Kat's Route To Roots  

Kat's Route To Roots

Hello Again Family, Friends and Fellow GenSeakers,

Here it is the end of April and we have survived another year. Some progress has been made, some Brick walls. Actually a great deal of those. But, not to worry, I donít give up easily. Some of you have seen that by now. Just like the Postman, No Rain, Sleet, Snow or Blackmail will stop me from my desire to learn what I can about this humongous family.
Itís a part of me and I a part of it. Nothing nor anyone can change that.

I see many of you that stopped by, left a note on my guest book, for this I thank you and try to answer each one of you as best I can. After all, I donít know about you but I can use all the clues I am offered.

Ok, lets see how we fair this year. We are constantly updating, so come on back and check on us. Need some help, drop me a line. I am not a professional but I do have the desire for this Genealogy thing.
Bye-Bye for now and see you next year.

God Bless

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 My Ancestors

 Here are some of the Surnames I am searching/ researching:






 And NO doubt a few more will pop up during my searches.

 Well a few more have popped:


God Bless America

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