Normally I would put an acknowledgement when the task is complete, and this one isn't anywhere near finished. However, I don't think it ever will be, so here are my thank-yous now:

These pages would not have been possible without my mother Muriel. She was 'hooked' after being given a copy of her grandfather's birth certificate. To add to what she already knew, she began by attending an afternoon class given by a professional genealogist, and so from the outset her research has been very thorough and well-documented. Although a lot of this effort has now been passed over to me, she is still taking a great interest in the project, and coming up with valuable names, clues and further suggestions.

I am also grateful to all the transcribers of the 1881 census (both in the LDS church and locally) - this has made such a difference to research in Scotland, England and Wales. The local LDS Church here in Edinburgh, and the volunteer helpers at the Scottish Genealogy Society, also deserve a mention.

I should also like to put in a word of thanks to the person (or persons), unknown to me, who had the foresight to arrange for the computerisation of the Scottish births deaths and marriages indexes, and for the provision of such excellent facilities in  New Register House.

I have made many friends on CompuServe and on the Internet - especially Syd, Suzi, Adrienne, and Pat - who have made many valuable contributions along the way. It's wonderful what we can achieve when we all work together!

And also, thank-you Rootsweb, for having me here.

Finally, a quick word about the software that I couldn't manage without. The family generation pages were produced automatically by Ancestral Quest, a product of Incline Software.

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