jr., born July 14, 1932.  

Circa 1933 he married Magdalena Skaggs, 15. He abandoned Magdalena and their six children, C. Ralph, Darlene, Marjorie, Virginia, Phyllis & Ronald who was born in June, 1943, after Albert disappeared.  

One year later, in spring of 1944, Magdalena abandoned their children in Avondale. Ronald was a nine months old. The children were rescued and taken to the Gertrude Ramey Home.  

No divorce decree for Albert Waugh and Alice Scott, nor any marriage license for Albert and Magdalena Skaggs can be found.   The following article appeared in the Ashland Daily Independent Tuesday, May 13, 1926.  

The following article appears in the Ashland Daily Independent Tuesday, May 13, 1926.


Charged With Striking With Intent To Kill

Albert Waugh, who was arrested Tuesday night after he was alleged to have seriously injured his wife, Alice Waugh, after striking her on the back of the neck with a rock, will be arraigned before Police Judge I. M. Blair in police court this afternoon.

Mrs Lizzie Scott, mother of Mrs. Waugh, appeared before Judge Blair yesterday morning and swore to a warrant charging Waugh with striking his wife with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

The hearing was set for 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon but when Waugh was brought out of the city jail where he has been held since his arrest, asked that it be set over until today in order to give him a chance to get his witnesses.

Mrs. Scott said her daughter was knocked unconscious by the rock alleged to have been thrown by Waugh and remained so for several hours.

Mrs. Waugh was reported today to be rapidly improving.

Drs. H. C. Dorroh and J. D. Sturgill treated Mrs. Waugh.