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Welcome to my research on my family lines and Alís family lines. I have links to our family trees, as well as links to the various branches of our family which start with the oldest known member of each branch. This is where you will find more details including pictures and notes. By clicking on (scrapbook) beside any name, you can see all pictures for that individual. For privacy reasons, you will find no details on anyone still living but you can contact me if you are a family member and would like more information. Much of what I have is still not documented as I am still seeking source documents, so enjoy it but know it is a work in progress. I would love more pictures of family members if you would not mind sharing them with me. Also, feel free to let me know if you have any new information or corrections. I'll continue to update the files as the information comes in. You can reach me at judygailh@gmail.com


Judy Hines family tree


Al Kirkpatrick family tree


Decendants of Bartholomaeus Bach (1684) later changed to Baugh


Descendants of John Benjamin (1586)


Descendants of Edward Brundage (1857)


Descendants of John Xaver Burger (1836)


Descendants of John Caldwell (1790) or Lord Jacquies Caulwel 1st (1451) no documentation to verify


Descendants of James Roy Dykes (1916)


Descendants of William Gerrard (1834)


Descendants of John Gover (1731)


Descendants of William Hall (1765)


Descendants of William Hines (1789 )


Descendants of Samuel Howard (1762)


Descendants of Andrew Kirkpatrick (1777)


Descendants of Augustus Peters (1876)


Decendants of Elijah Turpin (1792)†††††††


Decendants of Douwe Jelles Vandermeulen (1760)


Last updated: 12/10/18