Jerry and Tobed Smith's Family History Page
Jerry and Tobed Smith's Family History Pages
Updated December 22, 2002

Photo: Members of the Smith clan in Vincennes, Indiana, circa 1930.
Top row, from left: F. A. Smith, Zack the dog, Jeanne Smith, Faye Smith Purcell, Bob Johnson.
Bottom row, from left: Jeannette Smith Johnson, Ellen Moore Johnson and baby Ellen, Edward Hiram Smith, and Ginger Smith

Surnames on this site include Smith, Rengiil, Mullaney, Larr, Foster, Wheeler, Moore, Carter, Hobbs, Purcell, Johnson, Sanford, Talbott, Hammond, and many more.

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From the British Isles to the isles of Micronesia, our family has spread far and wide over the past few centuries. During the last few years we have been busy collecting information on the individuals and families who make up our family tree. This web site contains the information that we have pieced together so far. Of course, like all family histories, this is a work in constant progress.

Researching family roots is not the easiest thing to do when you live on a small island in the Pacific. Genealogical resources on Saipan are pretty much non-existent, but thanks to the internet and the kindness and cooperation of many people, we have been able to grow our collection (so far) to over 1,000 names. Some of the information here comes from "unproven" sources (family stories, borrowed gedcoms, etc.). So, while we have tried to make these pages as accurate as possible, there are no guarantees.

Please, email if you find any errors or if you have any additional infomation or resources to share. And, of course, we would be happy to hear from anyone with any connection to the individuals and families listed here.

Navigating this site

  • Click on the Surnames link to go to a list of all surnames in the database. Once there you can click on any surname to see a list of all individuals with that name. Clicking on any individual will take you to that person's family card.

  • Click on the Index link to go directly to a complete index of all individuals in our family tree (alphabetized by surname). Clicking on any individual will take you to that person's family card.

  • Click on the Home link to start off with our own family card (hey, its our web site).

Genealogical information is presented in two formats, Family Cards and Person Sheets. Photos or document images associated with either of these are presented on separate Media Pages:

  • Family Cards: Each family card contains basic information about the selected person and their spouse, and also contains clickable links to the family cards of their parents (above) and children (below). In this way, you can browse up and down the generations of any family.

  • Person Sheets: Additional information about a person may be found on their person sheet. To get there, just click on the name of an individual on their own family card. Sources and notes about an individual will be displayed on the person sheet. (Sources and notes are not displayed on family cards, only on person sheets). To return from a person sheet back to a family card, click on the Family Card link at the bottom of the page.

  • Media Pages: These pages hold photos or document images associated with either an individual or a family. To view a Media Page, click on the small camera icon that appears on a Family Card or Person Sheet.
    • The next to a person's name leads to the media page for that individual.
    • The above the names on a Family Card (or next to marriage info) leads to a family media page.

Privacy note: In the interest of personal privacy, details are not provided for living persons (marked "Private"). Because living persons are not identified by name they do not appear in the Index.

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